Stories for Sep. 16, 2008

Have a burning desire to carry your entire digital domain on a netbook but don’t want to upgrade to a larger hard drive yourself? Has Eltrinex got a deal for you with their MobilePC! This offering comes from the Czech Republic and tops out around $750, […] Read more »

One of our more popular articles is A Conference Survival Guide for the Web Worker – full of tips on how to pay for, pack for, and get the most out of one of the many conferences out there. But what if there was an even easier way to attend a conference: by sitting in front of your computer? That’s the proposition behind vConferenceOnline, which is putting on a big purely-online conference for SSWUG in November. Read more »

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The water industry is a dysfunctional train wreck with a business model that could have been invented in Pyongyang, said Christopher Gasson, Editor in Chief of Global Water Intelligence magazine, at the AlwaysOn GoingGreen show on Tuesday. (OK, we’re awake now). That might not be a […] Read more »

Ask my wife about how neat I am, and she’s very likely to laugh at you for referencing me and the word ‘neat’ in the same sentence. But when it comes to my digitized life, “neatnik” couldn’t be a better descriptor for me. Ever since the […] Read more »

Jaman Gets Manga Content from Starz; movie site will offer such as Ghost in the Shell, Robotech and Astro Boy. (release) AT&T Synergizing iPhones and U-Verse; planned functionality includes using the iPhone as a remote and downloading shows to the mobile device. (Reuters) Comcast’s thePlatform Hooks […] Read more »

It’s not surprising that many people, especially web workers, experience email fatigue. After all, spending hours each day reading and replying to emails can prevent you from spending more time on the work that you actually have to do (unless sending and receiving emails is your […] Read more »

Steve Jobs, as he was launching the latest version of Apple’s iPod, declared war on game console makers Sony and Nintendo. “It’s the best portable device for playing games,” Jobs said of the new iPod touch. Using the touch and the iPhone, Apple hopes to do […] Read more »

Although I can’t personally justify the purchase of a Slacker portable player, I do like the concept. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a WiFi-enabled device that allows you to customize numerous music channels. Using the built-in WiFi radio, the device pulls down fresh content […] Read more »

Consolidation in the social apps space hasn’t been torrid by any stretch, but the larger players continue to pick up smaller developers here… Read more »

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Green chemistry startup Genomatica said this morning it has successfully produced a commonly used chemical in plastics and rubber products using sugar instead of petroleum. The chemical is called “1,4‐butanediol,” or BDO for short. Genomatica uses an engineered microorganism to convert sugar into BDO to produce […] Read more »

Yesterday, Line Rider finally dropped into the App Store for the iPhone. Selling for $2.99, this is one game that gives hours upon hours of fun – the only limit being your creativity. Since the announcement on the web a couple weeks back, I’ve been watching […] Read more »

Visitors to the Internet Movie Database can now watch full-length movies and TV shows for free. Amazon announced yesterday that its subsidiary offers up 6,000 films and TV episodes including current popular shows like House and Battlestar Galactica, classics like Charlie’s Angels and Star Trek, feature […] Read more »

An item in the NY Times’ Bits blog today details the capricious state of the rules that may or may not affect iPhone application developers. The post focuses, in particular, on the fate of a software that allows you to download podcasts and stream them over […] Read more »

BK might have the King, but McDonald’s has the Zune owners. Microsoft just announced a deal with Wayport, the Internet service provider at McDonald’s, that will offers free wireless networking for Zune devices at over 9,800 locations. I don’t think we’ll see the fast food chain […] Read more »

It seems the large notebook is gaining in popularity, no doubt as some look for desktop replacement notebooks that can provide a large screen entertainment experience.  HP has introduced two new notebooks in the category, the HDX16 and HDX18 with 16 and 18.4-inch screens respectively.  Both […] Read more »

Sony is one of the last remaining holdouts in the netbook space but according to an interview of one of Sony’s executives that holdout will be ending soon.  Laptop Magazine asked a Sony senior executive if Sony planned to produce a netbook and his answer was […] Read more »

GE Energy Financial Services, a unit of conglomerate GE, says this morning that it is investing $4 million into startup Advanced Electron Beams, which uses electron beam technology to kick-start chemical reactions and break down chemical structures more efficiently than thermal and chemical methods. The Wilmington, […] Read more »

Although the sun could be setting on the renewable tax credits, private equity is shining down on solar thermal startup SolarReserve. The Santa Monica, Calif.-based company says it has raised a hefty $140 million in a second round of funding for its utility-scale solar thermal power […] Read more »

Remember that thing I did where I helped judge a couple of Emmy categories this year? Well, the winners are in, and got their prizes as part of the pre-main event ceremony on Saturday night. NBC’s Heroes and the Disney Channel won the awards for creative […] Read more »

Tuesday marks General Motors’ 100-year anniversary as a car maker. This auspicious date is being noted all over the automotive world and is even making its presence felt in “civilian” publications like the New York Times. A lot of the press is not just about where […] Read more »

Stories for Sep. 15, 2008

BitTorrent has raised $17 million from DCM, Accel Partners, and DAG Ventures, according to a regulatory filing turned up by peHUB. Regulatory filings don’t always have all the final details, so we gave BitTorrent some time to comment this afternoon, but have not yet heard back. […] Read more »

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