Stories for Sep. 24, 2008

Feels like yesterday that I was first learning my way around the new Photoshop 2.5, and here Adobe has announced another massive update across all its products (with some massive pricing to match). Once again, Adobe has focused its attention around blurring the line between interactive […] Read more »

Stories for Sep. 23, 2008

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The idea of the Internet-enabled home appliance has been around since the heady days of the dotcom boom, when LG introduced its DIOS refrigerator and Sun Microsystem’s Scott McNealy paired a tablet PC with a Whirlpool fridge. But LG’s “market leader,” which sold for $10,000, is […] Read more »

Whether you’re one of the cutting-edge photo enthusiasts who have already jumped on the wireless memory card train or just on the fence waiting for that one additional feature to make you a believer, the folks over at Eye-Fi made some announcements that are sure to […] Read more »

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Spain To Soften Solar Subsidy Cuts: Reuters reports that Spain has decided to relax its proposed cuts to its aggressive solar subsidies, citing Spain’s Energy Secretary Pedro Marin — Reuters. Uruguay Getting Zapped: Uruguay wants to bring in new investment and has supposedly set aside land […] Read more »

I need a little more practice doing gadget demos… so rather than watching this video as a device demo (there are plenty of those elsewhere… Read more »

WARNING: If you’re having a good day, in a good mood, or are generally happy with the world, you might want to avoid this post, as it addresses a blood-boiling, migraine-inducing, hot-button issue that is likely to alter your otherwise happy-go-lucky day. We’ve probably all been […] Read more »

So the big day is finally here: Google has released its Android operating system, the latest entrant into the mobile OS wars. The Android-based, HTC-made G1 was launched earlier today at a ceremony in New York, and among the attendees were our intrepid reporters Liz Gannes […] Read more »

It’s starting to look like extending the clean energy tax credits could actually happen this time. Reuters reports that the Senate has approved a package to extend the investment tax credit for solar for eight years, and tax credits for wind and other renewables, such as […] Read more »

Permits for America’s first carbon cap-and-trade scheme will go on the auction block on Thursday this week. The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) will auction permits for some 188 million tons of carbon emissions for 2009. At the start of the year, power plants in the […] Read more »

Here at Web Worker Daily, we talk a lot about how we can use web technology to work more effectively and to be more productive. We think it is important work and we hope that you find our insights and reviews helpful. Occasionally though, we come […] Read more »

Here’s some science for your Tuesday morning — this slightly trippy video uses animation to compare the various sizes of the planets, eventually putting key spheres of our own galaxy in perspective. How – The funniest bloopers are right here And I admit my fascination with […] Read more »

GridPoint, a smart grid company that helps utilities balance energy loads, just announced that it has more than doubled its funding, adding a $120 million equity financing round. Those funds will fuel an “acquisition strategy,” and GridPoint says its first purchase, also announced today, is young […] Read more »

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