Stories for Sep. 29, 2008

I was cruising in Best Buy this afternoon to see what trouble I could find and lo and behold was surprised to see this: This surprised me for a couple of reasons, 1) because it was the only netbook in attendance even though so many are […] Read more »

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Does anyone else find it weird that the rejection of the $700 billion bailout plan was a day of unlucky sevens? The Dow Jones Industrial Average declined 777.7 for the day. I wrote over the weekend a post that rounded up what some of the big […] Read more »

Apple dominates music and consumer mobility. The MacBook is selling in record numbers. But despite making consumer-friendly products for the whole family, Apple has failed in an increasingly important market that includes TV, movies, music and gaming, and will soon encompass videoconferencing, education and more: The […] Read more »

As wind farm developments have soared in the U.S., turbine makers are finding they can barely keep up. Northern Power Systems said its parent company, Wind Power Holdings, has completed a $37 million round of financing to boost its turbine manufacturing business, led by RockPort Capital […] Read more »

Let’s face it. iWeb allows just about anyone to create a website in minutes with little to absolutely no knowledge of web design. Add some text, drag and drop a few pictures… and BAM! you’ve got yourself a slick looking website. The only problem? It looks […] Read more »

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Never before has the story of our 9th president, William Henry Harrison, been told with such pathos, or such high levels of intoxication. That’s right — it’s another installment of Derek Waters’ web series Drunk History! And now that Revision3 announced its “farm team” of beta […] Read more »

There are major transformations underway in the U.S. electric grid, driven by an aging infrastructure and growing concern over the environment. Well-established firms, like IBM and SAP, have launched energy practices aimed at capturing emerging opportunities to revolutionize the way electricity is delivered to our homes. […] Read more »

Written by Liane Cassavoy. Tivo’s excellent software is coming to a PC near you. TiVo and Nero have teamed up on a new product, called Nero LiquidTV | TiVo PC, that will turn your PC into a TiVo-equipped TV. The $200 product will include a copy […] Read more »

Baidu Invests $15M in UiTV; takes a 8.3 percent stake in the Internet TV platform, which will power the Chinese search engine’s authorized movie and TV distribution. (release) ON Networks to Charge for Distribution; company has brought together some 100 million viewers across distribution platforms and […] Read more »

We always like a good utility here at WWD. But we like it even better when two of our favorite utilities start working well together. That’s the case with 1Password and Dropbox: if you’re storing your passwords (and other confidential information) in 1Password, you can now […] Read more »

Working through the weekend, Congress approved a $25 billion aid package for America’s sputtering auto industry. On Saturday, the Senate voted 78 to 12 to pass the auto bailout plan, which the House had passed earlier in the week. The President is expected to sign the […] Read more »

Looking at my Twitter account over the last few weeks, I saw distinct ways I used Twitter in my work proving once and for all that Twitter is not just chatter but a useful business tool. Read more »

The Senate on Friday passed a bill aimed at improving information about broadband competitiveness — or lack thereof. Following similar legislation that passed the House last fall, the Broadband Data Improvement Act act was passed in the Senate. Now the two sides must hash out a […] Read more »

RIM is certainly pushing into the consumer space with abandon and they haven’t even released the touch screen Storm yet.  It’s coming to Verizon, reportedly soon, and Crackberry has gotten a couple of Verizon photos of the new phone.  I must say this thing looks really […] Read more »

The firm that brings us the Blackberry has posted very good financial results for Q2.  RIM reported revenue of $2.58 billion, up 15% from the previous quarter ad a whopping 88% from the same quarter last year.  Device sales accounted for 82% as RIM shipped 6.1 […] Read more »

When we profiled mobile entrepreneur Andreas Zachariah and his GPS-based carbon footprint application in April, his company, Carbon Hero, was still in the early phases of testing the application. Zachariah tells us this morning that the company has signed on a major corporate customer and is […] Read more »

With rumors that something will change with the Apple TV this week, Alistair Croll takes the opportunity to pen an ambitious feature wish list for the perfect Apple entertainment device: – TV tuner and set-top PVR to take on TiVo, with streaming and synchronization to Apple’s […] Read more »

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