Stories for Sep. 18, 2008

At a panel at GigaOM’s Mobilize conference today, representatives from MySpace and Facebook both said they saw emerging opportunities to bring video uploads to cell phones. Here are my notes: John Faith, General Manager and VP, MySpace Mobile, MySpace: Opportunities in mobile: Right now it’s all […] Read more »

Membranes that take less energy to clean water — that’s the idea behind Los Angeles-based startup NanoH2O’s technology, and why the company was able to announce a round of $15 million from Oak Investment Partners and Khosla Ventures. NanoH2O, which raised $5 million last year from […] Read more »

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Alright, so we wouldn’t exactly call the wireless broadband standard WiMAX “hip.” But it’s gaining traction with the alternative/disruptive companies and carriers, while the competing standard LTE (Long Term Evolution) is being taken up by the dominant cell phone companies. That’s a general overview of the […] Read more »

For the mobile social networking panel, I thought it might be helpful to condense the various remarks each speaker made to sum up their particular social network’s take on mobile. Not to say the panelists weren’t talking to each other as well, but I think their […] Read more »

At the GigaOM Mobilize conference just now, Chamath Palihapitiya of Facebook just gave a little indication of what’s next on the company’s product roadmap. Palihapitiya, Facebook’s VP of Growth, Mobile and International was serving on a panel about mobile social networking, when an audience member commented […] Read more »

Gov. Sarah Palin’s record and political positions have been under close examination over the past few weeks, and as a result, a startling number of inconsistencies have emerged. For example — did she enjoy her send-up at Tina Fey’s hands on last Saturday’s SNL? She definitely […] Read more »

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Chetan Sharma of Chetan Sharma Consulting: Let’s talk about the user experience. What does it mean to you in a product that gives you that zen moment for user experience? John SanGiovanni, Zumobi: We look at the user experience as built on the cognitive theories of […] Read more »

Fuel cells, whether they’re made for your car or your cell phone, always seem just around the corner, but MTI MicroFuel Cells hopes to put full cells in your hand soon. The company announced today that it has improved the power performance of its Mobion chip […] Read more »

Rich Miner, Google’s Group Manager for Mobile Platforms, says no one party should control the future of the mobile platform. Period. With two decades of mobile experience under his belt, including co-founding Android, Google’s mobile platform, Miner should know. At his previous job at carrier Orange […] Read more »

Kevin and I have been conducting interviews from the floor of the Mobilize 08 conference in San Francisco.  You can catch the afternoon interviews live online and there’s no telling what you might see.  This morning we spoke with Symbian about their plans in the US […] Read more »

I’m taking a quick lunch break and pondering what I’ve heard so far. I keep coming back to one central theme: open. I’ve interviewed nearly a dozen companies so far and "open" keeps cropping into the conversations. A few years ago, everything was company-centric and propriatary. […] Read more »

SlideRocket, the online presentation designer and manager we raved about back in March has flipped opened their doors and entered an open public beta phase. SlideRocket offers an extremely impressive set of tools for creating and distributing presentations, and as they move into this next phase […] Read more »

I see that UMPC Portal has an Medion Akoya Mini writeup after ten-weeks of using the netbook. Aside  from a few small differences, that’s essentially the same device as the MSI Wind I brought with me to San Francisco. This little workhorse is holding up really […] Read more »

The very first panel at today’s Mobilize Conference was on the economics of mobile development. The iPhone was thrown around a bit (and more specifically, the distribution format of the App Store), but the overall topic was a bit more broad. Representatives from Microsoft, Adobe, RIM, […] Read more »

Sometimes one is forced to wonder why third-party candidates have never been able to gain a foothold in the American election cycle. Then one sees something so mind-blowingly ridiculous that all questions are answered. Ralph Nader would like your vote for President, America. And he’s willing […] Read more »

People who are new to web working often have certain expectations on how working from home can improve the way they work. While these expectations can be met, it’s usually not as easy as it looks on reports and surveys. Read more »

We just finished a panel on mobile user experience with some excellent ideas about specific opportunities for startups to build mobile software. Here’s the rough transcript: Dylan Tweney, Gadget Lab, (moderator): Invoking the iPhone. The iPhone interface is beautiful. There it is…(Introduces panelists): Jason Devitt, […] Read more »

Ken Fisher, Ars Technica: Amazon Kindle and Dash point to a future of mobile web products that aren’t phones. Traffic coming from mobile devices is on the rise so we’ll look at some of the issues around that. What was the single most important design challenge […] Read more »

You’ve got to check for wind before putting up a turbine, and wind energy prospecting is a decidedly high-tech affair. Wind energy developer Renewable Energy Systems Americas has signed an agreement to use Globalstar satellite modems to transit data from remote wind-energy monitoring stations assessing potential […] Read more »

There are plenty of manufacturers and carriers out there who will be happy to tell you what you want from a phone. To hear them tell it, if you’re not carrying a device with a camera, a touchscreen, an internet browser, GPS, Bluetooth, and a fancy […] Read more »

What would a mobile conference be without a little live mobile videocasting? We’ve got our main live-streaming coverage of the conference up over at GigaOM, but this should give you spontaneous, on-the-fly bits of fun from the show floor. Check back throughout the day for more […] Read more »

GigaOM Founder Om Malik just took the stage to grill John Roese, the CTO of Nortel, who promised a world of hyperconnectivity is already upon us and warned that infrastructure needs to evolve appropriately. It was a timely conversation given the recent news that Nortel will […] Read more »

Hulu Cares Deeply about Every Pixel; some good notes on the OMMA conference today with sessions such as a keynote by Hulu’s Jason Kilar. (paidContent, Online Video Watch — check back on those sites for more posts throughout the day) 10% of Bandwidth on Corporate Networks […] Read more »

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