Stories for Aug. 16, 2008

The notion of making a backup copy of the ephemera that is Twitter may strike you as odd – until you realize that your lists of friends and followers are actually valuable contacts. Fortunately, Tweetake makes it possible to save everything about your Twitter account – […] Read more »

Tnkgrl is at it again with part 2 of her modding of the Aspire One.  In this part she has added a 60 GB Samsung hard drive to replace the little SSD that the Aspire One shipped with.  She has instructions with a video to show […] Read more »

Famed game developer and analyst Scott Jennings recently announced on his blog that he’s quit online game publishing giant NCSoft to join John Galt Games. His new home is the small casual game startup developing Web Wars, a sci-fi game played via a browser plug-in, where […] Read more »

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Stories for Aug. 15, 2008
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To some, a web site like Craigslist asking you to verify that you are indeed a human by retyping distorted, nonsensical words is irritating. But the next time you do it, you could be helping to fill in some historical blanks. NPR ran a story yesterday […] Read more »

Surfing the web on your mobile device can be frustrating at times but a good mobile portal can go a long way to make that experience better.  Having a configurable start page the presents just the information you want in a format that is easy to […] Read more »

The World Bank estimates that some 150 billion cubic meters of natural gas are flared at oil fields annually, adding 400 million tons of CO2 to the atmosphere — just because it’s cheaper to burn it than transport it. But Synfuels, a startup with a new […] Read more » Orb is great for streaming tunes from a PC to a handset, but it doesn’t natively support music purchased from iTunes and you can’t run it on an iPhone or Touch unless it’s jailbroken. Enter Simplify Media, which supports music streaming from either a PC, […] Read more »

YuMe has yo-yoed back into eighth place in comScore’s newly released July U.S. ad network rankings. The video ad startup had previously been awarded the same spot in June, but after complaints that YuMe had unfairly claimed all of MSN’s traffic (YuMe recently scored a deal […] Read more »

There’s a new fledgling business network in town: LeadVine, whose slogan is “the community is your sales force.” Currrently in public beta, it’s not trying to take on LinkedIn directly. Rather than try to build general-purpose business connections with no fixed purpose, LeadVine is directed specifically […] Read more »

PG&E’s massive 800 MW solar deal isn’t just good for Cali’s carbon emissions, the solar industry and the planet — its good for SunPower’s stock, too. SunPower is going to supply solar power to PG&E. Read more »

IOC Backs Down on Tibet YouTube Video Takedown; Olympics Committee withdraws complaint over protest video. (The Industry Standard) Katie Couric to host Special Web Vids for Political Conventions; and CNET to host live, post-primetime web-only coverage, will incorporate audience questions. (Broadcasting & Cable) Shatner Adds […] Read more »

The Execupundit explores Work Patterns: Bursts versus Flow Om on Different IMs for Different Folks 43 Folders describes success with Outcome-Based Thinking Tony Wright crunches the numbers on Information Overload Freelance Switch tells us how to Get the Most out of our ubiquitous thumb drive Read more »

Ever since California Governor Schwarzenegger enticed Tesla to move its factory plans away from New Mexico and back to California, we’ve been waiting to hear which lucky Northern California city will get the pop of hundreds of green jobs and the claim to fame. Here’s the […] Read more »

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