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Nothing is worse than arriving at a remote destination, turning on your computer, and finding out that you left something critical back at home. That’s where remote control software comes in, and I’ve previously covered a few of the best known products in this category. Recently, […] Read more »

As it indicated in a leaked memo back in July, AOL (NYSE: TWX) announced (via Wired) the closing of its community blogs, Hometown and Journa… Read more »

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OK, it’s only been out of the box for about two hours, one hour of which was running Vista for the first time and updating it.  Here are some very quick first looks at the device, I can’t give any impressions yet other than it’s fast. […] Read more »

Project Management and Collaboration applications are one of the staples of the typical web worker. And while we’ve covered our share of alternatives, the ubiquitous Basecamp is the one that I seem to run into most often. With a healthy userbase and a robust API, it’s […] Read more »

There are 1,700 operating landfills in the U.S., and according to the the EPA’s Landfill Methane Outreach Program, they contain enough natural gas to produce 2,643 megawatts of electricity. As part of its previously announced goal of developing 60 landfill gas-to-energy (LFGTE) projects by 2012, Waste […] Read more »

Writer’s block. Creative constipation. Mental block. These phrases are just fancy ways of saying something simple: you’re stuck. There’s nothing wrong with being stuck, since it happens to the best of us. But there are several reasons to get yourself moving again, especially if it’s unreasonable […] Read more »

It took a long time to get here as HP mistakenly shipped it to my last address, not my actual home address but I swung by and picked it up today.  I couldn’t figure out what it could be as the box was very thin and […] Read more »

AT&T’s move to reorganize itself into four business units — consumer, business, infrastructure and diversified products — is likely a precursor to layoffs, according to sources within the company who asked not to be named. Read more »

Nokia has agreed to buy Montreal-based OZ Communications for an undisclosed amount of money in a move that will allow the Finnish handset maker to offer consumer IM technologies on its phones. Nokia’s internal IM efforts don’t even merit an “F” — and this purchase pretty much proves it. Read more »

Jack White and Alicia Keys’ collaboration isn’t quite what people were expecting of the Quantum of Solace title song — but regardless of how you feel about the warbling Keys and White do during the James Bond theme’s bridge, I think we can agree it’s better […] Read more »

Some interesting strategy coming out of Nokia lately: not long after announcing they’re changing their business mobility strategy, the company says they’re purchasing OZ Communications. Looks like a two-pronged service approach now: Exchange support on a vast number of Nokia handsets for the business folks and […] Read more »

Just a quick programming note. You could say we hedged our bets with the netbook name because when we started to cover them, we created a “mini-notebooks” category. Hey, don’t blame us be for being cautious considering we’ve also got UMPCs, MIDs, ULCPCs, Origami devices and […] Read more »

You may have heard today that Apple "finally dropped the NDA for iPhone developers".  I’ve seen it on a number of blogs including our sister blog.  I’ve followed the story through and while it’s true that Apple has dropped some restrictions about disclosure they’ve only dropped […] Read more »

Should Palm dump its Linux-based OS efforts and embrace Android instead? Fortune makes a persuasive argument why the struggling smartphone m… Read more »

For most people, even web workers, there is only one search engine on the web. To some extent we differ over which one that is: there are people who use Google all the time, others who swear by Yahoo, and so on. In reality, of course, […] Read more »

NextNewNetworks Launches TMI Weekly; new network devoted to women’s style features Julia Allison’s Nonsociety troupe. (TMI Weekly, review on NewTeeVee Station) AOL TV Goes Outside the Box; new online series asks cast members of popular TV shows questions submitted by fans. (The Hollywood Reporter) Dell Computers […] Read more »

IBM’s Cell processor, originally designed (in Austin!) for the Sony Playstation 3, will return to its entertainment roots in a Toshiba television due out next year. The move makes it official: Big Blue’s big bet on a new chip architecture is paying off. Read more »

The saga of the renewable energy tax credits may have a last-minute happy ending. The Senate is set to vote on a new iteration of the $700 billion financial bailout package, which now includes extensions for the renewable energy tax credits. The Senate has scheduled a […] Read more »

We’ve all been exposes to that bane of the new computer buyer.  The moment that should be pure elation over the new hardware turns into the unboxing of horror as you discover all of that crapware the manufacturer has installed on your new baby.  Most of […] Read more »

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