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It’s easy to get lost in the solar development bubble that is California so it’s always good to be reminded that there are huge markets outside the Golden State. Mill Valley, Calif-based Solar Power Partners, a commercial solar developer, owner and manager, plans to expand nationally […] Read more »

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RGGI Auction Sells Out at $3.07 a Ton: All 12.5 million allowances auctioned last week by the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, North America’s first cap-and-trade system, sold for $3.07 each, raising some $38.5 million for the member states – Green Inc. McKinsey Sees Clean Coal Viable […] Read more »

[qi:100] It should hardly come as a surprise to anyone — but nevertheless a survey conducted by International Data Corporation on behalf of Zeugma Systems, a company that makes an edge router for broadband networks, shows that consumers simply hate bandwidth caps and will likely switch […] Read more »

Despite my MacBook Pro going into service yet again (getting a new one, btw), I managed to take a look at some of what the Internets had to offer before handing my venerable system to the Apple Store Geniuses. As always, only what I use makes […] Read more »

While users and non-users alike do a fair amount of grumbling about Windows Vista, many of us use it. Those of us who do have also typically learned that customizing Vista is essential for everything from how the interface behaves to improving battery life on portable […] Read more »

The New York Times new blog Green Inc. just launched and already features a nice profile of a stealthy solar startup PVT Solar, which is backed by cleantech investor Vinod Khosla. The two-year-old Berkeley-based company is working on turning the wasted heat of standard solar systems […] Read more »

We wanted to thank everyone who attended our rockin’ party at West Coast Green last week — the event was a smashing success and we hope everyone had a great time. (Anyone have a report on the Hunter Lovins’ after party?) Our team snapped these photos, […] Read more »

Worried that you might run out of storage space on that cell-phone? SanDisk doesn’t want you losing sleep at night wondering what music you’ll have to move from one memory card to another. That’s why they introduced high-capacity, 16-GB microSD cards today. The small flash memory […] Read more »

Last Friday I was given a tour of HP’s factory floors in Houston, where it makes high-value custom servers for clients. The pictures I took document all the steps involved, from gathering the boards and chips to the shipping of individual servers, with a quick shot of an HP system being built. Read more »

A dramatic Reuters report about a supposed flaw in Flash video delivery that allows users to download Amazon movies and TV shows for free is being refuted by Adobe. The software maker appears to be blaming the problem on Amazon for neglecting to properly use its […] Read more »

The failed passage of a financial bailout bill has taken a harsh toll on most corners of the stock market, but few sectors saw steeper one-day declines Monday than solar stocks. That’s largely because there was a second piece of bad news coming from Congress that […] Read more »

I was cruising in Best Buy this afternoon to see what trouble I could find and lo and behold was surprised to see this: This surprised me for a couple of reasons, 1) because it was the only netbook in attendance even though so many are […] Read more »

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