Stories for Oct. 2, 2008

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The worsening financial environment could slow the deployment of the Clearwire nationwide network. The Sprint-Clearwire joint venture should close before the end of the year, but building a nationwide network might take longer if debt stays expensive. Read more »

Billed as “your official, comprehensive connection to the heart of Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s campaign,” Obama’s campaign today released an official election application for the iPhone and iPod touch. This marks the first sanctioned application release from either side in the American presidential race, though several […] Read more »

General Motor’s vice chairman Bob Lutz is an outspoken guy — he’s not afraid of voicing is opinion on issues like how he doesn’t agree with the carbon theory of climate change (fun). Lutz also isn’t shy at offering his opinion on electric vehicle companies, specifically […] Read more » Serves 29 Million Full-Episode Streams in Sept.; network says it got 25 million uniques, and 28.8 million short-form content streams were served. (TV By The Numbers) Powering a bunch of those views was Saturday Night Live, as a new study shows more than half of […] Read more »

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When it comes to WiMAX, towers might not be the only deployment option, according to Richard Keith, who leads Motorola’s wireless broadband and strategy. Keith expects that carrier-owned microcells and picocells placed on buildings will be part of WiMAX networks in addition to towers. Read more »

Fuel cells are a fairly seductive technology for web workers: they can store a high energy content in a small space, opening the potential of powering portable devices for a long time without recharging. Our sister site Earth2Tech has been keeping an eye on fuel cell […] Read more »

British mobile content retailer FoneStarz Media has signed an agreement with LG Electronics (SEO: 066570), to provide content–including wal… Read more »

The netbooks market is not one that Apple can afford to ignore. Others like HP, Dell and Lenovo have already jumped into the space. But Apple has a far more limited product line than the PC manufacturers, so how can they fit another device in the […] Read more »

A growing number of entrepreneurs are seeing — and seizing — the opportunity to apply for-profit technology models to pressing social and environmental issues, from health issues in the developing world to green products in the U.S. A new breed of angel investors and investment firms […] Read more »

I don’t know about you but my favorite corporate blogger is now Brent from Netflix – or as I like to call him – “The Bringer of Good News.” Netflix announced on Wednesday the addition of 1,000 movies to its “Watch Instantly” collection, which on its […] Read more »

The solar market is booming — plans like Google’s to wean the U.S. off fossil fuels over the next two decades involve massive investments in installing solar technology. According to a report from Lux Research the global solar market will reach $100 billion in revenues by […] Read more »

The Semiconductor Industry Association said today that chips sales were up 5.5 percent in August compared with the year before, but cautioned that since more than half of chips go into consumer devices, the U.S. Congress needs to act to stabilize the economic situation. Read more »

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