Stories for Sep. 18, 2008

Akamai, Limelight, Level 3 and more than a dozen other startups should be worried about Amazon’s move into the content deliver business. Amazon Web Services’ latest offering will cause price pressure in an already commoditized business. In an email to its customers today, Amazon said that […] Read more »

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A powerful and consistent sources of energy is lapping at our shorelines: the ocean. A number of startups are looking to harness its power. The British, Scottish and American governments have all offered up money for research and development in hydrokinetic energy generation, and slowly but […] Read more »

Earlier this month, the blogosphere was lit up with stories of Google filing a patent around the concept of data centers on the sea that use wave power — essentially retrofitted ships and barges that would be docked 3-7 miles from shore, in 50-70 meters of […] Read more »

Stories for Sep. 17, 2008

What would happen if bajillionaires Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates attended a Little League game? Visited a multiplex? Browsed a 7-11? Sadly, the world will never know. Valleywag reported this afternoon that after meeting with mixed reactions, the Microsoft/Jerry Seinfeld campaign will go on no longer. […] Read more »

Shortly after Tesla held a press conference Wednesday morning touting its $250 million planned plant in San Jose, Calif., Tesla chairman Elon Musk presented his vision of Tesla’s leadership role in the auto industry at the AlwaysOn GoingGreen conference. Musk said that Tesla has the ability […] Read more »

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CrunchGear is reporting that after only 2 commercials, Microsoft is giving Jerry Seinfeld the boot. The general consensus on the two ads that have shown has overwhelmingly been that people just straight out don’t get them. Both ads mention next to nothing about Microsoft or Windows. […] Read more »

A study out today from research firm iSuppli shows that operating margins in the chip industry have declined from the upper teens to the single digits, making the industry more cutthroat than ever. The numbers paint a grim picture for AMD, Freescale and NXP, all of […] Read more »

I posted earlier about the WiFi situation in hotels and my own current situation in San Francisco.  This generated some questions about why not just use EV-DO since I have it along with comments sharing reader’s bad experiences with hotel connectivity.  I have been testing both […] Read more »

BioPetroClean Raises $5M for Bugs to Clean Water: Israeli water tech startup BioPetroClean has raised a second round of funding from 21 Ventures for its tailored bacterial “cocktails” which eat up waterborne impurities – Globes via VentureBeat. Segway Inventor, Nokia to Launch Eco-Developer Contest: Seqgway inventor […] Read more »

As reported on ZDNet today, Mozilla has pushed back the beta cycle for the next version of the Firefox browser by a month. The code for beta 1 of version 3.1 of Firefox will freeze on September 30th, and the code freeze for beta 2 will […] Read more »

While federal legislators dilly dally over the solar tax credit, local lawmakers in Berkeley, Calif., have decided to move forward with a novel solar financing program. The Berkeley City Council unanimously approved a solar loan program late Tuesday night that will see the city loan homeowners […] Read more »

For those of us who’ve been following the rise of optical networks, today will go down as a red-letter day for the industry. Nortel, whose name has long been synonymous with optical networking gear, has announced it will sell off its Metro Ethernet Networks (optical and […] Read more »

The NewTeeVee crew will be in New York next week for our second annual Big Apple edition of NewTeeVee Pier Screenings. Alongside Advertising Week, we’re showing a mix of viral online video ads, co-curated with the folks from Visible Measures. These events bring the online media […] Read more »

The Mobile Gadgeteer has long been on my daily must-read list of mobile blogs and not just because Matt Miller is our MobileTechRoundup co-host.  We’ve long given Matt a hard time about going through so many phones but it looks like his phone fickleness is paying […] Read more »

With one day left before our Mobilize conference is due to kick off, we have just 25 tickets left. If you’d like to hear keynotes speakers Padmasree Warrior, CTO of Cisco Systems, and Rich Miner, co-founder of Google’s Android platform, and many more industry experts discuss […] Read more »

[qi:_earth2tech] Search engine giant Google and conglomerate GE have announced a partnership to collaborate on energy policy and technology, including pushing for a smarter electricity grid, cleaner power generation and greener transportation. Initially the companies will work on policy to build out more electricity transmission lines […] Read more »

Search engine giant Google and conglomerate GE have announced a partnership to collaborate on energy policy and technology, including pushing for a smarter electricity grid, cleaner power generation and greener transportation. GE’s CEO and Chairman Jeffrey Immelt and Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt made the announcement from […] Read more »

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