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Stories for Oct. 2, 2008

Other than the availability of bigger boxes it’s hard to point to big changes in the way we store our stuff. But much like the physical storage industry, which has seen slight innovations in recent years, business-class data storage is quietly making its own incremental improvements — with support from venture capitalists. Read more »

So neither of the vice presidential candidates hit a homerun nor failed miserably in the first and only vice presidential debate, but at one point the candidates plainly stated their positions on what they thought is the cause of climate change. Obama’s VP pick Joe Biden […] Read more »

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Old Wind Turbines Get Second Life on the Farm: Massachusetts-based Aeronautica Windpower recycles mid-sized wind turbines from aging wind farms by refurbishing them and selling them to farmers – Press Release. Redwood Systems Raises $4M for Building Energy Conservation: The Danville, Calif.-based startup has raised $4 […] Read more »

There has been a rumor rustling around Silicon Valley for a number of months that Cisco Systems is on the verge of acquiring EMC. Such a move would make a lot of strategic sense for Cisco, but this rumored mega-merger of technology giants may have to […] Read more »

Many web workers work frequently with graphics, perhaps editing photos for blog posts, producing marketing materials, customizing logos, or in other ways. The Photoshops and Illustrators of the world are great at what they do, but are also often overkill for common graphics tasks. Here are […] Read more »

Venturi Automobiles has taken the wraps off its latest car, the Volage, jointly developed with Michelin. The Monaco-based electric-car maker and French tire giant Michelin have created a two-seat roadster with a curvaceous, carbon-fiber body and individual in-wheel motors. Read more »

I recently live-blogged a 3-day conference. Gearing up for the event, I posted here about the equipment I was bringing as well as musings about the dynamics of live blogging. While I’ve live blogged parts of events and have Power-Twittered a conference before, this was my […] Read more »

Freescale Semiconductor said this afternoon that it will consider strategic options for its wireless chip business, including its possible sale. Anyone looking at the varied business units of the former in-house chip division of Motorola would have seen this coming. Read more »

Later this month at Berkeley, a great group of people will gather to discuss the future of cinema, games, and online video. They call it “The Conversation,” and it will feature workshops and talks with speakers from Netflix, DreamWorks, Lucasfilm, JibJab, and many many filmmakers. If […] Read more »

We worried last week that the credit crunch would hurt cleantech, and especially ethanol. Now this week there are two more additions to our ethanol death watch map, Visions Fuels in Iowa and Oklahoma Sustainable Energy, embedded below. In both cases the financial crisis on Wall […] Read more »

The worsening financial environment could slow the deployment of the Clearwire nationwide network. The Sprint-Clearwire joint venture should close before the end of the year, but building a nationwide network might take longer if debt stays expensive. Read more »

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