Stories for Oct. 5, 2008

The Virtual Goods Summit 2008 is a one-day conference focused on the emerging market opportunity for virtual goods and economies. This year’s conference will feature a blend of panel discussions and expert-led breakout sessions covering everything from getting started with virtual goods to maximizing the revenue […] Read more »

Radiohead, you’ll remember, injected some style into the world of user-generated music video contests last spring when it partnered with Aniboom to search for an animation worthy of representing one of the tracks from its album, In Rainbows. The contest process, which narrowed concepts down starting […] Read more »

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Stories for Oct. 4, 2008

Nearly a month ago, at Apple’s unveiling of the new iPod lineup for this fall, Steve Jobs quoted Mark Twain’s “The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” (By the way, and Wikipedia both say that is even a misquote of Twain’s original comment: […] Read more »

As of yesterday, the iPhone natively supports VoIP calls without jailbreaking thanks to fring, a multi-client instant messaging application with Skype, Skype-out, fring and other SIP support for voice calling. Fring has previously been available on Symbian and WinMo phones, and for jailbroken iPhones. It supports […] Read more »

A bailout, a debate and a flurry of cleantech press releases could have had you distracted. Here are the important headlines from the week. Google, No. 2 Cleantech Venture Investor in Q3: Google has taken such an enthusiastic role in investing and promoting clean energy that […] Read more »

I use simple text editors a lot and am always on the lookout for good ones.  Today’s Freeware of the Moment is just such an editor for the Windows platform.  Notepad 2008 is a solid free text editor that has a ribbon toolbar to make interaction […] Read more »

A month after its launch, Google’s much talked about browser, Chrome seems to have seen a slow decline in usage according to some reports. It now accounts for 5.6% of all visits to this blog, though the number varies for our other blogs, indicating that Chrome is still an early adopter phenomenon. Read more »

The post Big-Dig Boston is actually a pretty and lovely town – I walked around in what could best be described as weepy October rain, looking at some of the older buildings and near empty streets. Unlike New York or London or New Delhi, Boston doesn’t […] Read more »

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A court has ordered RealNetworks to temporarily suspend distribution of its controversial RealDVD product until Tuesday so that the judge can review all of the papers filed in the case, according to an email from a RealNetworks representative. A visit to the RealDVD site shows a […] Read more »

I was crazy enough to start two businesses at the same time — and Polaris Blue. My partner and I run them concurrently, and fortunately both have done well. No doubt we got lucky, but I want to share a concept critical to our success […] Read more »

Sometimes, all TV networks need is a little nudge. A push. A gentle reminder. All I’m sayin’ is that at 1:47 p.m. on Sept. 30th, I pointed out that FX Networks had missed an opportunity by not putting the “PatheticGirl 43″ clip from It’s Always Sunny […] Read more »

Stories for Oct. 3, 2008

If you work from a laptop frequently, as many web workers do, you probably know the frustration of not getting all day battery life. The battery manufacturers and fuel cell community have been claiming for years that they’ll deliver all day power, but a lot of […] Read more »

Celebrities — they care about using their power for good. They all want you to vote (for Obama). And they’re making videos about it! Most of them, however, are kind of bad. Here are the five (plus one) most recent celebrity get-out-the-vote videos we’ve seen, ranked […] Read more »

It took a financial crisis, but the U.S. Congress has finally extended the investment and production tax credits that are so vital for the cleantech industry. Congress had long fought over how to pay for the renewable energy tax credits and voted against them eight times […] Read more »

Today’s launch of a $400 touch-screen e-Reader from Sony had me eager to whip out my credit card, but the mess on Wall Street stopped me cold. Even with the $700 billion bailout, there are going to be some serious consequences for companies — among them […] Read more »

The internets are currently abuzz with rumors of a new, genre-bending product due out of Cupertino, possibly at the speculated October Mac event. Though most agree it likely isn’t a building material to be used with mortar in the construction of buildings, there are a number […] Read more »

Update: If you’re looking for more information on the Canadians who pranked Sarah Palin by pretending to be French President Nicolas Sarkozy, our post is here. celebrated 25 million unique visits in September, serving almost 29 million short-form video streams. Among the biggest draws to […] Read more »

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