Stories for Aug. 19, 2008
Stories for Aug. 18, 2008

In this time of political polarity, new media management and production studio Generate is hoping to bring the country together with its new online series, Republicrats. Debuting today on MSN, Republicrats follows the comedic presidential aspirations of Sean Masterson. Masterson’s political platform is his lack of […] Read more »

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Apple has gone from making just computers to a whole slew of devices, including the mass-market iPhone. The shift has increased the number of problems that crop up with various devices, putting a lot of stress on Apple’s support system. What has your experience been? Read more »

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Corruption in the Wind?: In upstate New York the permitting and zoning laws are controlled by the same people who sell concrete to the wind farms developers – NYTimes. Big Blue Launches “Green Sigma”: IBM has launched Green Sigma, a new consulting practice focused on reducing […] Read more »

Trading in preparation for America’s first mandated cap-and-trade scheme for greenhouse gas emissions started on Friday on the Climate Futures Exchange. Futures and options contracts for 70,000 permits were traded under the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, a cooperative of 10 Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic states whose governments […] Read more »

The next generation of Universal Serial Bus (USB) is upon us. The final specification for USB 3.0 is due in the fourth quarter of this year, and Intel has delivered a key part of the draft spec.  I’m betting that version 3.0 will make life easier […] Read more »

YouTube has started testing out display ads for its mobile version, The company has been developing a mobile interface over t… Read more »

Top Gear, the massively popular British show that’s equal parts automotive and entertainment, now has its own YouTube channel. This marks the first time the BBC Worldwide has dedicated a YouTube channel to a single show. The Top Gear channel features clips of shows including car […] Read more »

Less than a month after Green Energy Technologies signed a deal for a thin-film solar module production line from Applied Materials, the company says it has already received requests for four times its expected capacity next year, Bloomberg reports. The solar silicon-wafer maker, a subsidiary of […] Read more »

With the big switch from analog to all-digital TV just six months away, the FCC has identified 80 TV markets that will get a little extra attention and outreach from the commission prior to the transition. During a press conference today, FCC chairman Kevin Martin said […] Read more »

If you’re looking to connect with folks in your area or while traveling, MeetingWave wants to bring you together with the help of their online meeting planner. Post an invite to your meeting, either publicly or privately, and interested parties use the service to accept. You […] Read more »

Break Media and Tremor Media are both out today touting numbers that show pre-roll and other video ad units are effective. Video ad firms are especially eager to show that consumers are willing to watch pre-rolls, given the ad format’s bad reputation. Break looked at 5.85 […] Read more »

Om Malik has pointed out the NSF Birth of the Internet site that is absolutely frikkin’ awesome.  I have only just started going through the history which is extremely well done in video and multimedia and I am mesmerized.  The scary thing is remembering first-hand most […] Read more »

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