Stories for Sep. 21, 2008

Have you ever wanted to see an independent film but were unable to because it’s only playing in New York and Los Angeles, places you don’t live? Or wished that you could experience a classic like “The Godfather” not in your living room, but on the […] Read more »

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We’re looking to expand our already amazing staff of writers! These are paid, freelance positions that will almost certainly guarantee you world fame and fortune. Okay, so the world fame and fortune part isn’t guaranteed, but you never know! If you are interested, please contact us […] Read more »

NOTE: For those searching for the 2009 Emmys, check out our more recent coverage here. The Emmy Awards aren’t exactly friendly to those wanting to tune in from the web. It’s not my idea of a good time to download a PDF of nominees. But there […] Read more »

I just touched down in New York, where we’re hosting the second annual local edition of our NewTeeVee Pier Screening series on Tuesday night. If you haven’t gotten your free ticket already, make sure to hit up the RSVP now — we are expecting hundreds of […] Read more »

This is going to be a very short recap of the week at Mobile Tech Manor (MTM) with my traveling to San Francisco for most of the week for the Mobilize 08 conference.  The part of the week I was in MTM was dominated by Hurricane […] Read more »

This week was a busy week in the techscape even though Kevin and I were out in San Francisco having a great time at the Mobilize 08 conference.  There was a thing called Hurricane Ike which disrupted things in Houston for a few million folks this […] Read more »

Stories for Sep. 20, 2008

  [qi:_newteevee] Skype quietly closed its popular Skypecast personal broadcasting service late last month. The decision is setting off howls of protest from loyal users, who are ready to bolt to competitive services. In a brief missive on Aug. 26 entitled “Goodnight Skypecasts,” Skype announced it was […] Read more »

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How do the tumultuous financial markets impact the cleantech sector? Check out the week’s big news to see what’s in store for clean energy. 13 Startups Energized by Waves and Tides: A powerful and consistent sources of energy is lapping at our shorelines: the ocean. A […] Read more »

The Tablet world got great news this past week as Lenovo officially rolled out the new x200t Tablet PC.  The x200 is the replacement for the popular x61 Tablet that Lenovo produced a good while ago.  The new x200 has some new innovations and features that […] Read more »

I used to be one of those people with icons covering my entire MacBook desktop, all glaring evidence of a failure to properly organize my files. These days, I try to take a desktop organizational moment every other week. Still, I’ve wondered what the things lingering […] Read more »

Entrepreneurs often focus so much on running their companies that they don’t have time to worry about events in the outside world. Normally, this is how it should be, but the credit crisis slamming Wall Street right now is an exception, and it has deep implications […] Read more »

Following a rocky first half of 2008, LED maker Cree is starting to see more news in its favor. The stock rallied 12 percent on Friday, well above the 3.4 percent rise in the Nasdaq. It closed the week at $28.75, up 67 percent over the […] Read more »

Stories for Sep. 19, 2008

I am in the airport in San Francisco waiting to board a plane to take me back home.  It’s been a great trip but I’m ready to get home to the family and the electricity.  I pulled out my laptop here and turned it on and […] Read more »

Today Apple released a statement recalling all iPhone 3G ultracompact USB power adapters. It seems a small percentage of the adapters have a predisposition for the metal prongs to snap off in the electrical socket, potentially having some unfortunate side effects. The ultracompact USB adapters were […] Read more »

Updated: Comcast has filed its plan with the Federal Communications Commission detailing how it intends to govern traffic on its network, and says it should affect less than 1 percent of its users. It will start to go live commercially as of Nov. 15, and will […] Read more »

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