Stories for Aug. 20, 2008

Nexus India Capital Closes $220M Fund With Cleantech Focus: Mumbai-based Nexus India Capital closed a second early stage fund of $220 million to invest in 20 to 25 startups in clean technology, as well as consumer, business services and media sectors over the next three years […] Read more »

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It’s been a tale of two Olympics for NBC. On the one hand, it’s been a monster success, pulling in record numbers on both new and oldteevee (except in San Francisco). On the other hand, between tape delays and a crummy online video experience, it’s also […] Read more »

Microsoft is continuing to maneuver for a greater share of the search market, but does it really stand a chance of winning much share from Google? Officials from Microsoft were in Silicon Valley this week, discussing plans for how to outdo Google, but I doubt if […] Read more »

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GigaOM is hosting a great conference covering the mobile web and we are excited to be a part of the Mobilize 08 conference.  There is a great panel of speakers and you can bet the discussions will be top-notch and we can’t wait. MOBILIZE presented by […] Read more »

Intel and Yahoo announced today they are teaming up to try and make television interactive. Yahoo will manage a widget library for Intel’s OEM partners that will include social, informational and personalized add-ons for TV. Columnist Michael Wolf has the story on NewTeeVee. The announcement is […] Read more »

Today, the Federal Communications Commission issued its formal order censuring Comcast for throttling P2P traffic as part of its network management practices, requiring the ISP to report, within 30 days, details on how it plans to manage its network. Nothing in the order is terribly new […] Read more »

GottaBeMobile has some additional information about that cool new concept Tablet that Intel is showing off at IDF, the UrbanMax.  There is a short video getting up close and personal with the UrbanMax that looks pretty cool.  The prototype has a touchscreen only and an optical […] Read more »

Using nanorobots to build circuits is so last year’s fantasy. The latest technology of tomorrow uses viruses to construct everything from transistors to tiny batteries to solar cells. Researchers at MIT published a paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences this week describing […] Read more »

AirMe is a new free application for the iPhone which has launched today and uses the camera to take photos for easy uploading to Flickr or Facebook.  The AirMe application will auto-tag photos based on your settings and can easily add location, weather and time information.  […] Read more »

There are many things that make web working sound like a dream come true – flexible hours, lower transportation costs, and the ability to work anywhere we want. However, as web workers we know that there are things that make our work more challenging. If at […] Read more »

So I’m not an actor, but if I were one, watching this woman discuss the latest advances in image metrics technology would be more than a little terrifying. And speaking of the unreal, Steve Bryant today reviews Model.Live, a Vogue.TV/Bebo collaboration that takes America’s Next Top […] Read more »

Today, the Federal Communications Commission issued its formal order censuring Comcast for throttling P2P traffic as part of its network management practices, requiring the ISP to report, within 30 days, details on how it plans to manage its network. GigaOM has followed the story for the […] Read more »

As reported on our parent blog GigaOm, this is a good day for web workers who are forced to travel by air: American Airlines has become the first domestic carrier to offer full in-flight broadband internet access. This won’t necessarily make up for all the rising […] Read more »

Our feisty international commenters never let us forget that Hulu geo-blocks almost all its content for viewers outside the U.S in order to comply with its content holders’ demands. But the company has given indications that it’s looking abroad, including posting an international email signup, expanding […] Read more »

CBS Sports Upping NFL Web Vids; new programming will include Fantasty Football Today (which will have a 90 minute premier episode!), and other programming that will run seven days a week through the season. (MediaWeek) New York Television Festival to Have ‘Digital Day’; Will feature premiere […] Read more »

When we looked at last year’s Telework Report from CDW, the federal government stood out as a leader in encouraging telecommuting. This year’s report, which should be available on the CDW site shortly, paints a different picture. Thanks to strong growth in support from corporate IT […] Read more »

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is calling for ideas for renewable power for the city, including offshore wind, wind turbines on skyscrapers, hydropower from the Hudson and East Rivers, geothermal and increased solar. Bloomberg made an announcement for a Request for Expressions of Interest at the […] Read more »

Hillcrest Labs, a Rockville, Mnd.-based startup, says it has filed complaints for patent infringement against Nintendo, related to the Wii video game system. The company claims that many consumer electronics companies (not disclosed publicly) have licensed Hillcrest’s technologies. Read more »

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