Stories for Sep. 23, 2008

GridPoint, a smart grid company that helps utilities balance energy loads, just announced that it has more than doubled its funding, adding a $120 million equity financing round. Those funds will fuel an “acquisition strategy,” and GridPoint says its first purchase, also announced today, is young […] Read more »

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In addition to our live coverage of the Google phone launch and our round-up of four things you need to know about T-Mobile 3G, NewTeeVee has info on plans for the phone’s video capabilities while Earth2Tech looks at the carbon footprint calculator app it will feature, […] Read more »

The T-Mobile online store is overwhelmed with obvious heavy G1 Android phone orders but I finally got to the point where I could order an upgrade.  I am an existing T-Mobile customer and as I understood the pricing at the press event today the upgrade price […] Read more »

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I am sitting outside the local Starbucks enjoying everything about the sunny day with one exception.  T-Mobile won’t sell me a new G1 phone even though I’m ready to roll.  I’m thinking they are maybe overwhelmed with online orders because all I can get is this […] Read more »

Google and T-Mobile unveiled the G1 today, the first phone powered by Android, Google’s own mobile operating system. The G1 is launching on Oct. 22, along with its market for third party applications, the Android Market Place (similar to Apple’s App Store.) And lucky for us, […] Read more »

Media Rights Capital Secures $350 Million; film, TV and digital production company gets money in the form of a three-year revolving credit facility with a network of banks led by JP Morgan Chase and Comerica. (Variety) Lisa Kudrow Stars in Lexus Web Series; former Friends star […] Read more »

Microsoft’s successor to Vista just might be better for mobile devices, which might clear up that whole “ULCPC” brouhaha. Of course, it’s way too early to tell how Windows 7 will perform on lesser smaller hardware but the tea leaves are there for the reading. Gone […] Read more »

Well the excitement has died down and the press event ran its course and now it’s time to reflect on what I saw and think about the implications of the G1.  It’s finally official that T-Mobile and Google, or G-Mobile, have married and produced the offspring […] Read more »

Following close on the heels of our content distribution partnerships with and CNNMoney, I am delighted to announce that the content from our network is going to be featured on the New York Times’s web site as part of their technology channel. The Times today […] Read more »

I don’t know how many different pointing devices I’ve gone through in the past 25 years, but it’s a lot. In part, this is because I find that one of the easiest ways to avoid RSI is to switch keyboards and pointing devices from time to […] Read more »

Popular video aggregator Hulu, which says it now has roughly 900 titles from more than 100 providers, has added genre-based channel browsing to its list of features, as well show recommendations, discussion forums and actor-based search. The site debuted 17 new genre-based channels, among them action, […] Read more »

I’m in New York, where this morning I was covering the crammed T-Mobile G1 launch event for GigaOM. The G1 is the first phone that will have Google’s open Android operating system. On the floor, I had a chance to ask Desmond Smith, a senior product […] Read more »

While devices such as the iPhone and the new Android phone from T-Mobile, the G-1, make it even easier to access data from the cellular networks or a Wi-Fi hot spot, the growth in wireless broadband access slowed in the first half of the year. According […] Read more »

There’s no doubt that the web can be a great resource. Whether you are doing serious research, shopping, or answering trivia, chances are there is relevant information out there somewhere. While the search engines are getting better at serving results, the sheer volume of information available […] Read more »

Looks like Chrysler was feeling out-shined by GM’s Volt showing last week. This morning Chrysler unveiled plans for at least four electric vehicle models — an all-electric Dodge EV, a range-extended electric Jeep and a minivan, and a city vehicle, although there’s no EcoVoyager in site. […] Read more »

We were amazed at the high performance clocked by the little Raon Everun Note notebook as the first mini-notebook to provide full desktop power.  It seems that power is too much for the little Note as the maker has issued a recall due to a variety […] Read more »

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