Stories for Aug. 21, 2008

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Suniva to Supply Titan Energy Systems with $480M of Solar Cells: Suniva has signed a take-or-pay agreement with Indian solar module maker Titan Energy Systems for more than $480 million worth of solar cells over the next five years – Press Release. How to Make Wind […] Read more »

The ongoing saga of Planktos, which claimed to have had its ocean seeding plans dashed by environmental groups, took another turn this week. Yesterday, publicly-traded Planktos Corp., which is separate from the recently-launched Planktos Science led by founder Russ George, updated shareholders stating that the company […] Read more »

ESPN signed a deal with Major League Baseball Advanced Media to live-stream games as well as put content from America’s past time across a wide range of digital outlets. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but ESPN will get to simulcast Sunday, Monday and Wednesday […] Read more »

Greenbox, a startup founded by the creators of Flash, is trying to recreate the success of their online ecosystem for graphics and media — but this time for the power that flows into your home. This week, after Flash-founders Jonathan Gay and Robert Tatsumi have spent […] Read more »

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We’ve covered a number of free online invoicing sites in the past, but of the ones I’ve tried that even have integrated time- and task-tracking, I’ve never been happy with the implementation. For tracking jobs I’ve done and time spent, I want something quick-in and quick-out, […] Read more »

After the sizzling turn out at the San Francisco Pier Screenings earlier this month, we are looking forward to the first-ever NewTeeVee Pier Screenings Los Angeles edition. Join us on August 28 at Catchlight Studios for a night of online video-watching on a big screen accompanied […] Read more »

The NewTeeVee Screening in L.A. is next week! If you haven’t grabbed your free ticket, better do it quick. If our L.A. meetup was any indication, the screening will be packed, and there are only 200 seats available. Here are the details: What: The NewTeeVee L.A. […] Read more »

Sometimes it’s all too easy to feel isolated as a web worker. If you’re in an office and do something great for the team, you can expect some pats on the back, or even a celebratory lunch. But if you’re working at home, you can be […] Read more »

The ever-practical LifeHacker offers a good list of YouTube hacks this week. Some how-to gems I’ll be adding to my list: – Sort all the YouTube links you’ve received in Gmail using Xoopit (but you have to sign up for an invite code). – Subscribe to […] Read more »

One of the things I like to do when evaluating an application or service is to also look to see if the company has a product blog, and how frequently it is updated. I have found that regular posting on a blog is a great indicator […] Read more »

OK, now I know I have your attention! In India, the 3G iPhone goes on sale today and people are lining up to buy a device that is seriously, and I mean seriously, expensive. Bharti Airtel and Vodafone (India) are the two carriers who are selling […] Read more »

Millions of computers and electronics get shipped overseas from the U.S. to the developing world, where they are cheaply, and often haphazardly, broken down for recycling. Now, millions of dollars of U.S. (and Indian) venture capital are following that disassembly chain. Attero, an e-waste recycler based […] Read more »

Haagen Dazs Hearts Bees; ice-cream maker’s viral video campaign has been viewed more than 2 million times online. (MediaPost) 12seconds Launches APIs; first three partners are TweetDeck, Blippr and Phreadz. (VentureBeat) Crackle Kicks Off Coma; Sony-branded web series stars Michael Madsen and George Hamilton. (MediaWeek) Paramount […] Read more »

We first looked at Iterasi when it was launched at this year’s spring DEMO conference. At the time, we were favorably impressed with this tool for saving live snapshots of web pages in an online account, but we were a bit disappointed with the lack of […] Read more »

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