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There’s growing concern that public opinion polls, which do not include cellphones aren’t accurate because of the rising number of younger p… Read more »

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Secretive thin-film solar startup Solyndra unveiled for the first time today its solar module design for commercial rooftops and funding totaling more than $600 million. The company says its design can cut the cost of installing solar rooftops in half and reduce installation time by a […] Read more »

Sorry for the MC Hammer play, but I try to have fun to offset bad news. Here’s the deal: the HTC Touch HD you might be salivating over isn’t Coming to America like Eddie Murphy. In a recent Twitter posting, a company rep says: “sad news, […] Read more »

Speculation has surfaced recently that StumbleUpon, a social media utility that was acquired by eBay in April 2007 for around $75 million, was back on the market. If true, I think eBay should sell it to Digg in exchange for equity in the combined entity. Before you call me crazy, hear me out. Continue Reading. Read more »

I hate outlining.  There, I feel better having said that, but I hate the writing process without outlining even more than I hate doing them.  The recent conversation about pen and paper making for better thinkers ties directly into the process I use for writing articles.  […] Read more »

YouTube today announced it has added the option to incorporate e-commerce links from videos on its site to relevant iTunes and Amazon products. The move was expected, as YouTube CEO Chad Hurley described doing exactly that at a talk in June and such links have been […] Read more »

It’s been four long years since AIM 4.7 for Macintosh was released by AOL.  The screenshots on their product page still show the horizontal pinstripes of the original release of OS X.  The version was old.  Some would say languishing in neglect.  Really, though, since iChat […] Read more »

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About three weeks ago, we reported that Apple had issued a recall on the small form-factor USB wall charger that was included with the iPhone 3G. Apparently there was a slim chance that the prongs could break off in the outlet, and Apple didn’t want to […] Read more »

I love Firefox but and have always wished I could have it running on my mobile devices.  Sure Opera Mobile is really good but it’s not Firefox.  Mozilla has been working on Firefox Mobile for a very long time, forever it seems, but word is coming […] Read more »

BitGravity Adjusts Video Delivery Quality to Match Connection; CDN launched a new API today that lets content distributors automatically tweak the quality of video stream delivered, based on the quality of the user’s connection. (VentureBeat) Candidates Urge Networks to Free Up Debate Footage; letters from Obama […] Read more »

Anything that Google does makes news. Case in point: the Mail Goggles extension to Gmail, fresh out of their Lab. It’s meant to be a sort of double-check on email sending, but I’m not convinced that it’s a good solution, or even that there’s a problem […] Read more »

The massively multiplayer online games (MMOG) business is a lucrative one, as consumers typically first pay for the game, then are charged a monthly fee of $10-$15 to keep playing it. At least that’s the case for huge productions like industry leader World of Warcraft, and […] Read more »

One of the inaugural stories on just-launched news site The Daily Beast is a column by the founder and former editor of Mac news and rumors site Think Secret, Nicholas Ciarelli.  The article suggests that Apple is relaxing its notoriously strict veil of secrecy.  Think Secret […] Read more »

Thin-film solar startup Konarka today opened its new manufacturing plant in New Bedford, Mass., which will have a production capacity of 1 gigawatt per year. The 250,000-square-foot plant was previously an advanced printing facility for Polaroid, so Konarka has retrofitted much of the old printing equipment […] Read more »

There are so many available tools and resources on productivity that it’s bound to make one crazy.  I confess that I was one of those productivity addicts who subscribed to all the GTD and lifehacking blogs out there, downloaded all the tools I could find, and […] Read more »

Advertising market research is already being infiltrated by terms like “dramatically lowered expectations,” and even online video — where growth rates are huge because it’s so new — hasn’t been immune to downgrades. Indeed, eMarketer recently chopped its estimate for 2008 U.S. video ad revenue by […] Read more »

Kineto Wireless said today it has raised $15.5 million in additional capital, including funding from Motorola as part of a broader commercial relationship with the company’s home & networks mobility business. Read more »

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