Stories for Oct. 8, 2008

Today’s video to check out is actually four videos that aim to create a low-tech HD experience — while embedding won’t work for this pretty cool experiment using YouTube embeds and a rarely-seen Rick Astley track, it’s definitely worth your time to click this link or […] Read more »

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It appears the term "netbook" must be official with the report that Intel, maker of the Atom processor that appears in most mini-notebooks, has purchased the domain If you go to it takes you to a page where Intel is promoting the Atom processor: […] Read more »

We are (obviously) fond of the term “web worker” to describe the WWD audience. But there are other terms that get thrown around a lot: “digital bedouin” is popular among the cutting-edge set, “telecommuter” seems to be the darling of the mainstream media, while “teleworker” gets […] Read more »

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A technology developed at Ohio University to grow algae in efficient bioreactors has been licensed by Atlanta-based startup Green Bios Technology, the university said this morning. The developer of the algae bioreactor, Ohio University Professor of Mechanical Engineering David Bayless, told us that the reactor and […] Read more »

DISH to Fork Over $104 Million to TiVo; with the Supreme Court not hearing its case, the satellite service announced that it will pay up over the patent dispute. (Ars Technica) SNL Skit Yanked Over Legal Concerns; economic bailout sketch pulled because two people depicted in […] Read more »

A web worker’s office is her most important tool.  Arranging it should be given more care and importance than setting up one’s LinkedIn profile.  In my four years of web work, I can’t say that I’ve achieved the perfect office yet, but I already know what […] Read more »

Several websites have reported in recent days that Microsoft are once again extending their period of official support for vendors offering Windows XP on new machines. The proposed deadline had already been extended to the end of January 2009, but appears now to have been prolonged […] Read more »

While Kevin is off playing around working in Baltimore covering the WiMAX press event word has come out that the TU25 USB modem from ZTE has become the first USB WiMAX modem certified for use by the XOHM network.  There is no word on when the […] Read more »

Today marks the formal launch of Sprint’s Xohm network, and celebrants are gathered in Baltimore to show off their new WiMAX-enabled gadgets. But after chatting with an executive from Lenovo, I wonder just how open Sprint’s network will be, and how that lack of true openness […] Read more »

Tablet PCs are absolutely perfect for working in the field and it’s always great to see examples of the benefits they provide.  Vassar College has been using Tablets for field work since 2004 and they have produced video of the technology in action.  The video is […] Read more »

Sure, USB flash drives are so old school but that changes when they get bumped up to 32 GB.  Kingston has produced such a jewel and the 32GB DataTraveler 150 looks to handle all your portable storage needs.  The little drive works with all flavors of […] Read more »

While I worry about buying gadgets there are plenty of people out there worried about buying far more important things like food and gas, which means that TV offerings such as those from AT&T, Comcast and Verizon might see the effects of the struggling economy. Daniel […] Read more »

I have been in conversations with Verizon about the newest addition to the Blackberry family, the Storm, and today they officially released the Storm out of the bag.  The Storm is the first Blackberry without a hardware keyboard, packing a full-screen touch interface instead.  The touchscreen […] Read more »

Quick note that I’m on my way out the door for the two+hour drive down to Baltimore. Today is the WiMAX launch event. Note that it’s the launch event and not the launch: the service officially went live last week and has already seen some reviews. […] Read more »

Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information — be it via search, email, online maps or mobile apps — but it could someday help you manage your daily energy consumption, too. At a speech at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco last week, Google CEO […] Read more »

I adore my Apple TV. Really, I absolutely would not want to give it up. My love affair with the Apple TV began when it gave me access to my entire (50+ GB) music collection on my “big” sound system. Then there’s the little things like […] Read more »

What does Major League Baseball Advanced Media have in store for baseball fans next season? Come to EconSports, Oct. 29 at the Edison Ballro… Read more »

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