Stories for Sep. 26, 2008

After months of static, WiMAX news continues to hit the airwaves. Earlier this week, we heard that Sprint’s XOHM commercial service launches on October 8th in Baltimore. I have confirmation of that date now and plan to attend the press event. Baltimore is just a short […] Read more »

When it comes to the fixed-line Internet, the FCC would like you to believe that wireless broadband is going to be the answer, perhaps through schemes such as the D Block auction, spectrum grabs by M2Z Networks and white space initiatives. If you believe that, then you also believe that that you can walk away a winner from a game of three-card monte on a Manhattan sidewalk. Read more »

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Over at Technologizer, Harry McCracken is in the midst of an experiment that he calls Operation Foxbook. The idea is simple: to forego desktop applications entirely for a period of time, doing everything on a netbook-class machine using Firefox. McCracken’s initial progress report is encouraging, though […] Read more »

Steve at UMPC Portal jumped on the Ubuntu Mobile image that was released earlier this week and first impressions show that it’s a fine mobile computing environment. The actual image was developed specifically for the Samsung Q1 Ultra UMPC, so you’ll see that all of the […] Read more »

Following a lengthy and dramatic renovation, the California Academy of Sciences is set to reopen its new green gem of a museum to the public on Saturday (if you can’t wait, check out our sneak peak). The Academy is seeking to get the building, designed by […] Read more »

Reuters is reporting that Nokia is going to release a touch-screen phone on October 2nd. The new device is code named “Tube” and will be a cheaper device focused on their hot growth markets such as India. Read the full article on GigaOM → Read more »

I hate carrying business cards. There, I said it. While so much of my work-time is spent on-line or at various Wi-Fi shops with coffee coffee shops with Wi-Fi, carrying business cards is a necessary evil in our world. Seems like each time I don’t have […] Read more »

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Netbook, netbook, who’s got the netbook?  Laptop Magazine, it seems.  The netbook is the Lenovo IdeaPad S10 netbook which has a 10.2-inch display and a keyboard that is 85% of full size according to the reviewer.  I would have thought the keyboard would be larger than […] Read more »

Nokia is going to release a touch-screen phone on Oct. 2nd, Reuters is reporting today. Based on comments the company made earlier this summer, the device, code-named “Tube,” will be cheaper than rival models and be aimed at hot growth markets, such as India. In a […] Read more »

If you’re really determined, you can survive as a freelancing web worker. It takes a few months of trial and error, learning all you can, and finding the tools and processes that work for you. After that, most people are glad to find that they’ve survived […] Read more »

In computing, while solid-state drives are replacing spinning hard disks for memory storage, spinning disks are starting to replace solid-state batteries for energy storage. Flywheel uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) store electric energy as kinetic energy in the form of heavy, spinning disks, which can produce electricity […] Read more »

It’s 2:30 in the morning. GigaOM business manager Joey Wan and I are decompressing after our NYC edition of NTV Screenings. We join a small crowd of bundled up true fans and passerbys in Central Park to watch magician David Blaine on the second night of […] Read more »

Say what you will about the current economic crisis, but peoples’ interest in understanding exactly why financial institutions are crumbling is giving lesser-known political figures their brief moments in the spotlight, which in turn has resulted in many, many C-SPAN clips garnering view rates on par […] Read more »

Canadian biofuel maker Iogen might have backed away from building a cellulosic plant in the U.S., but the company says it has already started shipping the first part of a roughly 50,000-gallon order of cellulosic ethanol to one of its investors and partners oil company Shell. […] Read more »

I’m still looking for work uses for collaborative scribbling aka drawing whiteboards. I reviewed Bookgoo, but truth be told, haven’t found a use for it. But I’m trying to keep an open mind. That’s why I took a look recently at Scriblink, another free collaboration tool. […] Read more »

It was the first full week after Hurricane Ike disrupted everything and my trip to San Francisco.  It was great to be home and working normally for the whole week and dealing with real life once again.  This week’s column covers some software upgrades, hardware recalls […] Read more »

One of the reasons I like Mac’s so much more than Window’s boxes is their outstanding networking capabilities. No matter if I need to add a network printer or share files with someone on my network, it can be done in a matter of minutes. Setting […] Read more »

Stories for Sep. 25, 2008

RGGI Auctions, But Will it Work?: The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative started selling carbon credits in the Northeast today but don’t get too excited because it’ll probably start off slow, undermining the whole point of scheme which, in case you forgot, is to encourage utilities to […] Read more »

Finding an iPhone game that I really enjoy is a tough task. I like games that fit some basic criteria: they must be easy to play with intuitive controls (pick up and play), they need some type of scoring system so I can compare scores with […] Read more »

Like many web workers, I spend a lot of time searching online, and I try to expand my set of tools for doing that well beyond Google. One of my latest finds in this area is Kosmix, a search engine that’s still in Alpha but does […] Read more »

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