Stories for Sep. 27, 2008

I’ve mentioned this quite a few times before, but my place of employment is a Mac shop. Being a Mac shop we have dozens of Mighty “Mice” lying around. At first I did not really like the Mighty Mouse, but after using one for a few […] Read more »

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We’ve written recently about how bootstrapping founders can help themselves navigate a very tight credit market. Now, the implosion of the investment banking industry promises to level what was left of the landscape for both IPO and M&A exits. Startup founders would be wise to reassess […] Read more »

Stories for Sep. 26, 2008
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I traveled down to Houston today to check out a data center geek’s version of paradise — the inside of the factory where HP builds their rack-mounted servers and high-value blade systems. I shot plenty of photos that show how a bunch of chips and boards […] Read more »

We’d like to say thanks to this month’s GigaNET sponsors: Accenture: “The Innovation Dilemma: How to Achieve High Performance through Superior Research & Development” (free download) Server Beach: By geeks, for geeks Volo Media: Dynamic advertising for downloadable audio and video Ki Work: Take control of […] Read more »

A few months back I wrote about, a site where you can get a whole slew of useful software applications–most of them open source–in one free download. This site has become especially popular with people who like to tote a lot of applications on a […] Read more »

The best part of the annual West Coast Green sustainable building conference is walking the floor and checking out all the innovations — the smart, the novel and the just “out there” ideas. Here’s some sites we saw as we cruised around. Shipping Container Home: SG […] Read more »

Oregon’s Business Energy Tax Credit (BETC) has done it again: SANYO North America said today that it will build a new $80-million, 70MW solar manufacturing facility in Salem, Ore. Construction is slated to begin next month and the plant is expected to open in October 2009, […] Read more »

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