Stories for Aug. 27, 2008

The other day, we covered the winners in this year’s Extend Firefox contest, which is Mozilla’s annual effort to recognize the best extensions for the Firefox browser. In addition to the new ideas that won, though, Mozilla has also recognized a couple of strong updates to […] Read more »

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Mobile phone battery life is always on our minds as there is nothing worse than running out of juice at that moment you need to make that important phone call.  You can take an extra battery with you (unless you have an iPhone) but you never […] Read more »

The Pickens Plan media blitz hit a glitch this week when NBC refused to air the latest television spot promoting the former oil tycoon’s natural gas and wind energy plan. The 15-second ad, entitled “Iran” and embedded below, asserts that Iran is converting its own cars […] Read more »

Last week, Dell’s PR team was busy emailing us about a joint announcement they were going to make in tandem with Facebook. They were going to announce a partnership, they said, …around the next generation of Cloud Computing. In addition to the joint announcement, the companies […] Read more »

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Put this in the category of “you gotta be kidding me.” Microsoft has applied for and received a patent (U.S. Patent #7,415,666) that essentially patents “Page Up/Page Down” functionality. The patent (Timothy D Sellers, Heather L. Grantham, Joshua A. Dersch) that was filed in March 2005 […] Read more »

As reported in more detail on our parent blog GigaOM, Idaho-based M2E Power is on to something new in the land of cell phone chargers. Next year they’ll be selling a charger that gets its energy just by being carried around while you walk – it’s […] Read more »

We’re definitely getting ahead of ourselves to ask who will be the FriendFeed of video, considering that company is brand new and has a small (though no doubt devout!) following. But more than one startup is trying to aggregate video consumption activity in the same way FriendFeed brings together its users’ participation in the various social services from around the web. And hey, maybe the focused opportunity is there, since FriendFeed’s broader focus means only three of its 43 services are video-related: Seesmic, Vimeo, and YouTube. Read more »

Pop quiz: Monday was a good day if you were (A) General Motors; (B) planning on buying the Chevy Volt; (C) an unemployed resident of Flint, Mich., or (D) all of the above? You know the answer. Yesterday, GM received millions in promised tax breaks to […] Read more »

The mood in the solar stock sector today might best be described as dark green. Shares in Qidong, China-based Solarfun posted financial earnings that were ahead of analyst expectations, but the shares dived as much as 11 percent percent on concern that prices for its photovoltaic […] Read more »

Even the big boys of solar need to keep ramping up production to meet global demand. Today, Mitsubishi Electric said it will invest 50 billion yen ($455 million) to quadruple its annual photovoltaic production capacity to 600 megawatts by 2012 from 150 megawatts today. The plan […] Read more »

Like many other web workers, I get seduced on a regular basis by the latest gadgets. Whether it’s a spiffy new laptop or the latest phone or some miscellaneous bit of electronics that is supposed to make our lives easier, it’s simple to plunk down money […] Read more »

Thin-film solar maker Nanosolar was already one of the more well-funded startups in cleantech with at least $150 million behind it. But this morning Nanosolar’s CEO Martin Roscheisen writes on the company blog that Nanosolar has raised $300 million in an oversubscribed equity financing round, which […] Read more »

There are a multitude of invoicing options available for the web worker, and we have covered our share of them. A new entry that just crossed my desk is the oddly named CurdBee. I gave CurdBee a quick run through and found that it covers the […] Read more »

Today the organization behind the popular Xen open-source hypervisor announced the latest release of its virtualization software. It’s smaller, has better power management and graphics capabilities, and can run on machines ranging from servers to laptops and mobile phones. Also, Nortel announced today a product it […] Read more »

Not long ago, all negotiations were done over a meeting or a meal. For today’s teleworkers, it’s almost impossible to do this if your clients are all over the globe. We’ve all had to make do with online negotiations most of the time, leaving out the […] Read more »

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