Stories for Sep. 29, 2008

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Taking a little stroll through my RSS feed reader this weekend, I wanted to make sure you knew about five good blogs written by online video makers about their craft and the world around them. Maybe worth a bookmark of your own. – Safran Digital […] Read more »

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If Apple wants to dominate the living room, it will have to do better than the AppleTV. So with rumors abounding that the company is poised to launch a new consumer device, it’s time for a wish list as to what such a device would like like. Read more »

Warren Buffett continues to stock up on energy bets. Earlier this month a subsidiary of Buffett’s investment firm Berkshire Hathaway, MidAmerican Energy Holdings, agreed to acquire Constellation Energy, and this weekend it came out that MidAmerican plans to spend $230 million to buy 10 percent of […] Read more »

Stories for Sep. 28, 2008

This one’s been playing out in slow-motion over the last year, but it’s just about resolved: AT&T (NYSE: T) has decided to partner exclusive… Read more »

For as long as I can remember, I have been highly skeptical of the concept of browser plug-ins as a business. Whenever I’d learn of a browser plug-in startup fetching millions of dollars in venture funding, I’d just shake my head. And while my skepticism hasn’t really gone away, I am beginning to view a select few of these players with fresh eyes. Read more »

[qi:006] Updated: The San Francisco Bay Area is living, it seems, in a protective cocoon of its own, oblivious to the current credit crunch and fiscal crisis that has been roiling the rest of America. This morning, while there is talk of a bailout plan being […] Read more »

For quite some time, I’ve been in the market for a pair of speakers to match with my Mac(s). I don’t care much for speakers that take up too much room or have a separate bass unit, however; those are the main reasons why I left […] Read more »

Whether you’re raising money or investing money, you’re signing up for a multi-year relationship with someone you may have just met. At some point, you may have to look that person in the eye and deliver bad news. How will he react? Good diligence can answer this and other questions. Read more »

It was T-Mobile G1 week which dominated the tech news this past week and we were all over that coverage.  There was the standard fare on the netbook and some other phone news you might have missed.  Here’s a rundown of the past week on jkOnTheRun: […] Read more »

Stories for Sep. 27, 2008

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger — one of the first civilians to own a Hummer — told car manufacturers in Detroit to “get off your butt” and stop living in the past of huge SUVs and cheap oil prices, at the Common Wealth Club on Friday. He […] Read more »

With the U.S. Presidential elections likely to be held in November 2008, two major candidates, Senators John McCain (Rep.) and Barack Obama (Dem.) debated issues around foreign policy yesterday. To mark the occasion,, a citizen journalism-based TV network, teamed up with San Francisco-based Twitter to […] Read more »

It was a big week for us at Earth2Tech. Thanks to all who came out to our cleantech bash following the West Coast Green conference. And in case you hadn’t heard, we announced our first report, a 23-page briefing about the future of the Smart Energy […] Read more »

A couple months back Mike and Aliza shared 10 More New Ways to Make Money Online, a topic which is seemingly always a popular one. One of their great tips was the selling of freelance support online. At the time, they mentioned Copilot and Bomgar as […] Read more »

I’ve mentioned this quite a few times before, but my place of employment is a Mac shop. Being a Mac shop we have dozens of Mighty “Mice” lying around. At first I did not really like the Mighty Mouse, but after using one for a few […] Read more »

We’ve written recently about how bootstrapping founders can help themselves navigate a very tight credit market. Now, the implosion of the investment banking industry promises to level what was left of the landscape for both IPO and M&A exits. Startup founders would be wise to reassess […] Read more »

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