Stories for Aug. 27, 2008

We’ve written before about the importance of building a personal brand for independent web workers, and others have pronounced it a “prerequisite for career success.” If you’re a believer in this idea, and you have a Twitter account, there’s an easy way to help define and […] Read more »

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Everyday activities — commuting to work, walking the dog, grocery shopping — could one day help keep your cell phone charged, thanks to an emerging technology that converts regular motion into power. And while motion-harvesting mobiles might not become a blockbuster hit in industrialized nations, they could fill a real need in developing nations where the power grid is woefully lacking. Read more »

When the Peek was first announced we admit to scratching our heads a bit at the thought of a handheld email device.  While that sounds like a smartphone the Peek is not, it just does email.  We are not the target audience, the non-techies who are […] Read more »

In order to fight its ongoing battle against Microsoft and Google on the whole issue of “collaboration,” Cisco today added yet another weapon to its arsenal. The San Jose, Calif.-based company said it’s buying PostPath, which will allow it to add email and calendaring features to […] Read more »

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That’s the question that Rob Enderle is asking in his excellent analysis of the netbook.  Rob tries first to define just what a netbook is, something that all of us who deal with them try to do.  He finds the current operating system choices on netbooks […] Read more »

There are more than 30 utility-scale solar power plants, one megawatt or larger, under various stages of development in the U.S., and we decided to start mapping them out. These are solar plants that have either signed a power purchase agreement with a utility, are included […] Read more »

More often than not, video on mobile phones is a lackluster experience. MediaFLO has been the most obvious exception to that rule in the Uni… Read more »

There may never be another lonelygirl15, especially given its origin as a hoax and as one of the first experiments in what episodic web content could be. But now that it’s finally over, more than 500 episodes later, its creators are wiping the slate clean while applying the lessons they’ve learned over the last two years. The new show, to be called LG15: The Resistance (see trailer below), will premiere Sept. 20. Read more »

Stories for Aug. 26, 2008

When we compiled our list of cleantech investors who are backing Barack Obama, Nancy Floyd, an early investor who founded Nth Power, was the lone woman in the group — in May she gave $2,300, which is the max donation for the general election. But she […] Read more »

As part of my get-well regimen, I spend a lot of time at the local gym. The upside (or the downside) of being on the treadmill or the stair-master is that you spend a lot of time watching lots of basic cable television. Switching channels, I […] Read more » will relaunch Wednesday as an online video destination in an attempt to revive the brand (and sell a few ads). We got a sneak-peek at the new site and put it through some paces. Our initial reaction? Though the content is good, the confusing interface […] Read more »

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