Stories for Oct. 13, 2008

I’ve been a flip-phone fan ever since my Motorola StarTAC days, but much of the smartphone market has stayed away from the form factor. There have been a few exceptions and RIM adds another one today with the launch of their BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 on […] Read more »

Netbooks are big news and they are here to stay.  News about netbooks is always hot and we all clamor for word of the latest and greatest netbook coming along.  What isn’t clear is how to define a netbook?  We’ve discussed that in the past and […] Read more »

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I have been slowly (kicking and screaming) migrating a lot of my work to the cloud, as much due to happenstance as anything.  One of the utilities I have come to use frequently in that effort is LogMeIn Free, a full-featured remote control application.  I looked […] Read more »

Bloom Energy, the Kleiner Perkins-backed fuel-cell startup reported to “almost certainly have a commercial product ready within a year or two,” has just licensed thermal management technology for its fuel-cell development. Under the licensing agreement, Bloom will pay Modine Manufacturing Co. $12 million for the technology […] Read more »

You gotta admit “black silicon” has to be near the top of the most fun cleantech terms of the year. The material, which reportedly is between 100 and 500 times more sensitive to light than standard silicon, has been licensed by Massachusetts-based venture-backed startup SiOnyx from […] Read more »

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Stories for Oct. 12, 2008

Earlier this year, when Bill Gates retired from Microsoft, I wrote a post explaining why no one was going to replace Bill and Steve (Jobs) as leaders of the technology. The only person I thought was within striking distance of being the likely replacement was Jeff […] Read more »

Last week, Silicon Valley woke up to find itself caught in the death grip of the credit crunch. As to which sector is going to get hit the hardest, the consensus so far is: advertising. Continue Reading. Read more »

Join Women 2.0 for “Music Makers and Technology Shakers” on Wednesday, Oct. 15, at Slide in San Francisco, featuring artists, seasoned executives and music industry disrupters, from KCRW to Real Networks to (all the way from the Netherlands). Hear influential technology and music leaders talk […] Read more »

MySpace, after offering its hyper-targeting platform to large advertisers, today launched MyAds, a self-service platform that would open its social network to smaller advertisers. It is a page out of Google’s playbook. The search giant had used smaller advertisers to build up a groundswell for its […] Read more »

These are some of the stories you may have missed this week on jkOnTheRun: MobileTechRoundup 149: the netbook pit crew My sinister MacBook netbook plan moves forward jkOnTheRun video- HP EliteBook 2730p Tablet PC Paper and pencil better for the brain than software? Tablet PC is […] Read more »

We’ve shown you ways to create ringtones for your iPhone using your Mac, but with the newly released YouTones ($4.99) application from FunMobility, you can now make them on your iPhone. YouTunes is already an established name in the ringtone industry, having previously been available for […] Read more »

A deluge of European startups descended on London’s ExCel Centre for the Future of Web Apps 2008 conference this week, and while the economic crisis has already reached Europe, the fear clearly hasn’t reached its startup community. Mark Rochefort of London-based digital marketing agency Playlab suggested […] Read more »

Fundraising always demands patience and grit, but passing the hat in the current environment will test your founder’s mettle unlike any time in recent history. Even investors still flush with cash that, only weeks ago, they had planned to put to work, now have grown skittish […] Read more »

Even the most devoted of web workers sometimes resorts to printing things out on bits of dead trees, in my experience. Maybe it’s the setup information for a new account or the instructions for some software or even your favorite LOLcat – sooner or later you’ll […] Read more »

After Mad Men introduced me to the long history of American political ads, I went on to discover that such a history is also beautifully archived by the nonpartisan web site The Living Room Candidate, which hosts ads from every presidential campaign since 1952. Looking at […] Read more »

Stories for Oct. 11, 2008

Gizmo5, a service of VoIP service provider, SIPphone is offering free conference calling to its customers. I have been a big Gizmo user for a long time, but my usage has gone down mostly because their voice quality isn’t up to par. In fact, for all […] Read more »

A week of historic days on Wall Street might have kept you preoccupied this week. If you didn’t catch the big news in green energy while stocks tumbled into the red we’ve gathered the important headlines for you here. Presidential Debate: Candidates Agree, Cleantech Can Fix […] Read more »

I blame David Hasselhoff. Everything was going fine for the web — the financial world had been unwinding its overleveraged excesses for nearly a year without nary a ripple into Silicon Valley — until the launch of HoffSpace, a social network revolving around the oogachaka-ing, burger-wagging […] Read more »

Yuuguu is a favorite amongst Web Worker Daily’s writers, with new features being added continuously to the popular screen-sharing service, largely driven by the real needs of its users. Around a month ago the company added Linux and Flash clients, but I suggested that this perhaps […] Read more »

With the iTunes App Store growing at an astonishing rate, it’s getting tough to sort the innovative wheat from the iPhone-clogging chaff.  Our Weekly App Store Roundup highlights the most essential store additions, from entertaining freebies to time-saving tools and invaluable apps. This time we’re looking […] Read more »

The economy is changing in dramatic and unexpected ways, and many of us are having a difficult time deciding how to react. Should we adopt a bunker mentality, or keep plugging ahead as if little has changed? The fact is that entrepreneurs are well-suited to respond […] Read more »

HTC now offers the incremental bump from Windows Mobile 6 to 6.1 on both the Touch Cruise and Touch Dual handsets. Like other phones already running the latest version, upgraders will see the sliding-paneled Home screen, easier Bluetooth pairing, threaded text messaging, e-mail message grouping and […] Read more »

As Google deepened its support for offline access via IMAP this week, Zoho, its closest competitor in the web office space, was publicly unveiling its own support for offline and access, ironically using Google’s own Gears platform. Curiously Zoho decided that to bring users’ mailboxes offline, […] Read more »

How many times have you opened up your monthly bill from Comcast or Time Warner and thought, that’s it, I’m ditching my cable — only to keep on paying? Well the time has come. With countless ways to watch your favorite shows online, ditching cable has […] Read more »

Stories for Oct. 10, 2008
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