Stories for Oct. 13, 2008

A new report from ABI Research on ultra-mobile devices will warm Intel’s heart. The report estimates that the sale of all ultra-mobile devices including mobile Internet devices,  ultra-portable PCs, netbooks and basically anything larger than a phone and smaller than laptop will move from $3.5 billion […] Read more »

The latest version of Open Office, released today, has been in development for the past three years. As one of the most popular open source competitors to Microsoft Office, the release has been anticipated for some time (the launch even warranted a party!). Open Office comprises […] Read more »

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[qi:012] What a busy Monday morning it has been for our team of writers and contributors. I culled some of the best bits from our team for you, and I am betting you are going to like them all. jkOnTheRun reminds us that today is the […] Read more »

Washington Post Launches Economic Web Series; Hard Times examines the financial hardships hitting people across the country. (WashingtonPost) AT&T Partnering with Retail Chains; telco to sell its U-verse service through 600 Circuit City and Wal-Mart retail stores. (GigaOM) The Office Inspires New Chocolate Rain; in last […] Read more »

As part of its New Energy Economy tour through the battleground state of Colorado, the Barack Obama campaign will be visiting cellulosic ethanol startup Range Fuels’ research and development center in Denver. Read more »

I’m not sure why you would do this but a programmer in Norway has developed a dual-boot method for the iPhone providing Windows Mobile support.  In this video found by MobileDevicesToday the programmer shows selecting Windows Mobile from the touch boot menu, and then running it.  […] Read more »

The notion of ‘all-day computing’ and a notebook battery than can last a full twenty-four hours – without recharging – has long been a pipe dream of the mobile computing industry. Back in 2004, Intel set itself the goal of achieving eight-hour battery life by 2010, […] Read more »

During my 60-day web-only challenge, I used Wakoopa to track my application usage and I see that they also offer a Mac version that I’ll be taking a look at in the future. For now, I’m taking a peek at Slife, a comparable free activity tracker […] Read more »

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Updated: Cisco on Friday said in a filing that it planned to close its Broadband Telephony Services unit in the Richardson, Texas, office and will lay off 129 employees between Oct. 8 and Dec. 12. The networking giant filed this information with the Texas Workforce Commission […] Read more »

We use corporate GMail at GigaOM and I have tried vainly several times to get it working on my Blackberry.  GMail Mobile would always tell me that it only worked with GMail accounts ending in but that’s not the case with corporate GMail.  Today I […] Read more »

I recently set up a Mac mini in my living room to act as a media server. Instead of trying to update separate music libraries every time I added songs to my collection, I was just adding the music to the Mac mini’s iTunes library and […] Read more »

It seems like everyone is getting in on the algae-to-fuel business. Lately, it’s shrimp farmers from the Arizona desert. Desert Sweet Shrimp, a shrimping aquaculture venture founded in 1995, is in the process of transitioning to become Desert Sweet Biofuels. The company officially launched its algae-to-biodiesel […] Read more »

Like anyone using social networks for my work, I struggle with the friend feature. There are a number of theories of how and why to friend other people and when to accept friend requests. Clearly, having more “friends” on your social networks has its benefits, but […] Read more »

The most-used application on my Blackberry is PocketDay.  It is an integrated window into my PIM data, email and other information that I configure PocketDay to show me at a glance.  The folks behind PocketDay just let me know that the program has been updated to […] Read more »

When I recently interviewed Frank Meehan, GM of 3G Handsets and Products, Hutchinson Whampoa/3 at our Mobilize event, he kept coming back to a key point: people want to do anything and everything they can with their phones. It’s not always about which handset has the […] Read more »

I’ve been a flip-phone fan ever since my Motorola StarTAC days, but much of the smartphone market has stayed away from the form factor. There have been a few exceptions and RIM adds another one today with the launch of their BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 on […] Read more »

Netbooks are big news and they are here to stay.  News about netbooks is always hot and we all clamor for word of the latest and greatest netbook coming along.  What isn’t clear is how to define a netbook?  We’ve discussed that in the past and […] Read more »

I have been slowly (kicking and screaming) migrating a lot of my work to the cloud, as much due to happenstance as anything.  One of the utilities I have come to use frequently in that effort is LogMeIn Free, a full-featured remote control application.  I looked […] Read more »

Bloom Energy, the Kleiner Perkins-backed fuel-cell startup reported to “almost certainly have a commercial product ready within a year or two,” has just licensed thermal management technology for its fuel-cell development. Under the licensing agreement, Bloom will pay Modine Manufacturing Co. $12 million for the technology […] Read more »

You gotta admit “black silicon” has to be near the top of the most fun cleantech terms of the year. The material, which reportedly is between 100 and 500 times more sensitive to light than standard silicon, has been licensed by Massachusetts-based venture-backed startup SiOnyx from […] Read more »

Stories for Oct. 12, 2008

Earlier this year, when Bill Gates retired from Microsoft, I wrote a post explaining why no one was going to replace Bill and Steve (Jobs) as leaders of the technology. The only person I thought was within striking distance of being the likely replacement was Jeff […] Read more »

Last week, Silicon Valley woke up to find itself caught in the death grip of the credit crunch. As to which sector is going to get hit the hardest, the consensus so far is: advertising. Continue Reading. Read more »

Join Women 2.0 for “Music Makers and Technology Shakers” on Wednesday, Oct. 15, at Slide in San Francisco, featuring artists, seasoned executives and music industry disrupters, from KCRW to Real Networks to (all the way from the Netherlands). Hear influential technology and music leaders talk […] Read more »

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