Stories for Aug. 28, 2008

While Apple’s television ads show off brawny and multilingual applications for the iPhone, the vast majority of those available in the much-ballyhooed app store seem to be glorified four-function calculators. Of course, just as the modern computer emerged from the simple electronic adding machine, many of […] Read more »

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After the Florida Public Service Commission unceremoniously shuttered FPL’s leading utility green power program earlier this month, citing high marketing and sales costs, Green Mountain Energy has released data disputing the claim. Costs for sales and marketing accounted for just 52 percent of Green Mountain’s revenues. […] Read more »

As you’re all aware by now, some of the staff at WWD have gone the iPhone 3G route – and are still happy about it. But we don’t have any sort of official “iPhone only” policy, and we’re a diverse bunch. Speaking for myself, I’ve taken […] Read more »

Xcel Energy will disclose in SEC filings the risks of future climate change regulation and legislation, climate-change related litigation and physical impacts of climate change. The company estimates that carbon emission would have cost $603 million last year, more than its 2007 profits. Read more »

A couple days ago, WWD’s Mike Gunderloy commented on the New York Times’ coverage of Chrysler’s UConnect technology, bringing internet connectivity to their vehicle line up. As the NYT rightly pointed out, road safety is becoming an increasingly diminished quality as legislation duels with user’s desire […] Read more »

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I was talking to an executive at a major label the other day. We were talking about startups and he noted that they either sue these companies out of business or legitimize them out of business. That is not far from the truth. How many legitimate, […] Read more »

According to Apple’s latest iPhone ad, there are over 1000 apps in the App store (roughly 1500 if my simple math is correct). With the App store being only a month and a half old, that is a pretty impressive number. As with all platforms, the […] Read more »

The nice thing about most popular YouTube videos is that they require no translation (especially the global language of a guy getting kicked in the nuts). But for more conversational vids, it might be nice to offer subtitles so the whole world can understand what you […] Read more »

First Solar competitor AVA Solar says it has raised a round of $104 million to produce its thin film solar photovoltaics. The news comes on the heels of the massive $300 million round announced this week by thin film solar startup Nanosolar. Solar funding is hotter than the lights at the Pepsi Center this week. Read more »

Newly-launched QuarkBase makes the somewhat grandiose claim of providing “everything about a website.” But it turns out that this mashup of various information into a single (extensive) page actually does a pretty good job of delivering on that claim. It’s as easy to use as you […] Read more »

If you’re one of those people who absolutely must take a thin and light gadget and add weight and heft to it then you might want to look at the Brando iPower Portable Power Station for all iPhones.  The iPower is a sled into which you […] Read more »

“Where’s my money?!” That’s a phrase that I used to scream at my monitor whenever difficult clients would skip payments for weeks at a time or, worse, if they would skip paying completely. Many things have changed since then, and my experience with such clients early […] Read more »

We’re obsessed with synchronizing content between computers, and SugarSync from Sharpcast not only syncs regular documents and photos between computers, but also between mobile phones. So it’s fitting that we let you know that Sharpcast has announced an iPhone app available free to anyone who subscribes […] Read more »

Despite its delays launching its Xohm 4G mobile WiMAX network, Sprint has not been idle. The carrier said this morning it would work with a variety of businesses to bring location-based services to the Xohm network when it launches in September. It sounds neat, and the […] Read more »

Stories for Aug. 27, 2008

A California district court concluded today that Veoh is not liable for infringing content uploaded to its site, settling one of the first lawsuits filed against a video sharing site two years ago. “The record presented demonstrates that, far from encouraging copyright infringement, Veoh has a […] Read more »

Ryan Naraine reported over at ZDNet Zero Day on a new iPhone vulnerability which lets anyone have full access to the majority of iPhone functionality despite your clever 4-digit passcode lock. As mentioned by “greenmymac” and covered by The Register, full access to contacts (and, hence, […] Read more »

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