Stories for Aug. 29, 2008

Another week has flown by at breakneck speed and this recap will be brief as most of it was spent with my nose to the grindstone.  A 17-inch aluminum grindstone at that.  This heavy work on the Mac made it very clear how irritating "casual Vista […] Read more »

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The idea behind Optony, a year-old startup that is working on combining thin film solar cells with a solar concentrating system, is to merge two of the solar industry’s low-cost options to produce solar power prices that rival grid parity. At least that’s the theory — […] Read more »

Stories for Aug. 28, 2008
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Many venture firms shy away from investing in chip startups because of the inordinately high cost and risk involved relative to other sectors. But some firms are still determinedly pursuing silicon by backing wireless chips containing radios that can work on multiple types of networks. Read more »

No wonder cleantech investors are standing behind Obama in droves. In his monumental speech accepting the Democratic nomination for president at the Democratic National Convention, Barack Obama pledged that the U.S. will end its dependence on oil from the Middle East within the next 10 years. […] Read more »

Because we’re on the road, we don’t have full-on live-streaming capabilities for tonight’s NewTeeVee Pier Screenings event in Los Angeles. But through the magic of mobile videocasting, we’ll be able to bring you updates throughout the night. Check back here to catch all the action (the […] Read more »

Toyota Puts Tesla, Fisker & Volt on “Death Watch”: Bill Reinert, a Toyota technology manager and antagonist in Who Killed the Electric Car?, said that some at Toyota have started a “death watch” on the Tesla Model S, Fisker Karma and Chevy Volt. A bit morbid, […] Read more »

For today’s Pier Screening finalists we chose a single machinima selection, Robbie Dingo’s Watch the World(s), a beautiful tribute to the process of artistic creation. (I wrote on my Second Life blog about how Robbie created it.) We actually received several other strong machinima entries that, […] Read more »

I recently wrote about Nokia backing away from VoIP on some of their N-Series phones, in particular noting that carriers had never viewed the addition of the functionality too kindly. Nokia is now responding on its blog, saying that no, it isn’t backing away from VoIP. […] Read more »

If you and web workers you collaborate with have been considering using customer relationship management (CRM) software, it makes sense to look not just at proprietary solutionis such as, but at open source solutions. Open source CRM solutions are now very competitive with proprietary alternatives. […] Read more »

At 1,500-1,800 degrees Fahrenheit, wood chips don’t stand a chance, but under the right conditions, those chips can be efficiently turned into clean, energy-rich syngas. That’s what Vancouver, B.C.-based Nexterra Energy does with its gasification technology, for which it just raised C$3.8 million ($3.6 million) in […] Read more »

It seems everybody in Hollywood is developing a web show these days, but their approaches provide a study in contrast. Yesterday Chris and I visited Justine Bateman and her three partners at, a new production company focused exclusively on making content for the web. Armed […] Read more »

With the tremendous number of ways to get your files online – from Dropbox to FolderShare to to SugarSync – there’s one big issue for consumers: how do you choose? Over at our parent blog GigaOM, Om Malik things Sugar Sync has a new edge […] Read more »

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