Stories for Oct. 9, 2008

As the larger economic picture continues to look dismal, the reverberations are being felt within the tech sector. As our parent blog GigaOM reports, the venture capital firms are starting to get antsy about whether Silicon Valley can continue business as usual. Apple and other tech […] Read more »

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California Arnold Schwarzenegger plans to officially dedicate a 2 MW solar system at Applied Material’s Sunnyvale, Calif., office. He’s also set to address investors and companies with a talk on how they can partner with California to boost cleantech in the state. Read more »

SlingCatcher Officially Launches; functionality includes controlling video from local or remote SlingBox without a computer, moving audio and video from a PC to the TV and the soon-to-come (Zatz Not Funny) Hawaii Considers Pushing Up DTV Transition Date; nesting habitat of the dark-rumped petrel bird […] Read more »

Amazon announced today that it will cut prices for its Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) offering on Nov. 1. The company is essentially offering people who use more storage significant volume discounts. For folks using up to 50 terabytes of storage, the price cuts don’t make much […] Read more »

Fudzilla put their paparazzi hat on and has the above and several other images of the anticipated successor to the MSI Wind U100. The U120 looks slightly more stylish with some retooling of the vent fans and changing the chassis parts from one color to two […] Read more »

A number of photos of what are supposedly new MacBook and MacBook Pro aluminum cases have begun to surface. Yesterday, Engadget posted a picture of a MacBook Pro case in keeping with rumors of a new production process.  The photo originated at a Chinese site, which […] Read more »

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Yesterday the YouTube team announced via their blog that they would begin incorporating “click-to-buy” links which direct users to iTunes or alongside videos of select YouTube partners.  According to the blog, the links are intended to help scratch that “I love this song/game, I wish […] Read more »

In what must be related to an internal policy decision on behalf of Apple, yesterday saw the release of five separate applications (Compose, TouchType, Sideways, Lettera, and Wide Email) that allow you to compose emails in landscape mode. Each application boasts the ability to type out […] Read more »

Automaker Renault announced today it has teamed up with French utility EDF to build a huge electric vehicle infrastructure, starting in France, with the goal of making electric cars a viable and attractive option by 2011. Read more »

Apple have announced a new series of developer events aimed at those creating software for the iPhone. The event will be touring various locations in the USA, as well as Europe, Asia and India, starting with Paris and San Francisco on October 22. Attending the event […] Read more »

I’m a sucker for good themes to make my Windows XP systems look all pretty.  That’s why I have been using the Zune theme.  Lifehacker has pointed to a dark blue theme that is very nice that was done for Windows Embedded systems that can be […] Read more »

Working from home allows me to be a more involved pet owner, since I get to be around my pets all day.  Right now, I have two dogs, two cats, and a rooster.  (I also have a snail but it hardly gets in the way of […] Read more »

A report from Forrester out today asserts that up to 25 percent of the 2012 workforce will be folks who don’t need mobile access to company information but will want it anyway. Read more »

While electronics maker Philips is working on getting its LEDs into homes, the company is also starting to focus on the bigger picture of energy-efficient homes. The Amsterdam-based company announced a new partnership this week with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to jointly research energy-efficiency solutions […] Read more »

The Inquisitor is running an exclusive story today claiming Apple is preparing their retail stores for selling an $800 laptop.  The article claims that the notebook line will cover models ranging from a new low price of $800 up to $3,100.  This low priced notebook (for […] Read more »

Asus can’t seem to have enough different models of EEE PCs and are seemingly always looking for variants they can produce.  Word has appeared that they are going to start producing EEE PC models with touchscreens in the next six months.  I have been a long-time […] Read more »

The official announcement of the Blackberry Storm for the Verizon and Vodafone networks confirmed the phone’s lack of WiFi.  This has some folks condemning RIM’s decision to exclude WiFi as a connectivity option on the phone with some even saying it’s a deal-breaker.  This got me […] Read more »

The simplest way to get extended runtime with a laptop computer is to have a second battery charged and ready. For example, with two fully-charged extended life batteries I can get more than 10 hours computing time with my old G4-upgraded Pismo PowerBook running OS X […] Read more »

The Seattle Steam Co. broke ground this week on a new district heating plant, which will burn waste wood from construction and demolition debris, along with natural gas, to create steam. The plant will replace the existing natural-gas fired system, which serves approximately 9 million square […] Read more »

A day after bearish notes from three securities analysts pushed already beaten-down solar stocks even further downward, one solar company fought back with sunnier guidance than analysts had been expecting. LDK, a Xinyu City, China-based maker of multicrystalline solar wafers, boosted its outlook for the third […] Read more »

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