Stories for Sep. 4, 2008

The US has long lagged behind Europe in 3G adoption for a variety of reasons including lack of 3G coverage.  That apparently has changed according to comScore with the US showing a whopping 80% growth of 3G adoption over the past year.  According to the survey […] Read more »

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While the Republicans threw punches at Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama at their convention in Saint Paul this evening, the cleantech community of the Bay Area gathered to praise Obama as the best hope to help solve our energy crisis with clean power. The Cleantech For […] Read more »

NewTeeVee is returning for a second annual New York City edition of our Pier Screening series in just a few weeks. Last year was a blast and we hope you’ll come again and bring your friends. NTV Screenings, for those unacquainted, are nighttime events where we […] Read more »

Stories for Sep. 3, 2008

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s speech accepting the Republican vice presidential nomination on Wednesday night conveyed her support for the type of energy policy you’d expect from someone who has expressed doubts over mankind’s role in climate change. During the speech she largely focused on increasing domestic […] Read more »

TiVo today announced the availability of its HD XL DVR as the company targets high-end users and people who watch a lot of television. The TiVo HD XL sports a 1 terabyte hard drive capable of recording 150 hours of HD TV and comes with a […] Read more »

When the times get tough the tough choose cheaper, open-source phone systems. Such seems to be the theme of Fonality CFO Dan Rosenthal’s chat with me about the company’s latest $12 million venture funding led by Draper Fisher Jurvetson Growth Fund with participation from existing investor […] Read more »

comScore says that the United States has caught up with Western Europe in the adoption of 3G with 28.4 percent of American mobile subscribers having 3G devices versus 28.3% in the largest countries in Europe. That works out to about 64.2 million devices – up 80% […] Read more »

Earlier this year, Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) surprised us all when Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers announced it would support the iPhone by creat… Read more »

Comcast (NSDQ: CMCSA) is getting ready to launch Fancast Mobile, a mobile application which will allow users to watch live programming on yo… Read more »

Obama’s Science Test: Obama has responded to the group’s 14 question science exam. Clean energy research and development feature prominently in his take on where federal funds will help advance science – ScienceDebate08 via NYTimes. Toyota Releases Sustainability Report 2008: The Japanese automaker released its annual […] Read more »

[qi:_newteevee] Hollywood take note: Sony Pictures is the sixth (and final) major movie studio to pull up stakes in South Korea, where blazing fast, ubiquitous broadband has sucker-punched the market for DVD sales and rentals, NewTeeVee reports today. In Korea, where average broadband penetration rate by […] Read more »

With all the hype and excitement surrounding the release of Google Chrome yesterday, I, like so many, was eager to try the browser out for myself. What I didn’t expect was the overwhelming sense of déjà vu it would trigger in me. Read more »

Amazon has extended its paid video service to streaming, Macs, and compatible Sony BRAVIA devices and televisions. It previously only made movies and TV shows available for download to PCs or on TiVos. The moves were all expected and forecast, but they are no less important […] Read more »

I’ve written about alternative search engines here before, and because I spend so much time searching, I always keep my eye out for good new search ideas to try. Recently, I’ve been using SearchBoth, which has an interesting spin on the concept of searching multiple sites […] Read more »

So tonight is the third season in our development’s fantasy football league. My record was only .500 back in our inaugeral season; that year I used my Samsung Q1 and Microsoft OneNote 2007. Last year with the Q1P, I did even worse, coming in tenth overall […] Read more »

Backup! Backup! Backup! This should be the mantra of all web workers! Our ability to earn and work is of course dependent on the digital infrastructure around us, but more importantly, the sphere of our personal and professional data that’s our digital DNA. Today sees the […] Read more »

Green chemistry startup Segetis takes a Lego-like approach to developing its chemicals and materials: Take the right pieces from biomass waste like wood and crop residue, and you can build some really cool stuff. This morning the two-year-old Golden Valley, Minn.-based startup said it had added […] Read more »

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