Stories for Sep. 7, 2008

This week seemed to fly by with so much happening both in the tech world and in our own tech sphere.  Kevin got a new MSI Wind netbook with a 6-cell battery and began giving it a workout with benchmarks and the like.  Google let Chrome […] Read more »

Sure, most of us can get pretty fired up over the thought of a monthly 250 GB bandwidth cap, but what about the companies that provide online video services? After all, as Om pointed out, the cap isn’t about excessive bandwidth usage as much as it […] Read more »

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Stories for Sep. 6, 2008

It is not clear how old Google is – some argue that world’s largest search engine operator is 13 – after all it operated in stealth for about 3 years before launching in September 1998. Many major news organizations are going with September 2008 as the […] Read more »

The Mobilize 08 conference is less than two weeks away and both Kevin and I will be heading out to attend.  I am really excited about this conference and the people I’ll get to network with and the topics that will be covered.  Like I do […] Read more »

CLICK HERE to download the file and listen directly.MoTR 146 is 34:30 minutes long and is a 31.7 MB file in MP3 format. INTRO: Based on “Time v2.1″ by Meta Sektion, additional mixing by James Kendrick.HOSTS: James Kendrick (Houston), Matthew Miller (Seattle) and Kevin C. Tofel […] Read more »

The conventions are over and we have the candidates. Energy will remain an important issue throughout the campaign, so stay caught up on the cleantech news. Quiet Revolution Breaks Out in Small Urban Wind: Quiet Revolution, a London-based small wind turbine maker, says it has raised […] Read more »

Acer is on track to sell one million netbooks this month which should bring sales of the Aspire One up to two million for the quarter. DigiTimes shares this outlook along with news of a subsidy for potential device owners in Taiwan. Acer is planning to […] Read more »

Earlier this week Gefen announced a $700 replacement for an HDMI cord based on ultra-wideband chips from startup TZero. Yes, a $700 replacement for a $43 cable. Did I tell you it was wireless? That it will deliver uncompressed HD content to the TV over 20 […] Read more »

This week, Lookery, the ad network launched last July to serve über-cheap ads into Facebook applications, has announced a new $2.25 million round of funding. It’s a nice sum for the 14-month-old startup, which now sends Facebook some 3 billion ads a month, according to Lookery’s […] Read more »

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The Everun Note is not a netbook, at least that $800+ price sets it firmly in the more expensive UMPC category in my view.  It’s a nice 7-inch notebook with a touch screen, although that screen doesn’t swivel.  It’s also packing an AMD dual core processor […] Read more »

Stories for Sep. 5, 2008

We’d like to say thanks to this month’s GigaNET sponsors: Brightcove: “The 2008 SEO Video Playbook” (free download) Accenture: “The Innovation Dilemma: How to Achieve High Performance through Superior Research & Development” (free download) Interop: Register for a free expo pass — New York, Sept. 15 […] Read more »

Berlin’s autobahn will be getting a charge from the “e-mobility Berlin” program Daimler AG officially unveiled today. The automaker is working with German utility RWE to put more than 100 electric cars on the city’s roads by 2010. Under terms of the joint venture, Daimler will […] Read more »

I remember reading an interview with Sting one time where he said that writing is like a muscle you must exercise every day. That’s true, but writing every single day can also turn into drudgery if you don’t mix up your skills and the applications you work in. Many web workers spend a lot of time writing. In this post, I’ll round up six tools that can help you mix up your writing habits and stay fresh. Read more »

I moderated a panel on the future of mobile phone technology for accessing MMOs at the Virtual Worlds Expo in LA this week, but one of the most interesting demos showcased there was a very cool iPhone application for the real world: the ability to upload […] Read more »

The tug of war between bears and bulls in the solar sector continued this week, with the bulls finally gaining some ground on Friday after what had been a bearish week. Solar stocks closed mixed Friday despite a flash of good news that could dispel a […] Read more »

When I checked out Google’s blog post Tuesday about its Free the Airwaves project, which aims to convince the FCC to approve the use of the white spaces between the spectrum vacated by analog television channels for broadband access, I saw it offered the ability to […] Read more »

Om reported today that Joost is getting ready to abandon its client and replace it with a web-based product that’s powered by a P2P plug-in. This step certainly makes sense for Joost. The service has been struggling to remain relevant ever since its launch, and the […] Read more »

PG&E announced the launch of its PeakChoice demand-response program this week, which asks business customers to voluntarily reduce energy use by at least 10 kilowatts during peak demand times, in exchange for incentives. Demand-response programs are gaining popularity across the U.S. as utilities try to better […] Read more »

Om broke the news today that Joost is abandoning its full-on client for a browser plug-in, falling in line with the way of the web (aka Hulu). We’ve had a chance to poke around the password-protected site, and here’s some of what we saw. The plug-in […] Read more »

Like many of us, I spend quite a lot of time on the web and come across a staggering number of interesting things. In Clearing The Cache I choose a theme, pull out some of my favorites and share them with you here. Execupundit shares The […] Read more »

I just caught Warner’s InkShow that covers the Lenovo X301 "thin-and-light" notebook. I’m very impressed not just by how thin it is, but by how thin it can be and still have that optical drive that so many people need. I love the super-slim extended battery […] Read more »

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