Stories for Oct. 9, 2008

The simplest way to get extended runtime with a laptop computer is to have a second battery charged and ready. For example, with two fully-charged extended life batteries I can get more than 10 hours computing time with my old G4-upgraded Pismo PowerBook running OS X […] Read more »

The Seattle Steam Co. broke ground this week on a new district heating plant, which will burn waste wood from construction and demolition debris, along with natural gas, to create steam. The plant will replace the existing natural-gas fired system, which serves approximately 9 million square […] Read more »

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A day after bearish notes from three securities analysts pushed already beaten-down solar stocks even further downward, one solar company fought back with sunnier guidance than analysts had been expecting. LDK, a Xinyu City, China-based maker of multicrystalline solar wafers, boosted its outlook for the third […] Read more »

Stories for Oct. 8, 2008
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Fans of Magnetk‘s ExpanDrive — a great SFTP client for OS X — should definitely go out and grab the latest beta (1.3) of this fine application. For starters, they support plain-ol’ FTP (and FTP/SSL) which, though insecure, is still used in many, many hosting outfits. […] Read more »

San Jose City Council Approves Tesla Plant: The San Jose City Council unanimously voted to approve Tesla Motors’ new electric car manufacturing plant. The Council also approved a number of green building policies including energy efficiency and sustainable materials regulations – San Jose Mercury News. UK […] Read more »

Seemingly not content with having fathered an entire musical genre, pioneered generative music, produced U2’s Where The Streets Have No Name, collaborated with Bowie and generally rubbed-shoulders with a raft of modern music legends, Brian Eno has now released his first iPhone app dubbed Bloom ($3.99). […] Read more »

Alcoa, the world’s largest aluminum company, this week slashed its growth forecast and suspended its stock repurchasing program, battening down the hatches as the global credit crunch continues to hurt demand. My feeling is that aluminum is the canary in the coal mine and is foretelling tough times ahead for both the consumer electronics and computer hardware sectors. Read more »

While Opera is not the world’s most popular web browser, it has a loyal group of fans and I use it occasionally because it is lightweight and fast. The new version 9.6 of Opera is downloadable now. and I’ve been testing it out. It has a […] Read more »

The scariest thing to watch this Halloween isn’t in theaters — it’s in the stock market. It’s down! It’s up! It’s down! My 401k! Aaaaaaaaagghhh! We can’t help you manage your money, but we can help all those obsessive compulsives get up-to-the minute reports on the […] Read more »

The world’s oceans are an energetic place, and military-industrial giant Lockheed Martin said today it has been granted $1.2 million by the Department of Energy to demonstrate that ocean thermal energy conversion is possible. Although the ocean often doesn’t feel very warm, the temperature gradient between […] Read more »

The Boy Genius Report brings word of relief in sight for Mac users with BlackBerry.  The official Research In Motion (RIM) application BlackBerry Media Sync for Mac will bring all the functionality of BlackBerry Desktop Manager to OS X users. Third party solutions like PocketMac for […] Read more »

With the huge growth of overseas markets and resources, mobile startups need to shift away from a “local” focus and go “global.” Global companies need to possess the right combination of management capabilities, innovation, market savvy, infrastructure and an overseas footprint to compete on a worldwide […] Read more »

Apple have recently announced a new field trip scheme, encouraging youngsters to visit their local Apple Store. The aim is to either let children use the hardware and software in the store to create a new project (likely using different iLife packages), or to turn the […] Read more »

Norway has taken their two-year fight against iTunes and Apple’s FairPlay DRM to its next step, and will now ask the government to force Apple to open their iTunes music to other devices besides the iPod.  As background, this all began when Norway’s consumer ombudsman, Bjorn Erik […] Read more »

This year’s Paris Auto Show is turning out to be the most electrifying one yet, with car makers from all over the world debuting their electric vehicles. The offerings range from far-flung concept cars to very real production models. Solar roofs are a popular theme and […] Read more »

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