Stories for Oct. 16, 2008

Google today announced its third quarter 2008 earnings – which were in-line with investor expectations, thus giving market a reason to exhale. For the quarter, Google reported net income of $1.35 billion on sales of $5.54 billion. Google partners however, should gulp hard, for the Mountain View, Calif.-based search and online advertising company is keeping more and more of its online ad bounty for itself. Read more »

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UK Commits to Cutting Emissions 80% by 2050: The UK’s new energy and climate change secretary Ed Miliband has committed the country to cutting its emissions 80 percent below 1990 levels by 2050, the same goal Obama has proposed for the U.S. – Guardian. First Look […] Read more »

Following in the ambient footsteps of Eno’s inaugural iPhone app, Bloom, comes RjDj. Developed by Reality Jockey, an Austrian dev outfit, they describe RjDj as, “the next generation of walkman or mp3 player… a digital drug which causes mind twisting hearing sensation.” Wrapped up as a […] Read more »

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Hold onto your tinfoil hats because the government is seeking to chip away at your online privacy through the use of deep packet inspection. Despite what I’m about to tell you, there are good uses of this technology when it comes to managing and monitoring a […] Read more »

A few months back, Mike covered oDesk, which is an online staffing marketplace and management platform that hooks up prospective remote workers from all around the world with employers, and vice-versa. Many web workers may find opportunities to get paid for their skills through oDesk. We […] Read more »

Apple announced today that it added straggler network FOX to its HD offerings, giving iTunes high-definition TV programming from all the major broadcast networks. Apple also announced that it has sold more than 200 million TV episodes, a million of which were HD shows downloaded since […] Read more »

First we had CRT displays, then LCDs, and now LEDs and OLEDs are making headway, but already an even newer display technology promises brighter, clearer screens that use even less power. It’s called electrowetting, and startup Liquavista has unveiled its new ColorBright displays today which use […] Read more »

Taking screenshots on Windows used to a laborious process, consisting of performing a print screen then editing the result in Photoshop. Leopard (and indeed, earlier editions of OS X) goes a long way to simplifying the process with different key combinations to achieve different results. It […] Read more »

Sprinkling a little Twitter dust on your broadcast is the hot new trend in television. Both Current and C-SPAN have displayed “tweets” alongside their political coverage, and CNN’s Rick Sanchez created a news show based around Twitter. Showing watcher tweets on the air doesn’t make you […] Read more »

A recent two-week visit to Ghana, Africa, offered up scenes that seemed frozen in time. Most of the buildings and infrastructure date back to the 1950s, before seven military coups over a period of 30 years made investment impossible. Open sewers remain the norm, modern paved […] Read more »

If something like this was even hinted at for the iPhone, the tech pundits and analysts would be pulling their hair out claiming it’s the end of the world. Heck, I’m sure Thurrott would have written a few articles on all his Windows sites about it […] Read more »

Our colleagues at jkOnTheRun thought we’d like this article from Digital Nomad, and they were right. It’s now been 3 years and 3 months since I accepted a fulltime, salaried position working out of a home office, and I’d have to agree with just about all […] Read more »

Ukulele covers of popular tunes aren’t a new phenomenon — but YouTube user crouts0‘s KazooKeylele is no ordinary ukulele, and this is no ordinary song. Hipsters and sports fans don’t ordinarily mix — except when it comes to oddball sports like dodgeball and urban golf, a […] Read more »

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