Stories for Oct. 10, 2008

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The Dashboard was one of the marquee new features in Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger when it was introduced in the spring of 2005 — a sort of Desktop alternate universe accessed through the Dock as a home and interface for an assortment of mini-applications and […] Read more »

Another week has flown by, it must be true that the older you get the faster time flies.  It’s been a good week for mobile tech and the Manor has been a busy place.  The week has seen too much netbook news that’s for sure.  You […] Read more »

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There is so much bad news spinning out of the financial markets these days that it might be hard to spare a few moments for carbon trading markets. But the dramatic freezing up of credit around the world may threaten to spill over into the nascent […] Read more »

Stories for Oct. 9, 2008
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Venture firms are sounding the alarm over what this current downturn might mean for their portfolio companies — and it’s not pretty.  While it’s true that great companies are built during downturns, it’s also true that plenty of entrepreneurs are going to be shut out of […] Read more »

Today, Qwest Communications launches an Internet portal that allows users to access and see what’s happening on their home phones. Dubbed qHome, the service allows users to see who’s calling their home phone, listen to voicemail, forward messages, manage their contacts and place a phone call, […] Read more »

Credit Crunch Crunching Wind: Solar projects aren’t the only renewable energy plans that could be effected by the credit crunch, wind could get the squeeze, too — via Dow Jones Clean Tech Insight reports and WSJ. Cleantech In Canada, Eh?: They might be underappreciated and underfunded, […] Read more »

Our big NewTeeVee Live conference is fast approaching — Nov. 13, just a month away! — and we’ve got a sizzling hot line-up. Check out the newest additions to our speaker list: – Alexis Rapo, who heads – Michael Buckley, breakout star of web show […] Read more »

As far back as 10 years ago, I can remember technology industry pundits talking about Instant-On features in computers and operating systems. These have started to appear on a few systems, but for many users, waiting for the long time it takes a computer to boot […] Read more »

Word is all over the place today that next Tuesday, October 14 Apple will be holding a press event with the focus being on notebooks.  The MacBook line is getting very long in the tooth and a refresh has been expected for some time and it […] Read more »

Telecommunications provider Ericsson is putting some wind power into its network with a new radio communications tower unveiled today. The Swedish telecom partnered with turbine maker Vertical Wind AB and Uppsala University to incorporate a vertical-axis wind turbine into the tower that houses radio base stations […] Read more »

Social applications are spreading off the networks and into the web as a whole, making it a more engaging and social place than it has ever been before. But how do startups, developers, and big businesses get through all the noise and find success? GigaOM readers […] Read more »

We’ve talked a lot about managing a social network strategy, maintaining a work-life balance, and living in a blur of social media. The fact is though, that with the sheer number of services available to us, and our ability to be connected to them virtually everywhere, […] Read more »

Swedish telecommunications provider Ericsson is putting some wind power into it network with a new wind-power radio communications tower unveiled today. The wind-powered Tower Tube uses a vertical-axis turbine from Vertical Wind AB to help power the radio base stations and antennas. Read more »

Actors from Smallville and other TV shows. The writer of Go, Big Fish and Charlie’s Angels. Web star Ze Frank. Famous-for-other-things-but-now-all-about-the-web Justine Bateman. All these people and more are involved in what sounds like a promising upcoming web series, The Remnants. The Remnants (preview) from John […] Read more »

Today, Jumsoft released their All-in-One Business Packs for Apple’s Keynote, Pages and iWeb. Maintain the same style among your documents, Web site, e-mails, and even presentations. With the great experience of developing various templates, Jumsoft has finally created amazing All-in-One template packs for your personal or […] Read more »

Ausra has been one of the most high-profile solar startups to get backing from Silicon Valley, but being funded by cleantech heavyweights Khosla, Kleiner and most recently Al Gore’s investment group doesn’t necessarily shield it from the uncertainty of the financial markets. Like many of its […] Read more »

Playing with a thin Lenovo X301 this morning reminded me of a reader tip about the new thin-and-light Eee PC notebook from Asus. AllanCJ pinged me about the new Asus S101 which is a morphs the Eee line into a higher end, fashionable device. $699 is […] Read more »

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