Stories for Oct. 11, 2008

The economy is changing in dramatic and unexpected ways, and many of us are having a difficult time deciding how to react. Should we adopt a bunker mentality, or keep plugging ahead as if little has changed? The fact is that entrepreneurs are well-suited to respond […] Read more »

HTC now offers the incremental bump from Windows Mobile 6 to 6.1 on both the Touch Cruise and Touch Dual handsets. Like other phones already running the latest version, upgraders will see the sliding-paneled Home screen, easier Bluetooth pairing, threaded text messaging, e-mail message grouping and […] Read more »

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As Google deepened its support for offline access via IMAP this week, Zoho, its closest competitor in the web office space, was publicly unveiling its own support for offline and access, ironically using Google’s own Gears platform. Curiously Zoho decided that to bring users’ mailboxes offline, […] Read more »

How many times have you opened up your monthly bill from Comcast or Time Warner and thought, that’s it, I’m ditching my cable — only to keep on paying? Well the time has come. With countless ways to watch your favorite shows online, ditching cable has […] Read more »

Stories for Oct. 10, 2008
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I live in Texas, where during the tech bubble folks were walking around saying that it was nothing compared to the real estate crisis of the late 80s. So now seemed like a good time to chat with Austin Ventures, which has been investing in the […] Read more »

We’d like to say thanks to this month’s GigaNET sponsors: Accenture: “The Innovation Dilemma: How to Achieve High Performance through Superior Research & Development” (free download) Volo Media: Dynamic advertising for downloadable audio and video Peer1: ValuePro Managed Hosting Plan, $299/mo Ki Work: Take control of […] Read more »

Personal video startup Seesmic laid off seven employees today, on top of the three employees it laid off last month. Seesmic founder and CEO Loic Le Meur explains in a video (embedded below) that the layoffs were mostly from the product side. September’s layoffs had been […] Read more »

Earlier today, Download Squad reported that, although the official release isn’t until Monday, the new version 3.0 of the free and open source suite of productivity applications is already available for download. OpenOffice is a free competitor to Microsoft Office and generally works well with Microsoft Office files, with some exceptions. Read more »

With the entire Mac world seemingly focused on the next-generation MacBook and MacBook Pro models, I’d like to put in my $.02 regarding screen sizes. For all the hope and pie-in-the-sky dreams of new models incorporating some touch screen or tablet characteristics, the latest rumors would seem […] Read more »

Battery maker TonenGeneral Sekiyu K.K., a Japanese subsidiary of Exxon Mobil, has started construction of a $325 million battery plant in South Korea which will make the critical separator film needed to maker lithium-ion batteries. The plant will sell the film to battery maker LG Chem. Read more »

This year’s Future of Web Apps Expo found game geek Alex Albrecht and über-fanboy Kevin Rose arrive in London, England, for a live Diggnation show. The show, intended to be a roundup of the week’s most interesting stories, descended in to the usual drunken fun. Several weeks […] Read more »

Even with the first Android device set to launch in a matter of days, Google (NSDQ: GOOG) still has the iPhone and the inherent opportunitie… Read more »

This is either a brilliant Photoshop job, some canny viral political campaigning, or both: An Xbox 360 gamer playing Burnout Paradise spotted an Obama campaign billboard with a “Paid for by Obama for President” caption as he whizzed by in his turbocharged sports car, Game Politics […] Read more »

A startup out of MIT called 1366 Technologies, which is developing new ways to manufacture and design silicon-based solar cells, has moved out of the lab and into a pilot facility and plans to show off next week its work on a solar cell architecture that […] Read more »

The news about NVidia just keeps getting worse and can be filed in the "stick a fork in them" category.  NVidia had to admit that some of their video chips were faulty and the impact on the company was so great that shareholders filed suit against […] Read more »

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