Stories for Sep. 9, 2008

Everybody and his brother is making netbooks these days but one big company that has stayed away is Toshiba.  The market is quite large with interest so high though which is why HP, Dell and Lenovo are in the netbook game today.  A reader who must […] Read more »

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Since there’s an Apple event (read: new iPods) scheduled for later today, it’s only fitting that Microsoft dropped a Zune press release. There’s new hardware as well as additional software features involved: A 16 GB flash-based player and 120 GB hard drive Zune are added to […] Read more »

The solar industry is just starting to understand the benefits of distributed solar inverters — the devices that convert direct current (DC) to grid-usable alternating current (AC). While most solar panels use a centralized inverter, inverter-maker Enphase Energy says slapping a cell phone-sized distributed inverter on […] Read more »

[qi:_earth2tech] Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, along with Google’s energy gurus Dan Reicher and Bill Weihl, have so far served as the search giant’s most outspoken representatives of its plans to create new energy solutions. But at a dinner for the Corporate EcoForum on […] Read more »

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As covered on our sister blog Earth2Tech, Cisco is out with an integrated set of product offerings dubbed the Cisco Virtual Office. This is turnkey telecommuting for companies with a bit of money in the bank: Earth2Tech got ballpark estimates of a couple of hundred thousand […] Read more »

These Asian notebook makers must know something we don’t as Sony introduced an 18.4-inch giant notebook, the Type A.  Sony joins Medion in the 18.4-inch category which is obviously a desktop replacement notebook for those who have big desks.  The Vaio A has a fast Core […] Read more »

Cisco launched its Cisco Virtual Office this morning, touting a package of hardware and services aimed at the growing number of companies that allow their employees to work remotely. The set-up includes the new Cisco 881w Series Internet Services Router and an IP phone for each […] Read more »

If ever a conflicting topic needed a clearinghouse for all of the different rants, raves and theories, it would be the issue of “going green.” The co-founder of Wikipedia and Wikia, Jimmy Wales, hopes to crowdsource the discussion of “greenness” and has launched a green section […] Read more »

Stories for Sep. 8, 2008

Is Austin-based thin-film solar startup HelioVolt getting close to producing its solar material made of Copper Indium Gallium Selenide (CIGS)? Sounds like it — the company just sent out invites for a “ribbon-cutting ceremony” for its factory on the morning of Friday, Oct. 24, followed by […] Read more »

Honda has released photos and more tidbits about its highly anticipated Insight hybrid, the so-called Prius-killer. Some have criticized the vehicles design, and most have rightfully pointed out that the new Insight bares more than a passing resemblance to Toyota’s industry leading Prius. OK, so copycat […] Read more »

Recommendation services, especially for online video, are a dime a dozen these days. But here’s one that’s a bit different: beeTV, which launched at DEMO today, is a content recommendation platform for TV operators that compiles a personalized channel of VOD content for each of that […] Read more »

Network Issues with MAC & PC DHCP/Firewall issues Ubuntu on HDD Macbook Internet Connection Laptop Overheating? Read more »

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