Stories for Oct. 22, 2008

Having worked for a few organizations with global footprints and being in a position where I need to switch from Windows to OS X on a regular basis, I can tell you from first-hand experience that it is sometimes quite frustrating when I need to include […] Read more »

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UPDATED At the Itron Users’ Conference in Dallas on Tuesday, Tendril and Itron announced a networking solution that will enable two-way communication between utilities and residential customers’ energy-using devices using the advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) that utilities are working to install. By integrating Tendril’s Residential Energy […] Read more »

Stories for Oct. 21, 2008

Love it or hate it, there is no denying that Apple’s iPhone is not only a game changer but a certifiable hit. I culled some of the more interesting stats from the transcript of Apple’s fiscal fourth-quarter earnings conference call. Read on… Read more »

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While you might think it’s time to cut the cable cord, there are some things you should consider before telling Comcast where it can shove its overpriced coaxial cable. Whether it’s time to dump cable depends on how much TV you watch, how important picture quality is, and whether or not you’re a sports fan. Read more »

With Apple’s iTunes now offering HD programming from all four major broadcast networks, Netflix streaming shows from CBS, and Hulu letting you cherry-pick the best skits from “Saturday Night Live,” you might think it’s time to cut the cable cord. But there are some things you […] Read more »

About time for a bit of a formal introduction. I officially started writing for TAB about a week ago and thus far have been loving my cohorts. I’m known to be a “jack of all trades”, so you will be seeing a wide array of posts […] Read more »

7 p.m. PST: Hulu is completely down, and has been for more than 20 minutes. There’s no error message or nothing. doesn’t think the site exists. We emailed the company spokespeople for contact and their emails bounced. Update from Hulu in the comments: Temporary site […] Read more »

Smule — of Sonic Lighter fame — launched their second app over the weekend, Sonic Boom. As you can probably imagine, it turns your iPhone into a virtual firecracker that can be lit, either with your finger (as a virtual match that you actually have to […] Read more »

Time Warner’s AOL (NYSE: TWX) is pulling the plug on yourminis customizable start-pages, less than a year after buying Goowy, the San Diego-… Read more »

PG&E Gives Away Solar to 25 Schools: The utility has selected 25 California schools to receive 1.3 kilowatt solar generation systems, valued at $25,000. PG&E also picked 9 schools to receive up to $5,000 in “Bright Ideas” grants for their innovative solar science projects. IndoctrinationInnovation starts […] Read more »

Chuck Klosterman once wrote that the phrase “comparing apples to oranges” to reference the contrast of two different things was dumb because in many ways apples and oranges are actually very similar (small, round fruits). Recently at least two stories have run comparing online video to […] Read more »

Are you using a netbook yet? If so, you may be interested in a promotion that ThinkFree is running. I’ve written about the ThinkFree Office suite of productivity applications before here. ThinkFree’s Office applications are similar to the ones offered in Microsoft Office, and can be […] Read more »

[qi:066] I visited Time Warner Cable’s Austin cable plant today in order to learn more about the last mile — or how cable broadband gets from the Internet backbone to your home — and how the limitations of cable play out in the way the company […] Read more »

Remember those tens of millions of shares that Lehman Brothers held in solar companies as part of convertible bond deals it underwrote? It seems Barclays PLC ended up holding them after it bought Lehman’s broker dealer business following the U.S. investment bank’s bankruptcy. A couple of […] Read more »

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