Stories for Oct. 15, 2008

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In the "at least it’s not the same old, same old" department, AVING has spotted a handset from Sharp that looks and acts like a MID.  The 9225H is surprisingly small and thin yet has a Sharp Zaurus-like keyboard inside that looks pretty darn functional.  It […] Read more »

I just got a promotional email from HP that shows the Mini-Note is now available for $399.  This starting configuration is the low-end version of the netbook: Via processor 512 MB of RAM Suse Linux 4 GB SSD The unit with 1 GB of RAM, 120 […] Read more »

[qi:___wifi]  Cablevision said today it now offers Wi-Fi access to commercial and high-traffic locations across its Long Island, Connecticut and Westchester/Dutchess service areas as an additional service for its high-speed Internet customers. Commuters may enjoy the fact that the Wi-Fi is also available on the commuter […] Read more »

When it comes to web working, Africa is one of the last frontiers. In most sub-Saharan African countries, people tend to use mobile phones more than the Internet for business-related activities and communications. Factors contributing to this are high illiteracy rates and linguistic diversity. Read more »

The big topic in mobile tech has certainly been the new MacBooks announced by Apple.  One thing is certain there are probably equal number of folks who are excited by the refresh as there are those who wanted more.  We’ve soaked up everything we could find […] Read more »

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Filemaker announced Bento 2.0 yesterday. It’s been a while since we’ve seen any updates to Bento (1.0v2 was released in February) but version 2.0 shows some big improvements. I’ve had a chance to spend a few days with this latest update and it looks like a solid […] Read more »

The Obama campaign’s web site is suggesting that their new economic plan may be eliminating capital gains taxes for venture capital investors, a move that would surely be welcomed as VCs look for strategies that will carry them through a tough economy. For cleantech startups, such […] Read more »

Stories for Oct. 14, 2008

Adobe on Wednesday will launch Flash Player 10, the latest in its ubiquitous 13-year-old line of multimedia plug-ins. For online video watchers, one big improvement is dynamic streaming, which will automatically shift bitrates as media is being streamed, depending on changing bandwidth. Content owners will need […] Read more »

A private equity firm that was trying to raise a $300 million fund to invest in biofuel startups has apparently ditched its fundraising plans, according to PE Week’s Alex Haislip. The firm, Biofuels Capital Partners, had been trying to raise its first fund for 18 months […] Read more »

Movie downloads are great…if you want to watch them on your PC, that is. Media extenders and other devices will let you stream content from your PC so you can view it on your TV, but they’re often difficult to install and don’t always work as […] Read more »

Movie downloads are great…if you want to watch them on your PC, that is. Media extenders and other devices will let you stream content from your PC so you can view it on your TV, but they’re often difficult to install and don’t always work as advertised. Transferring that content […] Read more »

This is where I’m supposed to write a bunch of stuff about who I am and why you should read my articles until your eyes bleed. You can read something about me on my author’s page, but here is much more detailed and specific information: I […] Read more »

Embedded advertising firm MirriAd has raised £2 million pounds in its second round of funding. The Guilford, Surrey-based company is using… Read more »

Today Apple unveiled its newest line of MacBook notebooks, and in addition to being the fastest and glassiest notebook yet, it’s Apple’s greenest computer ever. The entire line of MacBooks now meets Energy Star 4.0, EPEAT Gold and RoHS environmental standards. The new MacBooks also got […] Read more »

Notably absent from today’s laptop announcements regarding the new MacBook line was the 17″ MacBook Pro. Well, it wasn’t truly absent, because it was refreshed. The new configuration is definitely sweeter than before; for the same price as yesterday’s base model ($2,799) you now get:  A […] Read more »

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