Stories for Sep. 11, 2008

Video-sharing site Vimeo announced this week that it’s now hosting more than 1 million videos — 100,000 of which are in HD. That’s a lot of HD, which adds a lot of costs to the IAC-backed business that Barry Diller recently said wasn’t big enough to attract serious ad revenue. Vimeo has a loyal and growing fan base, but will it pay up for the Vimeo Plus premium service the site aims to launch later this month? Read more »

Even if you’ve got a fully developed electric car, it still takes a lot of capital to get it on the road. The latest news is that Think Global AS, maker of the highway certified two-seater electric car TH!NK city, is looking to raise a third […] Read more »

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Sorry for the incredulous sounding title, but when it comes to mobile video entertainment, BlackBerry isn’t likely the first brand that comes to mind. Big kudos to RIM on this one though; today’s announcement thatthe coming-soon remote TiVo recording through a ‘Berry shows that the handset […] Read more »

Printing to a PDF is a useful feature to have for saving receipts of online purchases or sending screenshots of webpages to friends (these aren’t the only useful times to print to PDF’s, but they are the only ones I can think of off the top […] Read more »

I was poking around the comments on my Preparing to Live Blog an Event post and came across a conversation about live blogging events at ProBlogger that made me think more about how I’m going to handle single-handedly “live blogging” a 3-day conference. The discussion also made me think more about what exactly “live blogging” means. Read more »

The Iowa Power Fund, which doles out millions of dollars for clean power projects, has just made a $14.75 million commitment to help corn-ethanol maker Poet build its first commercial-scale cellulosic ethanol plant in the state. Add that to the $5.25 million from the Iowa Department […] Read more »

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I received the Logitech Premium Notebook headset at a very good time; I was doing some podcasting at the moment and my setup was a bit complicated. Also, I had several Skype chats on a pretty regular basis. This gave me a great opportunity to put […] Read more »

NBC raised eyebrows when it live-streamed its first NFL game last week using Adobe’s Flash. There was speculation that the peacock had unceremoniously dumped Microsoft Silverlight after the technology’s debut during the Olympics. Not true, according to both Microsoft and NBC. The network had a separate […] Read more »

Figuring out how to get wireless subscribers to watch and pay for over-the-air television on their mobiles is a problem in the U.S., and apparently it isn’t doing well in Europe either. But instead of asking if people actually want to watch broadcast TV on their […] Read more »

Earth2Tech: GoodGuide launches to shine a light on products. Earth2Tech: Microstaq’s tiny valves mean big energy savings Earth2Tech: Mapflow launches Avego for car sharing 2.0. GigaOM: Ashton Kutcher, Tech Darling — and His Celeb Posse. GigaOM: MAXroam: 100,000 & Counting. GigaOM: My DEMO Rant and 5 […] Read more »

There are many ways for web workers to experience the act of ‘letting go’. It could be separating from a client you’ve worked with for so long, an old website of yours that requires a major face lift, or a blog you need to sell. What drives us to stop working on a project we’ve been involved with for so long? How is this different from giving up? Read more »

SanDisk is expanding its line of Extreme III high-speed flash memory products with the introduction of the 32GB CF card.  The Extreme III line of flash memory is fast and designed for photography uses including HD video recording.  The large 32 GB capacity of this new […] Read more »

Although America recently became the world leader in wind electricity generation, can you really call our wind power growth a “boom” when it’s been spurred by government mandates and subsidies? That is the question The Atlantic asks as it compares the surge in wind energy investments […] Read more »

Non-fiction shows are a popular format for web series; pretty much all you need to get one off the ground is a camera, a green screen and a host to recap the news, make jokes and offer an opinion. And perhaps you’ve watched web hosts and […] Read more »

Stories for Sep. 10, 2008

The past has a certain way of knocking on the present’s door. This week has been proof of that. First, Google turned 10 (or 13), sending me down memory lane back to when “Silicon Alley Insider” meant Fred Wilson and Scott Kurnit, not the blog by […] Read more »

The New Zealand company Aquaflow Binomics, which is looking to be the first company in the world to economically produce biofuel from wild algae harvested from open-air environments, said on Wednesday that it has produced the first samples of its “green crude.” The bio-crude can lead […] Read more »

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