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Over the past few years, I’ve been working with video files more and more. The problem with collaborating with others on video files is that if you’re not in the same location, the sheer size of some of the files creates annoyances, and makes sharing files […] Read more » has laid off 11 employees, CEO Keith Richman told CNET today. The company now has 80 people and says it plans to replace those 11 people with workers “with different skill sets.” Cuts came from most divisions within the company. Read more »

The Inquisitor plugin, (now owned by Yahoo) long monogamously committed to the Safari web browser, is now available for Firefox and Internet Explorer, across the OS X and Windows computing platforms. Inquisitor plugs in to the search bar in your browser, and functions much like the […] Read more »

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They haven’t given much notice but since the T-Mobile G1 has just launched it is appropriate to point out that what is probably the first AndroidDevCamp will be happening in Dallas in just a couple of days.  The press release details how budding Android developers can […] Read more »

[qi:004] UPDATED: Dell Computer today announced that it will preload music from Universal Music Group into special music folders on the computers it ships. Individuals will be able to select a variety of music bundles to be pre-installed. 50- and 100-song music bundles start at $25, […] Read more »

Ausra, the posterchild for the next generation of utility-scale solar thermal plants, has turned on its first solar project dubbed the Kimberlina Solar Thermal Energy Plant in Bakersfield, Calif. The 5 MW plant will provide the equivalent power for 3,500 homes, and the company describes it […] Read more »

The VentureWire Technology Showcase will spotlight more than 125 early- and later-stage start-ups from the U.S., Asia and Europe, all vetted by VentureWire readers, Dow Jones editors and the folks at the Euro Tech Showcase and the Institute for Industry Information, as industry stand-outs in Advertising, […] Read more »

Of all the information I have stored on my Mac, email is by far the data I hold with highest regard. I choose not to use a web based email service such as GMail or MobileMe Mail — rather using the basic Mail application bundled with OSX. […] Read more »

Level 3 Communications this morning reported a narrower-than-expected third-quarter net loss and revenue that — at $1.07 billion — was in line with analysts’ expectations. But even that wasn’t enough to satisfy investors, who have now pushed the share price below $1 to as low as […] Read more »

Oh how I wish it was the new year already. I’d already have my Christmas wish-list fulfilled, might win another jackpot at CES and Android handets would have a software keyboard. One of my biggest gripes with the current and only Android handset, the T-Mobile G1 […] Read more »

The UK’s Carbon Trust, a publicly funded independent company, has launched the Algae Biofuel Challenge today. The project seeks to commercialize the use of algae biofuel by 2020. The Carbon Trust estimates the program will cost up to £30 million ($38.5$48.5 million) and will in part […] Read more »

Today was an exciting day as I was working in the Panera Bread and spotted someone actually using an EEE PC!  She is a college student who bought the EEE PC for the low price and was tapping away doing a paper for school.  Tapping is […] Read more »

Reader Lornie sent me a link to what looks like an advertising campaign for Windows Vista that leaves us both scratching our heads.  It’s a very professional web site but the message is, um, strange to say the least.  Don’t miss the proud guy who "takes […] Read more »

IBM sometime over the next few weeks will unveil details of a partnership program with several VCs active in the semiconductor space aimed at reducing the costs associated with chip manufacturing — and subsequently changing the financial risk associated with backing such deals. Read more »

In today’s turbulent economic times, it’s important to have lower expenses and increased income – especially for teleworkers. While many independent contractors are getting more business, it’s still wise to make deliberate efforts to thrive. Here are some ways we will be able to do that. Read more »

I am enjoying working with GMail on the T-Mobile G1 due to its tight integration with all things Google.  Working with GMail on other phones has not been too shabby with GMail for Mobile and today they’ve announced the release of the next version 2.0.  This […] Read more »

Classics, an upcoming e-book reader for the iPhone/iPod touch, looks like the Crown Jewel for the App Store’s Book category. Developed by Phill Ryu and Andrew Kaz, it features a gorgeous UI that includes elements such as a virtual page flip to give the illusion that […] Read more »

Add this to the (small) list of things you CAN’T blame the credit crisis for: carbon project delays. Reuters has an article this morning on the impact of the credit crunch on the global carbon finance market. The upshot: Carbon markets are strong, yet projects are […] Read more »

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