Stories for Oct. 27, 2008

After several months of private beta testing, 123 People has launched its people search application in the U.S. As Webware notes, this service competes with services such as Spock and Wink. It’s different from many other people search engines in that it scours popular sites such […] Read more »

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Two almost contradictory pieces of news came out today that prove that the next wave of computing is visual. Good graphics were once a mainstay of heavy industry for 3-D or seismic modeling, but in today’s world of digital everything and the coming 3-D web, rich […] Read more »

The latest version of the iPhone Firmware — version 2.2 — has been seeded to developers. It offers a few features which users have been desperate for, along with smaller additions which could lead to interesting new applications in the future. Whether you’ve been clamoring for […] Read more »

Goldman Sachs recognizes that the new economy is a carbon-constrained one, and today the firm announced that it is taking an undisclosed stake in and partnering with emissions offsets developer Blue Source. Under the terms of the alliance, Goldman Sachs will structure and market a broad […] Read more »

At long last crackberry addicts can make cheapo VoIP calls on their Blackberries as the software is now available in beta for that platform.  Om Malik gave it a spin and found it to work pretty much as advertised, although the service is tied to a […] Read more »

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Liz reports that Revision3, the online video startup behind shows such as Kevin Rose’s DiggNation (and the on-hiatus GigaOM Show), has shut down five of its shows and laid off a reported third of its people. The news prompted Kent Nichols, one of the awesome and […] Read more »

Today’s featured video is pretty blatantly political in nature, but it’s interesting from an apolitical viewpoint as well. An update of that somewhat annoying Budweiser ad from 2000 reunites the original Wassup guys, whose lives have taken dark turns over the past eight years. Wonder if […] Read more »

With a flurry of announcements in recent weeks, Amazon has extended its cloud computing lead. The beta label’s gone. It can run Windows applications. By investing in firms like Elastra, it’s tackling enterprise deployment. And there’s a 99.95 percent uptime guarantee. Much of this is a […] Read more »

San Francisco-based startup Identity Commerce is launching a private beta version of its site Vanno, which features a company reputation index where users can submit news stories and vote on the reputation of companies, including aspects like environmental impact and social responsibility. Read more »

Oh those crazy analysts. Always making predictions and playing fast and loose with our emotions. Consider, for instance, the latest tidbit from Needham Research’s Charlie Wolf. According to Wolf, it is well within Apple’s power to offer the 8GB iPhone at the very attractive price point […] Read more »

This story is developing. We’ll get you more information soon. Update 1: Revision3 has made layoffs, canceled some of its original shows, and discontinued its two new distribution agreements. The online video studio will no longer make Pixel Perfect, PopSiren, and Internet Superstar (the latter two […] Read more »

We’ve looked at a couple of utilities designed to help teams spread across timezones stay on track, including the FoxClocks addon to Firefox and the EasyTZ site. A new approach, Permatime, offers a new way to check what time it is everywhere – and to represent […] Read more »

US-ordered G1’s have been “pouring into China” illegally since it was released in the US on October 26 through T-Mobile, reports Pacific Ep… Read more »

If you’re planning to vote in person this election, you’d better get familiar with regulations in your state around bringing camera cell phones and other recording devices into the polling area. Some state election statutes expressly prohibit using cameras or other recording devices within a short […] Read more »

contentNext, publishers of, are offering GigaOM readers discount access to three upcoming events: Save $100 on The Future of Business Media: The second annual conference, held on Oct. 28 in New York, will focus on the future of the business and trade media industry, and […] Read more »

BrightSource, a solar startup that is looking to build some of the first massive solar projects in the California desert, is facing a possible regulatory delay and has been attending hearings on how to streamline the approval process. The Associated Press noted the delay citing state […] Read more »

Check out our list of 9 iPhone apps for your car-related needs. Each app links to a full review, so you can get more information on the features and cost of each app. Enjoy! Fuel Consumption / Efficiency: AccuFuel Maybe you’re into hypermiling, or maybe you’re […] Read more »

Comedy Central Orders Secret Girlfriend Pilot; Freemantle Media’s first-person web show features hot girls talking to the camera; pilot will run just 11 minutes. (Broadcasting & Cable) CenturyTel to Buy Sprint Spin-off Embarq; deal worth $11.6 billion, combined company would have 400,000 video subscribers. (DSLReports) TV […] Read more »

Media firm Aegis Group continues its international acquisition streak with the purchase of Malaysian digital ad agency IF. Terms of the deal… Read more »

The UK Department for Transport announced today that, as part of the country’s plan to reduce emissions, the government will be putting £100 million ($155 million) into electric car research, development and deployment. Read more »

Kids posting videos of fights they get into is nothing new to YouTube, but evidently the problem has gotten to the point where the video sharing site is changing its flagging language to try and stem the tide. The YouTube Blog has a post up this […] Read more »

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