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[qi:086] Logitech, a Swiss maker of computer peripherals, has acquired video conferencing software maker SightSpeed of Berkeley, Calif., for approximately $30 million in cash. The deal is expected to close sometime in November and will have no material impact on Logitech’s business. SightSpeed was started in […] Read more »

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Segway Maker Working on Better Electric Car: Dean Kamen estimates that he and his team have spent $40 million over the last 10 years working on a Stirling-electric hybrid vehicle. We just hope its more successful than his last “revolutionary” transportation invention – Telegraph. Weak Breezes […] Read more »

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Samsung’s recent entry into the US market coincided with their release of their first netbook, the NC10.  The NC10 is a 10-inch netbook with a big keyboard and looks to be a nice entry into the market for Samsung.  Laptop Magazine has published a review of […] Read more »

Social media network Bebo recently reaffirmed its commitment to being a content hub by announcing plans for “a minimum of” six original productions in 2009. The company also delineated out its programming categories: Bebo Originals like Sofia’s Diary and Kate Modern, third-party productions, and Open Media […] Read more »

Seriously?! I mean, I know even Shakespeare ripped people off for story ideas, but does the formula for success really require remaking old shows without even changing their names? LA Times: Based on the ratings success of the rebooted “90210,” the CW network is developing a […] Read more »

If you’re a fan of offbeat ways to search online, you may want to try Kallout, a beta search application that’s drawn good notices like this one from I’ve been using it, and I also use a Firefox extension called BlueOrganizer that does a few […] Read more »

Intel’s research blog has an intriguing post about technology that could let you play Tetris using your entire body — not just your thumbs — thanks to some real-time motion capture gesture recognition work and tons of extra processing power. The Intel research team in Pittsburgh […] Read more »

TheAppleBlog: Demand for iPhone developers is up 500 percent. OStatic: Linux-based Instant-on trend spreads. WebWorkerDaily: Google Apps Labs get to work with new add-ons and features. NewTeeVee: Superbowl ads reinvented for the ’08 elections. Earth2Tech: Investors see a silver lining as the credit crunch and dropping […] Read more »

Well over a year ago, the online video component of this election season kicked into high gear when an independent individual with some professional political advertising experience created a media frenzy with his “Hillary 1984″ ad, a repurposing of Apple’s Super Bowl commercial from the ’80s. […] Read more »

EEStor, the stealthy startup whose Electrical Energy Storage Unit (EESU) could revolutionize the auto industry, has yet to show off a production version of its EESU. The Cedar Park, Texas-based startup said in 2007 that it would be in production by mid 2008. Then that got […] Read more »

The SDK and the success of the App Store have combined to create an emerging professional category, that of iPhone application developer. According to oDesk, a technology outsourcer billing itself as the “leading marketplace and global IT platform for outsourcing technology jobs to certified, freelance, Apple […] Read more »

We’ve covered MojoPac before, the solution to carry your entire desktop with you no matter where you go or whose computer you might be using.  MojoPac puts your entire computing environment, from OS to applications to documents, on a simple USB drive or even an iPod.  […] Read more »

Those of us with email addresses or an email account through Google Apps have had some fun playing with the new experimental features through Gmail Labs. From the silly Mail Goggles to the more helpful ability to add a calendar to the sidebar or set […] Read more »

Online presentation software provider SlideRocket drops its beta tag today and officially opens up for business. We’ve written enthusiastically about SlideRocket in the past and continue to be impressed by not only their service offering but the quality of the content produced with it. SlideRocket has […] Read more »

A quick and very unscientific poll of developers at the Microsoft Professional Developers conference in Los Angeles this week suggests that even the Microsoft brand might not bring enterprises rushing headlong into the cloud. There was broad but cautious enthusiasm about the company having stepped up […] Read more »

The credit crunch and dropping oil prices could threaten certain aspects of cleantech investing, but there’s a silver lining — at least for venture capitalists. The valuations of companies are dropping, and that means the VC is in the catbird seat when it comes to funding […] Read more »

VentureBeat is holding a roundtable for CEOs and founders wondering how to deal with the downturn Wednesday (that’s tomorrow) at 8 a.m. Two panels of investors and entrepreneurs will discuss what they did to survive and thrive through the last downturn, how this recession is different, […] Read more »

I really, really detest the Market Felt typeface used in the Notes application in the iPod touch and iPhone. It is hard to read, hard to edit points into, and looks plain childish. Fortunately, I stumbled upon a way to easily have your notes displayed with […] Read more »

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