Stories for Oct. 15, 2008

The Federal Communications Commission has released an engineering report that increases the chances for a new wireless broadband network operating in the so-called white spaces in the unused spectrum between digital TV channels. Read more »

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It seems like we can find almost everything we need through Google Maps — even the best place to put a new wind farm or a solar power plant. Renewable energy prospectors can now assess potential sites with the click of a mouse using 3TIER’s high-resolution […] Read more »

We’ve been bummed about the dearth of video apps for the iPhone, so I was intrigued to speak with the people at Poptiq, a startup that wants to be the mobile video equivalent of Last FM and TiVo. Like LastFM, Poptiq is a recommendation service, but […] Read more »

Recently, I installed Mac OS X Leopard on my MSI Wind netbook to get a feel for a 10-inch Apple notebook. The device came with Windows XP pre-installed and I have it running Vista for the moment. Yes, I’m generally OS-agnostic. One of the challenges I […] Read more »

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As much stick as the Mac Web rumoristas and “insider” channelers take from advocates of “serious journalism,” over the years they have proved to be right more often than not, and leading up to yesterday’s new Apple MacBook announcements, it’s now confirmed that they’ve been batting […] Read more »

In this crumbling economy, maybe a working knowledge of how to manufacture cocaine isn’t such a bad thing. From Lonely Planet comes this behind-the-scenes look at a cocaine lab, complete with recipe! Meanwhile, a recent trend in online video has been shorts-that-look-like-porn-but-aren’t, with not always great […] Read more »

Robotics are making a move in the world of solar. Earth2Tech has video and pictures of cleantech robotics from Solar Power International in San Diego. Read more »

Reports are coming in that Apple’s new MacBooks and MacBook Pros are selling out in retail stores around the world. Apple’s flagship San Francisco store reportedly had no stock as of this morning, and our own David Appleyard apparently scored the last new MBP at the […] Read more »

Many noticed (and lamented) the lack of a 17-inch version of the updated MacBook Pro at yesterday’s notebook event. For those interested in Apple’s Pro line of laptops, screen real estate is a valuable commodity indeed. Designers need the space for working on large documents and […] Read more »

Innovalight, a thin-film solar startup developing photovoltaic silicon ink, has received $5 million in debt financing from Leader Ventures and Silicon Valley Bank. The startup looks to be ramping up for production as it previously announced it had raised $5 million in equipment lease financing from […] Read more »

Mobile browser maker Opera today is announcing MAMA, a research project designed to show people the insides of web pages. MAMA began as a research project aimed at tracking more URLs than previous web page categorization efforts, and will eventually open to the public as a search engine. Read more »

GigaOM is proud to support the 24th annual SIIA CODiE Awards. Presented by the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), the CODiE Awards stand out as the only peer-reviewed awards honoring excellence, vision and innovation in software, education technology and digital content. We encourage you to […] Read more »

I just got back home from a trip to the Apple Store.  Geek that I am I trekked to get you some hands-on photos of the new MacBooks because that’s what I do.  What I found was…. nothing.  In spite of the clear statement that Steve […] Read more »

According to John Nack, Principal Product Manager for Adobe Photoshop, the entire Creative Suite 4 is now shipping. Announced in September, the release date itself was not initially specified.  Those looking to test out the new programs before deciding whether or not to upgrade will have […] Read more »

One of my ‘pet peeves’ about OS X is the inability to force a window to remain on top of all the others. Several years ago, when using Windows, this was a functionality that I found invaluable for watching videos and keeping certain web pages or […] Read more »

Most of the talk about solar being integrated with vehicles focuses on solar rooftops that can charge features like air conditioning — the solar roof of the next generation Prius will reportedly power just part of the 2- to 5-kilowatt air conditioning system. But what if […] Read more »

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