Stories for Oct. 24, 2008

If you are a regular user of sites like Gmail, Tweenky, Google Reader and other application-like web apps then you are probably already familiar with Fluid, an OS X application written by Todd Ditchendorf that lets you turn those sites into bona-fide, separate Cocoa desktop applications […] Read more »

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After reading Wired writer Alexis Madrigal’s post on receiving his smart meter, and checking out the various smart meter photos on Flickr (here and here), it’s clear that the excitement over smart meters among enviro-tech nerds out there is growing as an increasing amount of the […] Read more »

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It is indeed a wonderful little device, but you know all those little niggles we have about the iPhone? Like, the lack of landscape e-mailing, the omission of Flash-support and video-recording or hiding those pesky unused apps? Now there’s a special place for all you disgruntled folk who […] Read more »

As the Western Climate Initiative, the second cap-and-trade program for greenhouse gases in the U.S., makes its way toward enforcement by 2010, Western states are rolling out their own plans and regulations aimed at meeting its reduction goals. Earlier this month California released a final proposed […] Read more »

Stories for Oct. 23, 2008

The credit crunch has scared America straight for a few quarters at least. This means that consumers aren’t buying, and corporations are putting spending on hold. As such, venture firms have been sowing panic among their portfolio companies, telling them to cut early and cut often. […] Read more »

A new proposal from Apple, highlighted today by AppleInsider, hints at their desire to provide ubiquitous connectivity to the internet through a series of tiny RF modules. At present, the only device in Apple’s lineup capable of providing wireless connectivity anywhere is the iPhone, supporting Wi-Fi, […] Read more »

First Teaser Pic of Tesla’s Model S: Although the company just put development of its electric sedan on hold, much of the design work on the Model S was already done, and here’s a peak at what the back of the car looks like – Business […] Read more »

Last week, opponents of the FCC’s plan to auction off white-space spectrum ramped up their lobbying effort. This week, proponents of the pl… Read more »

UPDATED: Duke Energy has decided to cut in half its $100 million distributed solar rooftop program after the utility was criticized during the permitting process by the Vote Solar Initiative and Wal-Mart, among others, the state Utility Commission over cost recovery and monopolistic practices. The new […] Read more »

UPDATED: Some folks downloaded a lot of stuff from the app market for the Google phone, aka the T-Mobile G1, in the first 24 hours after it opened its doors, according to mobile ad and analytics firm Medialets. And yup, that’s about as precise as they’re […] Read more »

Updates turning out to be harmful rather than helpful are nothing new, and it’s beginning to look like you can add Apple’s latest Airport Extreme software “fix” to the list of the potentially damaging. Complaints from commenters and bloggers around the net are beginning to pile […] Read more »

Over the past few years, I’ve been working with video files more and more. The problem with collaborating with others on video files is that if you’re not in the same location, the sheer size of some of the files creates annoyances, and makes sharing files […] Read more »

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