Stories for Oct. 16, 2008

Ukulele covers of popular tunes aren’t a new phenomenon — but YouTube user crouts0‘s KazooKeylele is no ordinary ukulele, and this is no ordinary song. Hipsters and sports fans don’t ordinarily mix — except when it comes to oddball sports like dodgeball and urban golf, a […] Read more »

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Many web workers have a need to track expenses – either for client or employer reimbursement, or just to get their taxes right. And most of us have developed some solution for that – sticky notes, spreadsheets, notebooks, and so on. Of course, like just about […] Read more »

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When I first got my iPhone 3G, I downloaded many, many, ridiculous novelty apps of questionable utility. To this day, friends still ask to see iPint, a virtual beer glass simulator which allows you to tip the iPhone and pretend to drink a virtual beer (which […] Read more »

Playboy Dumping DVDs for Online; company will also layoff 80 people in a bid to save $12 million. (paidContent) Graspr Introduces gCard; technology will carry the identity of the video creator wherever the video is embedded. (TechCrunch) Babelgum Keeping the Download Client; online TV service is […] Read more »

Clean Energy Fuels, the natural-gas vehicle distribution company of which former oil barron T. Boone Pickens is a director and largest shareholder, said last month it planned to buy FuelMaker from Honda and the FuelMaker Trust for $17 million. Well, late yesterday the companies announced that […] Read more »

Based on reported preliminary figures from Gartner, Apple is set to show incredible PC growth in the US compared to the industry. I’m not so concerned with the figures themselves so much as my belief that to properly calculate Apple’s growth compared to the industry you must remove […] Read more »

Just a conversation starter here because this is one of those topics where the only right answer is the one that’s right for you. Still, I think it’s worth some discussion because we’re witnessing a trend towards smaller and lighter (and cheaper!) notebooks. Of course, that […] Read more »

Apple have announced today that they are now selling TV shows in high definition from all four major broadcasters, ABC, FOX, CBS and NBC Universal. FOX were the fourth and final large network to offer HD support today. Some of the HD shows available include “Grey’s […] Read more »

I have written about the importance of creating a virtual cubicle anywhere to maintain both a high level of productivity as well as a professional image for clients and coworkers.  Those two things are even more important to consider for those lucky enough to work at […] Read more »

  My friends over at NewTeeVee must have caught Om sleeping because they absconded with his T-Mobile G1 just long enough to make this short video. They dive into the native YouTube app on the Android handset and show you the greater amount of detail you […] Read more »

When SanDisk (NSDQ: SNDK) launched its $19.99 Sansa slotMusic Player which can play microSD cards loaded with music Wednesday, much of the f… Read more »

The EEE PC hit the scene a year ago.  Seldom do we see a single gadget create an entire genre of computer but the EEE PC started the netbook genre all by itself.  In celebration of the EEE PC one year birthday the geeks at Laptop […] Read more »

If we didn’t have enough mobility to keep us busy with Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and iPhone, now there’s the new T-Mobile G1 running on the new Google Android platform. We at WWD haven’t said much about it because none of our team has had a chance […] Read more »

Residential solar installer SolarCity is looking to differentiate itself from the herd of other installers serving homeowners in the West with its SolarGuard 2.0, an upgrade to its online monitoring service, and Canopy, a new panel mounting system. The Foster City, Calif.-based startup showed off the […] Read more »

Stories for Oct. 15, 2008

Om Malik has been testing the new Google Phone for the past few days. His take? This isn’t an iPhone competitor. If you look at it, you can very quickly see that G-1 is a Honda to iPhone’s BMW. After a few days of usage I have […] Read more »

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