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Computing companies that can access cheap green power in bulk will be the only ones able to afford to run data centers in the coming years, posits a new report entitled Microsoft and Google: Cloud Computing Dominance Through Renewable Energy, published today in Virtual Strategy Magazine. […] Read more »

Webware has an interesting post up today called “Prizefight: Battle of the Browsers.” It’s a slightly less than scientific comparison of Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer–and in the video Webware has posted, they admit that–but it still yields interesting results. In Webware’s comparison, Google […] Read more »

Apple’s decision to axe FireWire from the MacBook line is not sitting well with many users, to say the least. For high-quality audio and video transfers, FireWire is the standard for professionals and hobbyists alike. Though USB is technically capable of faster transfer speeds than FireWire […] Read more »

ShareThis, a Cincinnati-based startup whose handy plugin lets users share web site links and publishers track the popularity of web content, says it now has 91 million unique users and grew its publisher base by 15,000 to a total of 60,000 in the third quarter. With […] Read more »

U.S. businesses are creating new citizenship initiatives at a record pace. But meeting the pressures of various stakeholders and optimising strategy to take advantage of opportunities can be a daunting task. How are U.S. businesses meeting the challenges? How does globalization affect corporate citizenship? What are […] Read more »

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Zombie-themed comedy is hardly anything new, but Man in the Box: “Halloween Zombie-ocalypse” features great performances and comedic timing — plus, its crazy-fast pace makes it a model of efficient storytelling. And continuing in a Halloween theme (Guys, it’s tomorrow! Are you excited yet?), today we […] Read more »

If you own an iPhone and a Mac you can easily create ringtones within Garageband. I love music, but am not a music maker, so I don’t really use Garageband at all. Luckily, you don’t have to know much of anything about the program to easily […] Read more »

The denizens of Linden Lab’s virtual world Second Life are a passionate lot, so when the San Francisco company recently announced a steep purchase and maintenance fee increase on popular regions of their virtual land, sign-waving avatars were soon gathered outside Linden’s SL office, in protest. […] Read more »

I’m sure we all know that the number 6.5 comes before the number 7. I’m betting that most of you didn’t know that we’ll see Windows Mobile 6.5 before WinMo 7 however.  the::unwired caught news of the interim upgrade release through Motorola’s corporate earnings call today […] Read more »

Kevin Kennedey who yesterday resigned his position as CEO and president of teleco equipment maker JDS Uniphase, was named CEO and president of Avaya Inc. this morning. Kennedy will replace Avaya’s Interim CEO Charles Giancarlo, who will step up to the role of chairman at the telephone equipment maker. Read more »

There’s never a shortage of applications to track your task list, from online choices like Remember the Milk to full-blown GTD applications like OmniFocus and Things to simple lists like Today or the built-in tasks in on OS X. Lately, though, I’ve found myself looking […] Read more »

Over the past few years, I have been saying that for telecom companies, losing access lines while trying to grow the number of subscribers to their triple-play services was like walking a tightrope wearing skates. Of course, none of the telecom executives would admit that losing […] Read more »

Burnaby, British Columbia-based startup NxtGen Emission Controls said today it has raised $15.4 million to commercialize its first products for retrofitting diesel engines, which they say reduce emissions and fuel consumption. Read more »

Get ready iPhone-bearing fans of Trent Reznor, a special edition of Tap Tap Revenge has just been released featuring the music of Nine Inch Nails. The game features 16 NIN tracks, from albums Slip and Ghosts I-IV, hand-selected by Reznor himself. Tap Tap Revenge was one […] Read more »

“Portland’s a very bikeable city.” So the saying goes. And man, did I hear a lot of that saying when I spent a weekend up in Oregon recently. I also had a chance to meet Sharon and Carl Jameson, creators of a long-running Portland-based web show […] Read more »

The triplets are due any moment now, and that means so is your mother-in-law. Or your precious baby girl has just graduated from college and has no more of a clue than she did the day she started, so she wants to come home for “a […] Read more »

YouTube Adds Deep Linking; now you can link directly to exact moments in videos, like right when the skater gets hit in the nuts. (YouTube Blog) On Networks Signs David Lynch; famed director to do a web series for the new media network based on his […] Read more »

HP told us that the new Mini 1000 netbook would be available with integrated 3G next year but a model in the UK has appeared that seems to trump it.  The Compaq Mini 700 has appeared on some sites in the UK and is GBP100 cheaper […] Read more »

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