Stories for Oct. 17, 2008

I believe that there are two types of email users in the world – Filers and Finders. Sure, these categories can apply to us in a lot of areas but I see this polarization most frequently with how we use and store our email. Because we […] Read more »

Layoffs are hitting all over the tech industry, and online video startups are taking it on the chin too. We already wrote about Seesmic’s two rounds of layoffs, and now we find out that men’s-oriented video portal Heavy dropped 14 percent of its staff today. New […] Read more »

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In the near-constant battle between form and function, mobile phones hit a point where they could shrink no more. But with the launch of touch screen devices and voice interfaces to bring out the power in those mini-computers, they are now hitting new usability highs. I […] Read more »

For the first time in Apple’s history, the recent incarnation of consumer and professional laptops are starting to show signs of being part of the same family. While the MacBook has seen arguably the most impressive bump in terms of comparison to its original feature set, […] Read more »

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Adura Technologies announced yesterday that it has raised $5 million Series A round of funding for its wireless lighting management systems. VantagePoint Venture Partners led the round, which also included Claremont Creek Ventures. Read more »

When I was working on post-debate vid picks yesterday morning, Gannes really wanted me to find a video just of McCain rolling his eyes, but I couldn’t find anything quite right. Until, of course, later in the afternoon — when some enterprising masher-upper gave McCain the […] Read more »

I shared this news over at Web Worker Daily earlier today, but thought it worth a mention in case you missed it. Foxmarks, the Firefox extension that synchronizes bookmarks, profiles and more, just hit version 2.5. The latest iteration brings the Secure Password Sync function out […] Read more »

I recently wrote about alternatives to Apple’s Spaces virtual desktop offering that comes included with Leopard. There, I confessed that I’ve come to appreciate the simplicity Spaces offers, though miss configuration options. Well Hyperspaces is the forthcoming extension to Spaces and does well to fill the […] Read more »

Pandora CEO Tim Westergren says ad sales are looking up and that the Internet radio company is bringing on more staff — in the same blog post in which he announces that the firm’s laying off 20 of its 140 employees due to the broader economic downturn. Read more »

Well, even if cell phones won’t fry your brain like popcorn, there’s something new to worry about: “mobile phone dermatitis.” According to the British Association of Dermatologists, as reported by Reuters, there’s enough nickel in many popular mobile devices to cause a reaction in sensitive users. […] Read more »

Enigmo, by Pangea Soft is not a new game/application by any means — for the Mac, or for the iPhone for that matter. While I’ve got it on my MacBook, I hadn’t sprung the nearly $10 that Enigmo was priced at in the App Store. But […] Read more »

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am not a great dancer. Yet I have recently become a proponent of a technology strategy that I have coined the “cloud two-step.” The cloud two-step is the way enterprise IT departments are going to dance their […] Read more »

On Monday the city of Oakland, and its Mayor Ron Dellums, plan to officially launch the Green Collar Jobs Corps program, which, with the help of Foster City, Calif.-based solar installer startup SolarCity, will provide training and employment opportunities for program graduates. Read more »

Anthony Zuiker, creator and executive producer of “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” (and the producer of all “CSI” franchise shows), is going to deliver a keynote speech at our NewTeeVee Live conference that will be held in San Francisco on Nov. 13. He will join Reed Hastings, […] Read more »

Recently, we shared one of several cross-platform methods to synchronize passwords using the cloud. There’s many available options and methods to tackle this challenge, and you can add another one now that Foxmarks has officially launched version 2.5. This Firefox extension is well-known for synchronizing bookmarks, […] Read more »

Bebo to Launch More Originals; social network plans at least six more and will branch out from drama into entertainment, reality and comedy content. (The Hollywood Reporter) TV Guide to Give Away Downloads of 30 Rock; issues of the magazine will feature a unique download code […] Read more »

It’s the time of week once again where I look back at things that I’ve been working on and report on them.  It’s been a fun week with big goings-on in the tech space such as the Apple notebook event and subsequent arrival of the new […] Read more »

As someone with a large media collection (around 550GB), I’m always looking for inventive new ways to store, backup and stream all my content. One of my main annoyances with simply storing media on an external drive is that you obviously need to have the device […] Read more »

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