Stories for Oct. 20, 2008

GreenFuel, a startup that uses recycled CO2 to grow algae, which can be turned into biofuels and feed, says tonight that it is in the process of building 100-hectares of algae greenhouses — at the cost of $92 million — that can produce 25,000 tons of […] Read more »

Since Google pays News Corp millions of dollars to be its friend, it is no surprise that MySpace, the elder social networking service, would be one of the first companies to release an Android-version of MySpace Mobile just ahead of the commercial release of the Google […] Read more »

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I’ve wanted really badly to develop an iPhone application since the SDK was announced. What kind of application? It doesn’t matter. Something not too ugly that does something of limited utility, and does it well. I ran into two problems: First, I have no development or […] Read more »

Exelon’s unsolicited $6 billion bid for its smaller rival NRG Energy may have been prompted by short-term concerns about raising capital and cash flow, but the longer-term outcome could reshape the nuclear industry’s landscape. Nuclear power makes up only 5 percent of NRG’s power-generation capacity (vs. […] Read more »

The latest alpha release of boxee, released today, has added support for streaming shows from Hulu and CBS. In fact, I’m watching the season opener of Heroes on my Apple TV right now. Very cool stuff. If you haven’t seen it yet, boxee installs on your […] Read more »

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GreenVolts Wins Grant for Low-Cost Solar: GreenVolts has won a $250,000 grant from the California Energy Commission’s Public Interest Energy Research Program for its proposal on low-cost concentrating photovoltaics. This is the second grant GreenVolts has won from PIER – Press Release. Novomer Gets new CEO […] Read more »

[qi:004] Brand Asset Digital launched its P2P advertising platform P2Pwords today, promising to bring pay-per-click advertising to file-sharing networks like Limewire, Gnutella and Emule. The NY-based company received a largely positive review from John Healey over at The LA Times Bitplayer blog, who thinks that “the opportunity […] Read more »

Imovio is a company with a new mobile companion device they are telling everybody about that they claim is for the person on the go.  The iKit is being touted as a teeny, tiny laptop device that will do email and other web stuff on the […] Read more »

Two non-profit advocacy groups are proposing changes to the way Congress and web hosts handle copyright claims. The suggestions come less than a week after the the McCain presidential campaign found itself on the wrong side of a takedown notice. The Electronic Frontier Foundation today made […] Read more »

Do you have a computer that is much slower than it once was, and seems to pop up regularly with inexplicable problems? Even if you’re diligent about running security software and scanning for infections, you can still end up with rogue problems, especially if you’re on […] Read more »

Texas Instruments said today on its earnings call that it plans to sell its merchant baseband processor business — the division that makes off-the-shelf wireless chips for handsets. The company plans to keeps its OMAP applications processor business and will continue to make custom-radios for certain clients. Read more »

With the release of the new MacBooks and Macbook Pros, I suspect there are many of you that have been holding out waiting to buy a new computer, and now that you have your shiny new notebooks, you need to get everything set up just how […] Read more »

[qi:_earth2tech] Google was the second most active cleantech investor last quarter, has unveiled a $4.4 trillion U.S. energy plan, and could one day actually make revenues off energy management tools. But Google CEO Eric Schmidt has his own plans when it comes to energy and politics. […] Read more »

I don’t get into Panera Bread enough, I don’t know why.  It is far more comfortable and amenable to productive work sessions than that big coffee retailer.  The free WiFi is more than welcome too.  I’ve been here for over an hour and gotten a lot […] Read more »

A few months ago, I was desperate to find a collaborative project app, so I explored a number of those that had been discussed here at WWD. I was either underwhelmed or daunted by the learning curve (too busy/too lazy). So what I ended up doing […] Read more » Gets $20 Million; Chinese video site gets third round, led by LB Investment. (paidContent) DVD Biz Had Modest Drop in Q3; while sales and rentals dipped, Blu-ray got a boost and could help the industry hit break-even with 2007. (Video Business) SAG Requests Federal Mediator; […] Read more »

Another day, another promise from a large IT company that it will continue to “green” its operations. Today HP announced its plans to double the amount of renewable energy it uses to 8 percent by 2012. This latest goal is part of the company’s larger energy […] Read more »

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