Stories for Sep. 19, 2008

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The good news for VeraSun on Thursday was that, early in the morning, its stock was up 42 percent from Wednesday’s close. Now the bad news. That 42-percent jump was just a bounce from one of its stock’s worst days ever. On Wednesday, VSE plummeted 73 […] Read more »

Most video, social networking, gaming, virtual worlds and Web 2.0 applications base their business models on advertising revenues. Problem is, users normally focus on the information in the center of the web page and disregard the sidebars — which is where most ads are placed. Israeli […] Read more »

Stories for Sep. 18, 2008

In celebration of GM’s 100th anniversary and the unveiling of its electric car the Volt, GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz took a trip over to the Colbert Report to spend some time with hilarious comic Stephen Colbert. We’ve got to say Lutz was somewhat funny in […] Read more »

Written by Liane Cassavoy I completely understand the desire to link your computer to your HDTV. But my enthusiasm for the concept has waned a bit more with each media extender — devices that allow you to view content from your PC on your TV — […] Read more »

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iPhone Dev Process – Some really great insight from developer Mike Ash on the whole development and app store submission process for NetAwake. Zero-Day Exploit Code For Quicktime Posted – Supposedly Apple has ignored a submitted vulnerability and in turn the person who found the vulnerability […] Read more »

  Here’s the end-of-the-day portion of the show that many of us have been waiting for all day: the Launchpad, where a dozen startups get a few minutes to convince us they rock. Here are our lovely judges. All four scored each presenter and one offered […] Read more »

Guardian Lists Europe’s Cleantech 100: While we’ve mapped the top 101 cleantech startups in the U.S., to see who’s who in European cleantech check out the Guardian’s interactive list – Guardian. E-Waste Laws Too Lax, Feds Tell Congress: The Government Accountability Office reported to Congress that […] Read more »

We’re rounding out the panels with a gathering of VCs. Venture funding for mobile has been energized by the iPhone App Store and other recent developments, but what are the opportunities for a venture-backed big-time success between mobile apps, mobile web efforts and various business models? […] Read more »

Without carriers and their data networks, mobile applications wouldn’t be possible. So let’s show them some love, says Chetan Sharma, of Chetan Sharma Consulting, the moderator of the panel. The consensus is that mobile data is becoming more important to carriers and it’s growing every year. […] Read more »

At a panel at GigaOM’s Mobilize conference today, representatives from MySpace and Facebook both said they saw emerging opportunities to bring video uploads to cell phones. Here are my notes: John Faith, General Manager and VP, MySpace Mobile, MySpace: Opportunities in mobile: Right now it’s all […] Read more »

Membranes that take less energy to clean water — that’s the idea behind Los Angeles-based startup NanoH2O’s technology, and why the company was able to announce a round of $15 million from Oak Investment Partners and Khosla Ventures. NanoH2O, which raised $5 million last year from […] Read more »

Alright, so we wouldn’t exactly call the wireless broadband standard WiMAX “hip.” But it’s gaining traction with the alternative/disruptive companies and carriers, while the competing standard LTE (Long Term Evolution) is being taken up by the dominant cell phone companies. That’s a general overview of the […] Read more »

For the mobile social networking panel, I thought it might be helpful to condense the various remarks each speaker made to sum up their particular social network’s take on mobile. Not to say the panelists weren’t talking to each other as well, but I think their […] Read more »

At the GigaOM Mobilize conference just now, Chamath Palihapitiya of Facebook just gave a little indication of what’s next on the company’s product roadmap. Palihapitiya, Facebook’s VP of Growth, Mobile and International was serving on a panel about mobile social networking, when an audience member commented […] Read more »

Gov. Sarah Palin’s record and political positions have been under close examination over the past few weeks, and as a result, a startling number of inconsistencies have emerged. For example — did she enjoy her send-up at Tina Fey’s hands on last Saturday’s SNL? She definitely […] Read more »

Chetan Sharma of Chetan Sharma Consulting: Let’s talk about the user experience. What does it mean to you in a product that gives you that zen moment for user experience? John SanGiovanni, Zumobi: We look at the user experience as built on the cognitive theories of […] Read more »

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