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MatchLive To Bring Singles in NYC Together: Online dating site today announced the launch of, a new subscription-bas… Read more »

Online music company Liquid Audio (Nasdaq: LQID) has sued geo-targeting company InfoSplit for using for infringing on its patent. The patent… Read more »

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Backstage Free with the Price of a CD: Even as the parent company remains in turmoil, Vivendi Universal Net USA (VUNet USA) has launched “Ba… Read more »

Applying Economics 101 to Content: Vin Crosbie applied some basic economic lesson to online content, and comes to the conclusion that the cu… Read more »

Will TEoF Go Paid?: In response to the story below, the End of Free weblog may be considering going charging to some the site down the line,… Read more »

With Vivendi CEO Jean-Marie Messier’s resignation Monday, questions are now being raised about the conglomerate Read more »

Audio Interview with CEO: An audio interview with Sean Ryan, CEO of, which operates the Rhapsody online music subscrip… Read more »

loading external resource’s Stories to Be Made in TV Series: In what is perhaps a first for an online community site, Classmates Online, a personal net… Read more » Gets Vivendi; AOL Agrees to CD Burning: The online music subscription field is hotting up, at least from the companies’ sides. Li… Read more »

Digimarc, the content-security and watermarking company, has received four new patents. “U.S. Patent Number 6,400,827 was issued last month… Read more »

Fraud Protection for Mobile Payments: Visa plans to launch a fraud-prevention service for mobile payments next year. Users will be able to u… Read more »’s CEO Gambit: has launched “CEO Network”, an online invitation-only community section where invited CEOs will have acc… Read more »

The Context of Content: Another long post on Online Writing List (no easy way to link to it…click on read messages, scroll down and read t… Read more »

AOL Latin America Users Fall: Not directly related to content, but access to content. America Online Latin America expects its membership to… Read more »

Entertainment Content Ready to be Monetized: Film & Video magazine takes a look at paid content efforts by fledgling entertainment greenfiel… Read more »

Why Film Studios Won?t Be ‘Napsterized': Microsoft’s head of its digital media division Will Poole offers his opinion on why he thinks movie… Read more »

Big Brother Gains Norwegian Viewers: Norwegian telecom operator Telenor has reported that it has registered 50,000 paying subscriptions to t… Read more »

The New Portal Shakeout : Andrew Goodman takes a look at the re-configured media portal sector, and believes that MSN will be lapping up a l… Read more »

CNET Cuts 10 Percent Staff; Reorganizes: CNET Networks (Nasdaq: CNET), which has failed to capitalize on its valuable content, is reducing i… Read more »

Salon’s CEO Responds on Finances: In response to stories about so-called dire financials, CEO Michael O’Donnell has responded publ… Read more »

CNN has launched a subscription-based news ticker/alert service called Newswatch. The heart of the service is the “SmartScreen”, a full-scre… Read more »

Does the Subscription Industry Need Associations?: There’re apparently two of them, and Subscription Website Publishers As… Read more »

Let’s Jam Together: Jimmy Gutterman, the editor and publisher of Media Unspun asks the online publishers to band together to survive and thr… Read more »

Mazingo, a wireless content distribution startup, has tied up with Sporting News Radio to deliver the radio content to its subscribers. Mazi… Read more »

Newspaper’s Litmus Test: How local newspaper sites should be looking at their online ventures in a different light: “A litmus test is how yo… Read more »

AOL Developing High-Speed Streaming Tech: Following up on the earlier Fortune story, reports on the details of AOL’s new streaming… Read more »

The NewsMarket Raises $3 Million: The NewsMarket, a web-based video distribution company, has raised $3 million in venture capital funding f… Read more »

Credit Cards May Default on Gaming: E-gaming companies (that is, Internet gambling casinos etc., NOT network gaming) could see their growth… Read more »

Is Terrorism a Threat To Subscription Services?: This is worth noting in full–a list of the risk factors which RealNetworks released along… Read more »

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