Stories for Sep. 19, 2008

Venturi Automobiles, the Monaco-based maker of luxury electric cars, says it is looking to build an assembly plant for electric vehicles in the Ouest Park zone near Sablé-sur-Sarthe in France’s Loire Region, where Venturi was founded in 1984. The plant is scheduled to open at the […] Read more »

Talk Like A Pirate Day is arrrrrguably one of the Internet’s most ridiculous holidays, but hey, what better day than Friday for a few minutes of swashbuckler-themed frivolity? And there’s a decent variety of activity to choose from: Ninja of Ask a Ninja will be doing […] Read more »

Google Maps continues to improve their mobile version, and this week they announced some nice new features. Alas, just like last time, these aren’t immediately available for the iPhone. You may remember the iPhone 1.1.3 update in January 2008. Google Maps got a few new features, […] Read more »

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Last night after the Mobilize conference, I had a great time meeting attendees from all over. Andy Abramson was one of those and we spent a good fifteen minutes talking mobile tech. Andy lives such a mobile lifestyle that it was awesome to discuss new tools […] Read more »

After eight years trying to convince Dallas that it could only keep watering its lawns in a drought if it would pipe in water from West Texas, everyone’s favorite billionaire T. Boone Pickens has officially put his water pipe dream on the back burner. Instead, Pickens […] Read more »

For the most part, the applications we cover on WWD are web applications. But every once in a while a desktop application comes along that’s worth consideration by dedicated web workers. Billings 3, the latest release of this time-tracking and invoicing application, is one such. If […] Read more »

Veoh, which is perhaps best known for its web portal but also has a downloadable long-form Internet TV app called VeohTV, is, much like its startup brethren, trying to make it easier for users to watch long-form, high-quality video in their browsers. Veoh isn’t discontinuing VeohTV, […] Read more »

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Another reason for RIM (NSDQ: RIMM) to keep plugging away hard at the consumer market: the Wall Street meltdown. Some 40,000 workers may en… Read more »

Hollywood Interactive Gets $5 Million; company receives Series A led by BlueRun Ventures, and secures Joan and Melissa Rivers for red-carpet coverage. (Variety) Online Video CPMs Higher Than Display Ads; new poll from Bain and Co. shows the average CPM for video ad was $43, while […] Read more »

I demo about 5-6 new tech products every week, often with a little handholding from the company behind the technology because my brain absorbs information much better when somebody tells me about it rather than when I read something or try to figure it out myself. […] Read more »

California utility Southern California Edison has been slowly laying down the final details for one of the largest smart meter deployments in the U.S.: 5.3 million smart meters to be installed between 2009 and 2012. California’s regulatory body for all things power-related, the California Public Utilities […] Read more »

Like many of us, I spend quite a lot of time on the web and come across a staggering number of interesting things. In Clearing The Cache I choose a theme, pull out some of my favorites and share them with you here. The Windows Vista […] Read more »

Just because some freelancers work independently, it doesn’t mean they always work alone. There will always be big projects that require them to be part of a group, to be a team player, and to work on a small part of a big product. But if […] Read more »

Cisco said this morning it would buy instant messaging service Jabber for an undisclosed amount. The deal is another move by the networking company into the collaboration space — this time highlighting the importance of presence awareness and interoperability in collaboration. It follows nicely with Cisco’s […] Read more »

The one day Mobilize 08 conference is now behind us and it was an awesome conference.  Everyone I spoke to after it ended gushed about how great the conference was for them to attend.  There were so many industry heavyweights speaking about the hot topics of […] Read more »

So last year, most people decided that marketing real products in virtual worlds like Second Life doesn’t work. Since then, however, I’ve come across some avatar-driven advertising campaigns with very impressive numbers. In Gaia Online, for example, users grabbed over a million virtual copies of a […] Read more »

Earlier this month, eight years’ worth of semiconductor development culminated in a DEMO God being awarded to Steve Booth, co-founder and VP of marketing at Microstaq. And his 15 minutes of fame are about to get a repeat performance. On Friday, Microstaq, which supplies an energy-efficient […] Read more »

The good news for VeraSun on Thursday was that, early in the morning, its stock was up 42 percent from Wednesday’s close. Now the bad news. That 42-percent jump was just a bounce from one of its stock’s worst days ever. On Wednesday, VSE plummeted 73 […] Read more »

Most video, social networking, gaming, virtual worlds and Web 2.0 applications base their business models on advertising revenues. Problem is, users normally focus on the information in the center of the web page and disregard the sidebars — which is where most ads are placed. Israeli […] Read more »

Stories for Sep. 18, 2008

In celebration of GM’s 100th anniversary and the unveiling of its electric car the Volt, GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz took a trip over to the Colbert Report to spend some time with hilarious comic Stephen Colbert. We’ve got to say Lutz was somewhat funny in […] Read more »

Written by Liane Cassavoy I completely understand the desire to link your computer to your HDTV. But my enthusiasm for the concept has waned a bit more with each media extender — devices that allow you to view content from your PC on your TV — […] Read more »

iPhone Dev Process – Some really great insight from developer Mike Ash on the whole development and app store submission process for NetAwake. Zero-Day Exploit Code For Quicktime Posted – Supposedly Apple has ignored a submitted vulnerability and in turn the person who found the vulnerability […] Read more »

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