Stories for Oct. 22, 2008

Hot on the heels of Apple’s new MacBook line — which among other things, offers a multitouch trackpad –coming to market, we’re seeing the first third party applications which support multitouch gestures. Mozilla is the first to the party, and has now made available an experimental […] Read more »

Wow, I haven’t even had time to get familiar with the workings of the T-Mobile G1 Android phone that showed up yesterday and I see the first T-Mobile OS update will go out tomorrow.  What took them so long?  Seriously, according to T-Mobile this is a […] Read more »

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We recently looked at the question of what people pay for web applications. Some of us put a fairly substantial sum into monthly payments for online functionality – which, if your billing rates are decent, is easy to justify in the name of time saving. But […] Read more »

Blake Krikorian, co-founder of SlingMedia, the company that brought place-shifting video to the masses, has agreed to be a speaker at our NewTeeVee Live conference that will be held on Nov. 13. Sling Media was acquired by EchoStar for $380 million last year. Krikorian will join […] Read more »

Though the second edition of Going Solo – a conference for freelancers, planned for September – was cancelled, organizer Stephanie Booth pressed ahead and hosted a BarCamp-style unconference, SoloCamp. Though I was only able to attend the opening sessions with around twenty participants, the initial session […] Read more »

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I used to always fill up my car completely so I could do a quick MPG check against my trip meter, but with the price of gas lately I’ve been reluctant to spend $60 or $70 at the pump. I needed a tracking log so I […] Read more »

One of my first tickets ever was on a road trip in college to visit friends in another state. A highway patrol car was parked behind an obstruction right where the speed limit on the interstate dropped from 70 to 55. While I didn’t slow down […] Read more »

In addition to fuel costs, some people are religious in tracking their automobile repairs as well. I keep a file of service receipts, but I hardly ever do any analysis of this information to try and figure out how much I’m spending on repairs or how […] Read more »

There’s nothing worse than finding the perfect car, negotiating a fair price, and then getting totally worked over by the finance manager when you go to get a lease or a loan. To help you compare financing options, iLeaseMyCar provides a simple iPhone loan calculator. There […] Read more »

I once spent almost 3 months trying to track down a song that I had heard a few times on the car radio while commuting to and from work back in 2000. I was pulling my hair out because I kept missing the DJ to catch […] Read more »

While the price of gas has been dropping from $4.00 down towards $3.00 in recent weeks, I still pay attention to which stations offer lower prices when I go to fillup. I’ve found differences of up to 20 cents per gallon between stations that are just […] Read more »

As we pointed out last month, Carticipate offers some simple hope for those that are looking for ways to reduce their car usage and spending on gasoline. The promise of Carticipate is to bring people together that are looking for ridesharing by helping you identify other […] Read more »

For my day job, I do a fair amount of driving around town. For tax purposes, it’s really important that I track the miles I drive for work, and to do it right I need to record the odometer readings. In the past, I’ve used a […] Read more »

Like a runaway process, Apricot quickly killed off the option to have Linux on their netbook offering. Instead of selling the Picobook Pro with SuSE Linux Enterprise Edition as previously announced, consumers can purchase it with any operating system they like. As long as they like […] Read more »

Jobs on Apple TV: Still a “Hobby;” during earnings call Apple CEO says the whole digital living room category is still a hobby, and given current economic conditions, will remain so in 2009. (Zatz Not Funny) CBS and Saturn Partner for Web Series; Daphne Zuniga stars […] Read more »

Apple announced their quarterly earnings report yesterday, including some great news surrounding iPhone and Mac sales. Steve Jobs also made an appearance on the earnings call — a rare occurrence for this type of event. Much of the financial news was centered around the screaming success […] Read more »

Fellow TAB writer, Charles Moore, wrote a great article about why it’s a good idea to seriously consider the “mature technology” of a refurbished Mac as soon as a new generation is announced. I won’t recount the details in that article, but his reasoning is very sound, […] Read more »

Whether it’s vacuuming your keyboard, taking a long walk, or making a pot of coffee, you probably have a routine that you do before you get started with work.  This routine seems so mundane and simple, yet, without it, you can’t get started. Many artists and […] Read more »

Several potential buyers of the T-Mobile G1 have lamented the lack of support for Microsoft Exchange synchronization. Exchange is so embedded in the enterprise, I can certainly understand that. Even from a consumer view, I used a hosted Exchange service for years because it’s a rock-solid […] Read more »

AT&T reported a slight boost in profits this morning, and the carrier has quite a bit to boast about, especially on the wireless side. iPhone activations reached 2.4 million during the third quarter, and 40 percent of those iPhones were sold to new subscribers who activated on the AT&T network. Read more »

Add another suite of productivity tools to the list: ThinkFree now has a mobile version of their Office-like suite that’s specific to netbooks. In fact, they have an edition for 4 to 7-inch displays on Mobile Internet Devices as well; both were just announced. I’ve got […] Read more »

The good ol’ kite is making a comeback for clean power’s sake. While Earth2Tech readers might be familiar with Makani, the high-altitude wind startup backed by Google, another group of kite enthusiasts based in North Carolina is looking to fly kites to produce power: WindLift. Founders […] Read more »

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