Stories for Oct. 23, 2008

Today was an exciting day as I was working in the Panera Bread and spotted someone actually using an EEE PC!  She is a college student who bought the EEE PC for the low price and was tapping away doing a paper for school.  Tapping is […] Read more »

Reader Lornie sent me a link to what looks like an advertising campaign for Windows Vista that leaves us both scratching our heads.  It’s a very professional web site but the message is, um, strange to say the least.  Don’t miss the proud guy who "takes […] Read more »

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IBM sometime over the next few weeks will unveil details of a partnership program with several VCs active in the semiconductor space aimed at reducing the costs associated with chip manufacturing — and subsequently changing the financial risk associated with backing such deals. Read more »

In today’s turbulent economic times, it’s important to have lower expenses and increased income – especially for teleworkers. While many independent contractors are getting more business, it’s still wise to make deliberate efforts to thrive. Here are some ways we will be able to do that. Read more »

I am enjoying working with GMail on the T-Mobile G1 due to its tight integration with all things Google.  Working with GMail on other phones has not been too shabby with GMail for Mobile and today they’ve announced the release of the next version 2.0.  This […] Read more »

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Classics, an upcoming e-book reader for the iPhone/iPod touch, looks like the Crown Jewel for the App Store’s Book category. Developed by Phill Ryu and Andrew Kaz, it features a gorgeous UI that includes elements such as a virtual page flip to give the illusion that […] Read more »

Add this to the (small) list of things you CAN’T blame the credit crisis for: carbon project delays. Reuters has an article this morning on the impact of the credit crunch on the global carbon finance market. The upshot: Carbon markets are strong, yet projects are […] Read more »

Google Turning to Brain Science for Ads; company is hooking up with NeuroFocus to test brain responses to InVideo Ads. (AdWeek) Howcast Gets $2 Million; how-to video company had kept a $2 million allocation in the first round open for individual investors, total raised now $10 […] Read more »

Just checked Hulu, and the 30 Rock season premiere is there, a week early as promised. I’ve only watched the first couple of minutes but they involve a Sex in the City parody, a Liz Lemon-Jack Donaghy near-hug, and a Will Arnett-Jack Donaghy near-kiss. So get […] Read more »

Now that solar startup Solyndra has come out into the sun, we’re slowly getting more details on the company’s technology and business. Today Solyndra announced that it has signed a sales deal with German solar integrator GeckoLogic GmbH valued at $250 million. This deal is part […] Read more »

I used this approach when looking the Acer Aspire One, so I’m going to continue along with the "5 things I like / dislike" theme. Today’s review target is the Lenovo X301, which was provided to me on loan for 30-days. It’s definitely light and thin, […] Read more »

I like to think I do a pretty good job of keeping the major stuff in order, on track, and on time. Where I begin to lose focus is in the personal details of my life. Ask me what I’m doing this weekend for instance, and […] Read more »

HiDef Conferencing is an audio conferencing service where participants can call into a voice conference via Skype, designated landline numbers or toll free numbers. Its name derives from its support of HD Voice – a feature inherent to Skype that results in crystal clear voice quality […] Read more »

Before you read this post, promise me that you won’t click away once I tell you what it’s about. Promise? Good. Because it’s about an ambitious web series that launched this week that wants to animate every story in the Old Testament. Nononononono, don’t scroll past […] Read more »

Asus isn’t the only one riding high on the growth of the netbook market. MSI originally expected to move half-a-million Wind netbooks this year, but they’ve revised their forecast. The company figures to sell between 600,000 and 700,000 units before year end. Yup, it’s just a […] Read more »

Amazon Web Services, which said three weeks ago it would begin offering Windows on its Elastic Compute Cloud in closed beta, has opened the beta service up for all. Even bigger news is the beta tag has been removed from the rest of the EC2 service and it now has an SLA. Read more »

While Firefox 3.1 will include geo-location support, that version of the browser is still in beta. Until then, you can use the Geode concept extension to your current Firefox 3 software and experience some of location-awareness benefits on your notebook. Geode works with Skyhook’s database of […] Read more »

A UK consumer group has found that nearly 1 million British broadband users have come close to exceeding or have exceeded their broadband caps according to the BBC. The group, uSwitch, also found that five of the nine Internet service providers that advertised “unlimited” access actually had caps. Read more »

At first blush this ad sent in by reader Camus appears to be one of those ads with an error that someone didn’t catch but that seems to be not the case.  This reseller in Spain (I believe that’s where they are) is offering a white […] Read more »

The problem with function keys on a MacBook or MacBook Pro is that they are one-trick ponies; they are either regular or special F-keys, but not both. With FunctionFlip, you can have complete control over those flipping function keys. On the keyboard of a MacBook or […] Read more »

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