Stories for Nov. 3, 2008

Coworking is a workplace trend that Web Worker Daily has been following closely of late and one which seems to be experiencing an emerging global acceptance – indeed, myself and Aliza Sherman here at WWD have directly (though separately) been involved in developing coworking spaces and […] Read more »

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Back in June, I looked at using LogMeIn’s standard service to control a computer from my iPhone. While one little tweak enabled it, the solution was clunky at best and there was significant screen lag on my handset. The LogMeIn Ignition client might change that and […] Read more »

Sonic’s Qflix technology, which allows you to download and burn legal copies of movies and videos direct to DVD, hasn’t garnered much buzz so far. But that hasn’t stopped more hardware vendors from announcing drives with Qflix technology built in. The latest company is Plextor, which […] Read more »

The Dell Mini 9 is the Texas-based firm’s first foray into the world of netbooks and it’s pretty solid.  Like any purchase decision though the ability of the company to deal with problems you encounter is an important part of the purchase decision, at least it […] Read more »

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When I wrote my post asking whatever happened to wireless USB our buds at GigaOM were reporting on the death of WiQuest, the major player in the Ultra-Wideband (UWB) world behind that technology.  The timing of our two posts is a bit ironic as I was […] Read more »

Maybe it is because I am a recent switcher that I notice details long-time Mac owners may take for granted, details that are so minute yet so useful and so quintessentially ‘human’. The level of attention painstakingly paid to the many small details found on every […] Read more »

When SolFocus execs aren’t hobnobbing with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, it looks like they’ve been hard at work signing deals in Europe. On Monday morning the startup announced that it has signed a $103 million (€80M) agreement with EMPE Solar to install more than […] Read more »

[qi:101] Some venture capital investors don’t seem to be fazed by the current downturn in the financial markets and overall economy. Today, Redwood City, Calif.-based RockYou announced that it has raised another $17 million from Softbank and SK Telecom Ventures, the venture capital arm of SK Telecom. By the […] Read more »

Over the weekend, Netflix opened up its streaming service to anyone who opts in, so we took it for a test spin. The Netflix-on-a-Mac uses Silverlight, and in our initial testing, it worked pretty seamlessly — though there are some content gaps, as Netflix works to […] Read more »

Stories for Nov. 2, 2008

Last week, Elon Musk, the CEO and Chairman of electric vehicle maker Tesla, revealed that the company only had $9 million in the bank and was looking to raise a more than $20 million internal round from existing investors. This turn of events came after the […] Read more »

While proponents of VoIP had long promised a decade of creative destruction, they themselves appear to have become the victims. By tying their fortunes to the whimsy of the incumbent local exchange carriers, many of the upstarts have suffered, destroying billions of dollars in shareholder value in the process. Read more »

While we’re still waiting for wider validation of BlackLight Power’s purportedly physics-defying fuel cell, in the mean time we’ll have to settle for a video of the independent validation that BlackLight has already announced. BlackLight has created a video of the Rowan University researchers who concluded […] Read more »

Remember when we gave you the scoop on that startup Auditude that’s trying to turn pirated TV clips into gold? Well, tonight it’s announcing that it’s signed its first TV network and video portal partners: MTV Networks and MySpace, respectively. Those are pretty significant pickups, considering […] Read more »

Sprint and Cogent networks are back talking to each other — at least temporarily. After the two companies severed networks on October 30, there has been wide spread criticism of the severing of the networks. Read more »

As a web worker, I find myself involved in a lot of online conversations – I mean, a lot. As I write this, for example, I have four instant messenger windows open to people on various services, I’m hanging out in 3 Campfire rooms and 3 […] Read more »

I’ve read a lot here about how to hack a funding term sheet, or how to navigate the confusing terms and conditions in the legal contracts startup founders must sign. But what about rent? It’s probably one of your biggest operating costs, and in the current […] Read more »

The top stories of the past week are captured here in case you missed them: MobileTechRoundup 152: the case of the bleeping notebook Why netbooks are catching on Smartphones as laptop replacements: can you see the trend? Lenovo goes SplashTop- IdeaPad S10e announced If Vista is […] Read more »

As we consume more media online, and the web becomes more central to our lives, it’s only natural to want to bring that content into our living rooms. But while I and a few others will watch movies and shows on a laptop, most people want […] Read more »

Capturing yourself doing a sport is a great way to improve your game (unless you’re me, in which case there isn’t a flash card big enough to catch all the mistakes). This idea is the basis of My Tour Swing, which lets users upload video of […] Read more »

Stories for Nov. 1, 2008

Hey, that John McCain can be funny! And (shocker) Tina Fey came back for another show. The QVC bit was pretty good. If you missed this weekend’s Saturday Night Live, NBC showed that it knows how to milk a potential viral video with the best of […] Read more »

We’ve been getting tips for the last few days that Revver is down and/or having trouble serving off-site videos. However, each time we check, the site seems to be up for us. TechCrunch did a story on the outage reports today and got an explanation from […] Read more »

Ever since his very secretive battle with Pancreatic Cancer in 2003-2004, Steve Jobs’ health is consistently under a microscope. Every time Jobs coughs on stage the news media goes crazy with rumors that he might be ill. Many believe the charismatic leader, who saved Apple from […] Read more »

The time has arrived for us to wave a fond farewell to the week that brought us the joys of seeing Steve Wozniak dressed as a Sith Lord and the subsequent horror of seeing The Woz then attempt to act. As usual, the App Store has been […] Read more »

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