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Highlighting the conflict between operating systems isn’t anything super-new, but Goodie Bag’s Macs vs. PCs is a stunning bit of viral video, a West Side Story-esque dance battle that quickly gets ugly and bloody. A diverse cast, references to Steve Jobs’ signature wardrobe, and stellar songs […] Read more »

LG Electronics said today that it will convert a decommissioned plasma panel display manufacturing plant to make silicon solar panels. LG says retooling the plant will cost 220 billion won ($168 million). Read more »

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Back in July when I originally covered the beta of Smartsheet Task Manager and Project Collaboration service, I had some reservations about adopting it. While I thought it was a strong app, I also believed it was lacking some of the core features I would need. […] Read more »

A press release that Nokia sent out overnight caught my eye: More than half of working Americans – 53 percent – have been interrupted by a work-related phone call or email while in the bathroom…. Twenty-four percent have allowed a call or email to interrupt them […] Read more »

“Today Tesla is in pretty good shape, actually,” says Tesla Chairman and CEO Elon Musk this morning to an audience at the Dow Jones Alternative Energy Conference in Redwood City, Calif., less than one week after announcing layoffs, a delay of the company’s next-generation vehicle, and […] Read more »

The multi-touch capabilities in the new MacBook/ MacBook Pros provide new abilities to interact with the interface to make it easier to get things done.  In this video James Kendrick shows how he uses the new abilities in his everyday work and demonstrates why he has […] Read more »

Obama says technology will save health care, and it’s true that IT is quickly becoming a medical resource: Google, which recently launched an online medical records service, claims that online search is where consumers turn first for health information. Computerization can eliminate much of the 30 […] Read more »

Brightstorm, Movidia Get Funding; Brightstorm, an online learning network for teens, gets a Series A round from KTB. (release). Movidia, maker of mobile video processors, gets $14 million in its first round, which was led by Celtic House Venture Partners and Capital E. (VentureBeat) Sun Taps […] Read more »

Clearly, Apple’s decision to leave out FireWire ports on the MacBook line has ruffled some feathers. For their part, Apple claims to have left it out to save the $0.25 per port licensing fee attached to including the hardware, which, when considered on the scale of […] Read more »

37signals recently announced the addition of Deals functionality into their Highrise CRM product. Deals allow you to track your bids, proposals and sales opportunities with all of the Highrise goodness you would expect. Quickly assign them to clients, add files, and keep everyone updated on status. […] Read more »

BlackLight Power, the company that has pulled in $60 million for its seemingly physics-defying fuel cell, is back with an announcement about an independent validation of its technology. A team of engineers, headed by Dr. Peter Jansson at Rowan University, have tested BlackLight’s prototypes and found […] Read more » continues to dole out the dough, on Monday awarding a $250,000 grant to the U.S. National Academies for a cooperative U.S.-Chinese study on renewable electricity. The 18-month transnational study has three goals: Assess the potential of utility-scale renewable energy in China and the U.S. Explore […] Read more »

Google today announced that the open-source version of its mobile operating system, Android, is now available for anyone to download and use for their devices — even to improve upon Android itself. Its availability comes a day ahead of the launch of T-Mobile’s G-1 handset — and marks the first step towards making Android a ubiquitous platform. Read more »

There is no doubt that developers are coming from far and wide to write iPhone applications. While some are coming from household names Mac users have come to know and love, others are coming from developers who have never laid hands on a Mac before. However, […] Read more »

It’s time to get a firm grasp of what Web apps or SaaS’s on autopay on the business credit card because it is getting to be too easy to charge these things. Read more »

Today content delivery network Akamai said it would purchase behavoiral advertising startup aCerno for $95 million, and launch an advertising product called Advertising Decision Solutions. Read more »

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