Stories for Oct. 22, 2008

Newly christened HipLogic, which was formerly known as Numobiq, launched its software development kit to bring its virtualization platform to cell phones. The goal is to bring the same level of functionality to millions of other phones as the iPhone has and Android will. Read more »

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As noted by Download Squad, the alpha of the next version (2.0) of the Camino browser is out and downloadable here. Although it’s not anywhere near as popular a Mac browser as Safari is, it has its proponents. GigaOm’s Om Malik named version 1.5 as one […] Read more »

Keen not to be left behind by Apple’s increasing repertoire of multi-touch interface control gestures, Microsoft recently previewed a new technology called “SideSight.” SideSight is not just Redmond’s version of Apple’s tech, though. In fact, Microsoft’s new offering is not touch tech at all. More like […] Read more »

Better Place announced this afternoon that it is heading Down Under to deploy its electric car infrastructure in Australia. The Palo Alto, Calif.-based startup is working with Australian utility AGL Energy to build an electric car charging grid powered by renewable energy. Macquarie Capital Group will finance the AUD$1 billion ($671 million) undertaking. Read more »

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Traveling abroad can often be a mixed bag when it comes to Internet connectivity.  You either can’t find it at all or more likely it will cost you an arm and a leg.  Nigel over at the Red Ferret has been traveling this summer and compiled […] Read more »

Recently, we’ve seen Microsoft move to respond to Apple’s “I’m a Mac, and I’m a PC” ads, fearing the company’s rapid growth. There was the Seinfeld debacle, which drew plenty of attention. It didn’t seem to be quite the attention Microsoft was looking for, so they […] Read more »

Virtual worlds developer Metaplace has raised $6.7 million in a second round of funding. Participants included existing investors Charles Ri… Read more »

Guys, Gabe and Max are back! And they are looking stylish in this Guide to Man Style, produced for Details Magazine. This piece lacks the stuttering pace of their Internet thing, but that doesn’t mean the Four Pillars of Man Style are any less relevant. And […] Read more »

I am once again overwhelmed by too much information. And lately, I’m even overwhelmed by too many tools to access, filter and read that information or to save it for later or add it to various Web 2.0 tools. On my browser bar alone I have […] Read more »

Hot on the heels of Apple’s new MacBook line — which among other things, offers a multitouch trackpad –coming to market, we’re seeing the first third party applications which support multitouch gestures. Mozilla is the first to the party, and has now made available an experimental […] Read more »

Wow, I haven’t even had time to get familiar with the workings of the T-Mobile G1 Android phone that showed up yesterday and I see the first T-Mobile OS update will go out tomorrow.  What took them so long?  Seriously, according to T-Mobile this is a […] Read more »

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