Stories for Nov. 4, 2008

The VooDoo Envy 133 is a notebook to lust after and that just got easier to do.  HP has integrated the VooDoo operation into the main notebook unit and as a result the Envy 133 just got $200 cheaper.  Starting today the Envy 133 price is […] Read more »

In a previous post here at WWD, I gave a list of four essential contacts for web workers. The list included a mentor, a newbie, the walking social network, and the non-techie. While those contacts will help you enrich your career, there are other contacts you’ll […] Read more »

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In one fell swoop, Apple has put an end to the “speculating.” Stating that their “holiday line-up is set,” Bill Evans, an Apple spokesman, has put to bed the rumors that were circulating Apple news sites stating an update to the iMac and Mac mini was […] Read more »

A crappy economy, a momentous election? We excuse you for having other things on your mind. But come Nov. 13, if you’re a fan of online video, we sure hope you’ll plop your butt down in San Francisco for our NewTeeVee Live conference. We’re even doing […] Read more »

A crappy economy, a momentous election? We excuse you for having other things on your mind. But come Nov. 13, if you’re a reader of this site, we sure hope you’ll plop your butt down in San Francisco for our NewTeeVee Live conference. We’re even doing […] Read more »

Can’t get that Bluetooth device to pair with a PC? Lost your manual so you don’t know what services your Bluetooth headset actually supports? Just like digging through databases of information to prep for Trivial Pursuit: the Bluetooth Edition? Whichever the case, the Bluetooth SIG has […] Read more »

I’ve noticed a common denominator in some of the netbooks I’ve seen of late: the integrated microphone is sub-par. And while many folks don’t use a netbook for audio recording or voice communications, I’ve found that the form factor makes for a great little Skype machine. […] Read more »

I thought that might get your attention. Well, boatload might be an exaggeration, although how about 8GB of free storage space? More importantly, how about they support either the Mac or the iPhone? As part of any backup solution, having offsite storage is pretty key these […] Read more »

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It’s been a busy few weeks for the team at online meeting service Yuuguu, with the announcement of Linux and Flash clients as well as support for Google Talk users. Earlier today the company rounded out its ‘Yuuguu Inside’ strategy by extending its integration of Google […] Read more »

Break to Show Full-length Films; company moves beyond clips in a bid to reach advertisers, movies available to include Ghostbusters, Men in Black and The Fifth Element. (MediaPost) Clearleap Gets $3.3 Million; company looking to a combo of set-top boxes and partnerships with TV service providers […] Read more »

Maybe Larry Ellison was right — maybe cloud computing has been so overhyped that the term now applies to pretty much anything. A perfect example:’s Dreamforce event. After riding the SasS wave to a market capitalization of $3.7 billion, it seems co-founder and CEO Marc […] Read more »

The big day is finally here, folks! You can have your say in how the federal and local governments will deal with clean energy, alternative transportation, getting the U.S. off foreign oil and fighting climate change. Obviously there’s the historic presidential election, but there are also […] Read more »

The Fujitsu P16xx series has been a great Tablet PC series, I should know I bought both the P1610 and the P1620.  Fujitsu must be needing higher sales numbers as they have just announced the latest refresh in the series, the P1630.  This convertible notebook retains […] Read more »

I was thinking we’d soon have to retire our UMPC category but Fujitsu just gave it a stay of execution. The follow-up to the U810 UMPC is now available says jkkmobile and for $999 it can be yours. That’s the starting price of a Windows Vista […] Read more »

For those of you who don’t know, Apple is currently embroiled in a legal dispute over former IBM exec Mark Papermaster, whom they recently lured away from the IT firm. The apparent purpose of pinching Papermaster, according to news this week, is to replace iPod chief […] Read more »

When the benefits of teleworking are discussed, one of the major points raised is that teleworking is better for the environment. One of the more obvious causes of this is that if more people work from home, lesser people drive to work, reducing petrol consumption and […] Read more »

Today the Federal Communication Commission will vote on two large wireless mergers and issue rules regarding a proposal to create an alternative wireless broadband network in the unused spectrum between digital television stations. Between the white spaces issue championed by Google and other tech titans, approving […] Read more »

As a Canadian I have been in the fortunate position of having experienced a BlackBerry Bold since its launch on Rogers in late August. It’s not simply a new smartphone or “replacement” for an older BlackBerry. The Bold, finally available at AT&T, is a game changer […] Read more »

[qi:101] Gnip, a Boulder, Colo.-based company started by Eric Marcoullier, has raised $3.5 million in Series B funding. The investors in the round include Foundry Group, First Round Capital and SoftTech VC, all previous investors in the company. Marcoullier previously started MyBlogLog and subsequently sold it […] Read more »

Hollywood spoof Tropic Thunder stormed to the top of TorrentFreak’s list of the most BitTorrented movies last week, bringing with it some other newcomers, including WALL-E and the colon-heavy trio of The Chronic(what!)cles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the TV movie Futurama: Bender’s Game. Read more »

Tesla may have announced lay offs and was unable to raise a planned $100 million financing, but the electric car startup is still facing hurdles. Today Fisker Automotive issued a release saying that an independent arbitration between the two competing Silicon Valley-backed electric car makers has […] Read more »

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