Stories for Oct. 31, 2008

We’ve heard this before in the market, but I suspect this time a $200 netbook will become a reality. Watch for it in 2009 says Asus president, Jerry Shen by way of DigiTimes. I’d expect a netbook costing two bills will be a fairly bare-bones unit […] Read more »

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As we continue to slide into a dire economic correction, a silver lining is starting to emerge around the dot-com crash. By pushing a lot of froth out of the system several years ago, it has spared us from a true “Perfect Storm” of an economic crisis in 2008. Read more »

Two pieces of news out indicate the recession is indeed going to put a damper on the consumer electronics industry. In in its quarterly filing with the SEC today, Intel explained that the uncertain economic climate means its revenue guidance for the fourth quarter is a wider range than normal, but even at the high end would be, “an increase that is at the lower end of our seasonal trends.” Read more »

That mosaic screen saver of your iPhoto pictures may look groovy, but it’s really not doing anything to help your work flow. How about a screen saver that displays all your iCal appointments instead? PocketMac, the geniuses behind the app that lets you sync your BlackBerry […] Read more »

Time has released its 50 Best Inventions of 2008 list and a full dozen of the spots are occupied by either cleantech startups or energy ideas. From floating data centers to high-flying wind turbines, Time thinks some of the coolest inventions of the year are clean […] Read more »

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Network-connected appliances that can be remotely turned off and on at various times of the day have largely been stuck in the realm of dark corporate labs; at least that’s how Andrew Tang, senior director of California utility PG&E, explained it to us recently. But this […] Read more »

Stories for Oct. 30, 2008

Can’t afford that round-the-world trip you’ve always dreamed of taking? Now you can bring the world to your living room instead: WhereverTV, which offers an online collection of international TV channels, is bringing its service to U.S. TVs with a new set-top box. The company’s $199 […] Read more »

The last time technology investments took a hit, it was easy to look around at the scattered sock puppets and dark fiber, and blame the downturn on the rapid run-up in venture-backed funding for me-too companies and unproven business models. But this time around, what will […] Read more »

MasterCard today announced a program that allows its issuing banks to essentially turn your cell phone into a one of the credit cards (provided you already have one, of course) at any merchant that uses the payment processing company’s PayPass program. Vendors that have PayPass systems […] Read more »

Wind Companies Get Ethical: Noble Environmental Power and First Wind have both agreed to play by the new rules set by New York Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo. The code of conduct was created following an investigation into bribery and intimidation on the part of wind […] Read more »

Google today said on its official blog that it has developed optical character recognition technology to the point that its search engine can read any scanned document in Adobe’s PDF format, effectively turning scanned images into words that are searchable and indexable. Read more »

Computing companies that can access cheap green power in bulk will be the only ones able to afford to run data centers in the coming years, posits a new report entitled Microsoft and Google: Cloud Computing Dominance Through Renewable Energy, published today in Virtual Strategy Magazine. […] Read more »

Webware has an interesting post up today called “Prizefight: Battle of the Browsers.” It’s a slightly less than scientific comparison of Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer–and in the video Webware has posted, they admit that–but it still yields interesting results. In Webware’s comparison, Google […] Read more »

Apple’s decision to axe FireWire from the MacBook line is not sitting well with many users, to say the least. For high-quality audio and video transfers, FireWire is the standard for professionals and hobbyists alike. Though USB is technically capable of faster transfer speeds than FireWire […] Read more »

ShareThis, a Cincinnati-based startup whose handy plugin lets users share web site links and publishers track the popularity of web content, says it now has 91 million unique users and grew its publisher base by 15,000 to a total of 60,000 in the third quarter. With […] Read more »

U.S. businesses are creating new citizenship initiatives at a record pace. But meeting the pressures of various stakeholders and optimising strategy to take advantage of opportunities can be a daunting task. How are U.S. businesses meeting the challenges? How does globalization affect corporate citizenship? What are […] Read more »

Zombie-themed comedy is hardly anything new, but Man in the Box: “Halloween Zombie-ocalypse” features great performances and comedic timing — plus, its crazy-fast pace makes it a model of efficient storytelling. And continuing in a Halloween theme (Guys, it’s tomorrow! Are you excited yet?), today we […] Read more »

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