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John Doerr, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers’ high profile green venture capitalist, told attendees at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco on Wednesday that cleantech is what’s growing in Silicon Valley. Perhaps not what a room full of Internet entrepreneurs wanted to hear, but Doerr […] Read more »

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In hindsight, we are all geniuses or simpletons — it’s just a matter of how much time we give history to ferment. At this point, it doesn’t look like history will be kind to Jerry Yang, who has had the unenviable job of rescuing the company […] Read more »

Neither the blogosphere nor Web 2.0 social networking services provide the kind of intellectual community that drives innovation, according to‘s executive director, Larry Brilliant. As a result, there’s room for growth for companies that can find ways to foster productive intellectual exchange — and facilitate […] Read more »

Corrected. YouTube today announced it has upgraded its embedded videos, which it disclosed account for close to 44 percent of its total views. That’s an insane amount, when you think about how many views YouTube does — 5 billion per month in the U.S. alone, according […] Read more »

Did you ever wish for a desktop search function for your handset? Windows Search, Google Desktop Search, Copernic and others have made it quick and easy to find practically anything on the computer, so why not a similar solution for your mobile? Copernic actually offers a […] Read more »

Missouri Gets Renewable Portfolio Standard: Missourians voted to create a renewable portfolio standard, making Missouri the 25th state to do so. The news RPS requires 15 percent of the state’s electricity to come from renewable sources by 2021. It’s a little low a little late, but […] Read more »

New research from Flirtomatic, provider of a mobile and web-based messaging service available in the UK and Germany, suggests viral marketing via mobile phones has plenty of room to grow. Read more »

It looks as though Vudu, the troubled movie delivery set-top box maker, is in need of a new CEO. Valleywag reports that Mark Jung, the company’s CEO, is no longer listed on Vudu’s management page, and his LinkedIn profile lists his time at Vudu through November […] Read more »

[qi:033] Guys…you might find sudden and odd design changes showing up on the site. We are trying to make some quick design changes and this might cause some problems in the interim. Hang tight…it should all be fixed soon. Read more »

Veoh, the online video startup, has made its second round of layoffs this fall, cutting 20 percent of its 110 employees this afternoon out of both its San Diego and Los Angeles offices. It said it still expects to be profitable next year. “We have to […] Read more »

A week after Linden Lab said it was raising the cost of buying and maintaining much of the virtual land in Second Life, leading to open revolt among many users, the company has significantly revised its pricing policies. Read more »

jkOnTheRun is reporting on the news that Phoenix Technologies is jumping on the Instant-On bandwagon. This is a growing trend to put lightweight platform software on notebook and netbook computers , so that you can get work done on the fly without having to wait for […] Read more »

America has a new president, so it’s only fitting that you should have new accessories for you iPhone, right? Today we’ve got three non-partisan gadgets to add to or improve the functionality of your iPhone. Marware Game Grip Regardless of whether you think the iPhone is […] Read more »

While the financial turmoil has put a damper on some electric car companies’ plans, Mississauga, Ontario-based Electrovaya, which makes battery systems for hybrid and electric vehicles, has been making some notable moves lately. The company said yesterday it had signed three deals with vehicle and equipment […] Read more »

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