Stories for Nov. 7, 2008

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Two startups aiming to see utilities use public wireless networks, not proprietary ones, for smart grid deployments joined forces today. SmartSynch, a Jackson, Miss.-based company founded in 1998, said it has bought up Applied Mesh Technologies (or AppMesh), a two-year-old company based in Macon, Ga. The […] Read more »

Stories for Nov. 6, 2008
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The California green business competition, the California Clean Tech Open, which has churned out a series of quality cleantech startups over the past two years, announced its winners for 2008 on Thursday night. The 6 winners include sustainable diapers startup Over the Moon Diapers, electric car […] Read more »

Five years ago, the promise of a new networking technology known as Ultra-wideband was a living room without wires, where DVD players, set-top boxes and video accessories could connect with TVs over the air. Ultra-wideband (UWB) is a wireless personal area networking technology that can transmit […] Read more »

Jade, a different sort of digital image processing utility, doesn’t do anything you can’t achieve using tools and filters in Photoshop, Pixelmator, or other image editors, but it can transform your less-than-perfect shots (dark, dim, feeble, pale, badly lit, vague, gloomy) into images you can be […] Read more »

Dear Mr. Obama, Welcome to Reality: Bill McKibben welcomes president-elect Obama to a reality of meltdowns, both economic and environmental – Guardian. Lasers Smarter Up Wind Turbines: A new fiber-optic laser system can gauge wind gusts up to a kilometer away, allowing a turbine to adapt […] Read more »

Many iPhone users will rejoice at the news today from Mobile Crunch that AT&T has officially confirmed the upcoming availability of an official tethering solution from them and Apple. The news comes from AT&T CEO Ralph De La Vega, who, in speaking with Tech Crunch’s Michael […] Read more »

Google may be getting all the advantages of the Federal Communications Commission’s decision to start opening up more radio spectrum without even having to bid big at an expensive spectrum auction. The FCC’s decision earlier this week to open up white space spectrum, the slivers of […] Read more »

According to PubMatic, 70 percent of ad inventory goes unsold. The one-day AdRevenue 08 conference on Friday, November 14 in San Francisco looks at strategies and tactics for making that figure better and increasing publishers’ profitability. The schedule includes speakers from Quantcast, Redpoint, SixApart, PubMatic, NBC […] Read more »

The code for the second beta version of Mozilla’s Firefox 3.1 browser has hit new milestones and is moving closer to release, according to a blog post from Mozilla. The new version of Firefox promises to deliver a number of strong enhancements, including much improved JavaScript […] Read more »

My enthusiastic use and promotion of Growl should come as no surprise to regular readers of The Apple Blog. While some dismiss it as an annoyance reminiscent of the Windows notification popups, others — like myself – view it as a way be informed without stopping […] Read more »

Cleantech types are optimistic that an Obama presidency will usher in a new era of hopeful politics and greener energy policies, but what would it mean for the floundering ethanol industry? Critics are already afraid that President-elect Obama will continue with Bush’s so-called failed ethanol policies, […] Read more »

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